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The Call of the Fireflies

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It is always an interesting idea to take a game and completely pick it apart in order to create a new game. Such ideas are refreshing to any kind of game and in this case it turns out to be a completely different game than the shooter elements that the original Crisis is very fond of. Call of Fireflies could easily be described as a piece of art. It takes the crisis graphical engine, removes anything that has to do with shooting and creates a mysterious yet very beautiful puzzle-game. However, as much as the atmosphere and conceptual idea wants to show the Crysis-game from a completely different angle it doesn’t utilize the full potential that the engine has. Instead we are limited to a few areas that essentially aren’t that big enough to really give you the feeling of a different world. The amazing music from the trailer is neither being used which is really a shame since it would certainly have given the game a unique atmosphere. In the end you feel that you just jumped into a little puzzle-box that can provide you with entertainment and some brain breaking for an hour; nothing more and nothing less. Even so, one must also realize that the purpose of “Call of Fireflies” may not be to create a total overhaul of Crisis like the Nehrim-project did to Oblivion but rather to provide the building blocks for future mod-creators of Crysis. It simply states the magnificent beauty of turning a game into something else entirely. Call of Fireflies is essentially just a “short story” made as a game. It is far too short to be an alternate universe that can be explored and the puzzles are basically far too easy to solve to provide you with more than a short second of pleasure. Call of Fireflies is more like a little painting. You look at it and find it nice but it fit more as an addition to your wall than as an intellectual piece of art on a museum. You will enjoy it the first time but you won’t come back for it again. Instead enjoy the mod for what it is; a simply brilliant str

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