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darthmalgus Apr 14 2013, 11:27am says:

I might sound dumb but what do you need to play the mod because i had a star wars mod installed on normal sins of a solar empire and it kept crashing even with patches; so do you need just rebellion for this mod to work or do you need more than that... could you answer asap because i've reordered the games just to play this...

0 votes   mod: Sins of a Galactic Empire
darthmalgus Apr 8 2013, 4:27am replied:

I have but there isn't any reply

+1 vote   mod: Yuuzhan Vong at War
darthmalgus Apr 6 2013, 4:55am says:

I would like to learn how to model, if you could teach please. Any help would be great.

+1 vote   mod: Yuuzhan Vong at War
darthmalgus Mar 27 2013, 5:23am says:

I recommend that you put some more block details at the sides of the ship to make it look slightly better, and improve the model a bit; or you could use the model in Republic At War... just a thought.

+1 vote   media: Acclamator Refit Stage 2 - Rearmed
darthmalgus Mar 18 2013, 7:34pm replied:

I'd just have both and destroy everything; that and they are both gorgeous ships.

+1 vote   media: To Settle the Dispute
darthmalgus Mar 17 2013, 4:31pm replied:

I don't think you even need a land invasion with the Eclipse; press the big red button bye bye Rebellion, courtesy of the axial superlaser!!!

+2 votes   media: To Settle the Dispute
darthmalgus Mar 11 2013, 6:31pm says:

This detail is amazing... If only everyone paid as much attention to the smallest things as you do.... I was thinking if you would do the textures on the imperial star destroyer and adjust the venator star destroyer again becuase they both could be perfect but suffer from minor flaws... Don't want to sound too complaining... Your work always continues to amaze me; can't wait for the next release!!!

+4 votes   media: Screenshots Version 1.1
darthmalgus Mar 4 2013, 5:00pm says:

The hanger and observation deck look a bit squished but otherwise great model!!!

+1 vote   media: providence class cruiser
darthmalgus Mar 3 2013, 10:11am says:

This looks to be a great mod and has even more potential, but I personally don't see how you can complete the mod, or make it release worthy for May with all the moddeling, textureing and bug eliminations... Sorry if I sound like a troll but that's just how I see it.

+2 votes   mod: Knights of the Old Empire 1 - Awakening
darthmalgus Jan 4 2013, 2:45pm says:

Don't want to sound too harsh but will you be redoing the venator??? It looks great from a distance, but that's about it, apart from that the mod is brilliant and I can't wait for more, Great work!!!

+2 votes   media: V-19 Ingame
darthmalgus Dec 19 2012, 4:52am says:

Could you please tell me when the next release will be??? sorry to sound impacient. GREAT WORK!!!

+1 vote   mod: FOC Alliance-Star Wars from the Clone Wars to GCE
darthmalgus Nov 25 2012, 7:13am says:

can someone tell me how to download the mod, i'm unfamiliar with the site :'(

0 votes   mod: Mass Effect at War 1.1.01
darthmalgus Nov 21 2012, 4:17am says:

could you please post a direct link to the download, i cant seem to find it, or is the mini mod tab the main download???

+1 vote   mod: EAW FOC Remasterd 1.3
darthmalgus Oct 27 2012, 6:21pm says:

In all honesty I think you should completley re-do the imperial star destroyer model, although you have done great work with it there is far better models out there, in my opinion, great work all the same!!!

+2 votes   media: Space Battle
darthmalgus Oct 27 2012, 7:46am says:

I'm so looking forward to admiring a Reaper while it utterly destroys an Alliance fleet... Ah the unrestricted destruction... Keep up the brilliant work!!!

+1 vote   media: Screenshots of mod version 1.0
darthmalgus Oct 6 2012, 5:08am says:

Can't wait to download this!!! It'll be the best Christmans presant by far!!!, keep up the great work :)

+5 votes   media: Screenshots of mod version 1.0
darthmalgus Sep 26 2012, 2:31am says:

Just a little warning I hate trolls and I love the Mass Effect series, the next stupid 'he's porting omg that model can't be his' I will just start explaining again how high detail models WON'T WORK in FOC as I'm sure others will too, thomas39120 you're doing brilliant work and I hope to see that illusive downloads tab soon :)

+11 votes   mod: Mass Effect at War 1.1.01
darthmalgus Sep 25 2012, 6:43pm replied:

At least someone has a brain :)

+2 votes   mod: Mass Effect at War 1.1.01
darthmalgus Sep 25 2012, 5:42pm replied:

Just because they are exeptionally good models does not mean he has ripped them from Mass Effect, besides the model data carries a unique data signature which the owners of the Mass Effect franchise can track if the files are edited and redistributed, so if he was porting this mod would already be shut down. So stop say he's porting when he is just a very good modder... Sorry if I seem like a nerd but I study this stuff in college. And I Don't want to offend anyone, if you do take offense, sorry.

+1 vote   mod: Mass Effect at War 1.1.01
darthmalgus Sep 24 2012, 9:28am says:

Hey, I'm an real reaper fan, their purpose may be wrong but tactics a perfect, would you add Aria's mercinaries as a playable faction???. Also I love the models for the Reaper and Geth ships...

+4 votes   mod: Mass Effect at War 1.1.01
darthmalgus Jul 30 2012, 10:48am says:

due to recent family up-heaval i wont be on here as much as i like due to lack of internet, im using a friends at the moment i'll be on as and when i can... thanks guys :)

+1 vote   member: darthmalgus
darthmalgus Sep 6 2011, 12:23pm says:

please tell me your going to reskin it!!!!!!

+1 vote   media: venator class star destroyer
darthmalgus Aug 28 2011, 12:30pm replied:

yep if you've played both KOTOR 1&2 you should know Taris is only mentioned in KOTOR 1 and the reason why.

+1 vote   download: TARIS 2012
darthmalgus Aug 15 2011, 3:06am says:

could you redo the lucrehulk, it isnt exactly cannon, neither does it look very nice... i saw a model in the universal addon mod and a fairly nice providence as well, just thought id let you know

-1 votes   mod: Star Wars - Clone Wars
darthmalgus Aug 4 2011, 1:00pm says:

is the mod compatable for ps3???

0 votes   mod: kuku's swtfu2 characters mod
darthmalgus Jul 19 2011, 1:44pm says:

this is a great history to add into our great archive!!

+1 vote   news: The Great Hyperspace War
darthmalgus Jul 16 2011, 6:10am replied:

i agree in the films they were inundated with turrets.

+1 vote   media: Lucrehulk-class Battleship
darthmalgus Jul 16 2011, 4:00am replied:


+1 vote   media: Manaan island
darthmalgus Jul 16 2011, 3:56am says:

this is the best lucrehulk ive seen, next to the republic at war model.

+2 votes   media: Lucrehulk-class Battleship
darthmalgus Jul 14 2011, 2:14pm says:

this is not an island, it is Ahto city, hand built by the selkath to facilitate off-worlders... i know these things 8)

+2 votes   media: Manaan island
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