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Since I haven't really played an active role on moddb in the past, I figure now is the time for a proper introduction to me.

I'm a huge fan of Star Wars, Batman, and Marvel, and I love talking to people who share my interests. I enjoy going to Comic-Cons, collecting action figures (mainly Star Wars and Marvel), watching movies, and playing games. I also enjoy making YouTube videos, primarily of Sci-Fi/geeky video games, and one of my main goals is to spread awareness of awesome mods and games on my channel. Thanks for reading this intro blog, and if you wish to contact me, the best way is via YouTube or ModDb.

~ JokerFett


I wanted to respond to your YouTube commentary of the Alien Universe timeline and continuity errors you pointed out in connection to Prometheus. The true error doesn't lie with Prometheus but rather with the Alien Vs Predator world. Ridley Scott created the "Alien" world, not 20th Century Fox. All movies after Alien have taken liberties with Scotts brain child and each new writer and director have added their own unfounded explanations and error filled ideas. Prometheus returns us to the true universe in which the Xenomorphs came into existence. This is the real story as told by the writer himself. Everything else unfortunately is irrelevant and must be treated as though it never happened. Aliens, Alien3, Alien Ressurection, Predator vs Alien, all nothing more than unauthorized cheap knock-offs of the original. If Ridley Scott wasn't involved, might as well throw it out.

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