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Darkstorn Nov 24 2010, 7:06am replied:


Just kidding. :P

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Darkstorn Nov 21 2010, 10:18pm replied:

You may want to read the rest of the post too you know.

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Darkstorn Nov 21 2010, 9:26pm replied:

To add, it can appear blue though, for the same reason the sky is most often blue(but not always.) Light scattering affects ice the same way it does the sky, just not as obviously.

Realism wise, yes, it's way too blue. BUT it kind of looks cooler, and also, this way sprites can actually be seen: If it was too bright white / grey, you wouldn't be able to see ****. Good example: The time chamber map in 1.2.3.

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Darkstorn Nov 21 2010, 9:12pm replied:

Ice isn't actually blue though. It's colorless.

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Darkstorn Sep 30 2010, 12:41pm replied:

Oh and by the way, the standard practice in the FPSB community is to give out models freely when permission is asked and credit is given so, if it's too much of a hassle to replace all the weapons, you could always just ask the authors. The problem is that i don't know them all, not even on MY AK. It's so old i just can't remember.

Without the credit file it's very tedious and hard to find the authors which is the problem here. But credit must be given to the original authors. There is no way around this really.

If you can find all the authors to the AK too, i'll let you use it. But like i said, it'll be hard because i myself don't even know them all. It would be a good idea to ask the guy who gave you these models. If he doesn't have the credit file, i think i'll have to have a word with him too.

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Darkstorn Sep 29 2010, 11:50am replied:

"too long, didn't read."

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Darkstorn Sep 29 2010, 11:39am replied:

I'll also add that it's not a huge loss for them if they can't use my ****** 6 year old AK47 model. There's a bunch of better ones out there in

The problem is the other weapons. There is no way to reliably find all the authors after the original credit file is lost. I don't blame the modification staff for this, but the person who sent them the models claiming they were his.

The ONLY way they can legally stay a part of the modification is to ask for permission and give proper credit to every author. The same laws that protect those authors also protect the mod devs for their content. You can't expect to ignore a part of it and then care for the other.

/E: Also, to people with an attitude like 'oh, i don't care if it's illegal, as long as i can play it' don't even bother arguing with me. Because i sure as hell am not going to bother replying to posts like that.

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Darkstorn Sep 29 2010, 11:35am replied:

Well, i am a prick so that's probably why it seems like it. But still, many people don't understand this, and surprisingly, not even some developers.

It comes down to intellectual property. Imagine if Leonardo Da Vinci didn't really make Mona Lisa, but instead bought it from some poor vendor and then told everybody it's his. I am not comparing my work to Da Vinci, but it works as an example. The authors of this modification do own parts of it just as much as i own my work. They can control how people use it, just as i can. Every one of those weapon models shown here came with a copyright notice. They have the following terms: Permission must be sought, and credit must be given for every other use except personal(as in, it is not distributed further.) If those terms are ignored, the usage is illegal.

There's no way to really say it gently but the modification needs to replace all those weapons, OR find the authors and ask them. Separately. Some of them have a lot of authors so it is not an easy task. It would simply be easier to go to and look for new models. They all show the authors and asking them isn't hard at all. Here, we would have to basically find the authors by comparing models by eye. Almost impossible. There is no way to tell who uv-mapped something for example.

This really is a serious issue. If i report this, the mod will be shut down. But i am not a heartless bastard and i am warning them and trying to help. It would have been a disaster if i had come after the mod was released...

TLDR: They need to ask permission from _every single author_ involved with those weapon models. They also need to credit every one of them. The other alternative is shutting down this page. I'm sorry, but that's the reality.

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Darkstorn Sep 26 2010, 9:46am replied:

The problem with that is that i already told you, you won't be getting permission to use it even with proper credit now. I might sound like a prick but it's the only way you'll really understand how copyrights work and that you should always make your own models.

Also, crediting me wouldn't even be enough: There were 3 people involved with that AK. Then we add the other models there, some of which also have 3 or more authors for one weapon. You would need to credit them all, otherwise it remains illegal. Another reason to learn modeling and texturing so you can make your own.

I would also very much like to see this mod by Cataclyzm you're talking about. If it also has uncredited stuff, i will want to have a word with him about it.

Anyway, the main reason why you're not getting the AK is that it's ugly and i'm not particularly proud of it. You can use any model you see in the internet assuming you ask permission and give proper credit. So if i were you i'd head to That's where all these models are from anyway. If you see a good looking model, ask the authors and they will likely give you permission to use it. The community is very open and will easily let others use their stuff given the license conditions are met.

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Darkstorn Sep 24 2010, 11:26am says:

I spotted an AK47 modeled by me in there. I was never asked permission for this, nor do i see myself credited _anywhere_. Not here, not on their site. The same goes for every single other weapon model shown in that video and those screenshots.

This is not only illegal, it is against the rules of My advice: Make your own weapon models or at least ask before you use them. Because, well, right now i can honestly say this: You have no permission to use anything done by me. Not now, not ever. Should have asked first.

To simple minded people: They did not make their own weapon models. Other people did, and they're getting zero recognition from it. This is a big no no.

Also, that bloom filter is blindingly bad. ENBseries i assume? My advice, don't use it. It sucks. Having bloom for the sake of 'OMG NEXT-GEN' is always a bad idea. It looks better without any.

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Darkstorn Aug 30 2010, 10:27am replied:

HL really isn't an indie game. Different from the other games of the time? Yeah. Ignoring profits for the sake of a good game? Yeah, maybe.

But indie, not really, no. If you want a high profile indie game, Doom technically fits this description: It was released as shareware(a very non-standard method nowadays) by ID themselves. But they were already an established developer by that time and so, it became insanely popular. Indie doesn't really have anything to do with sales though.

Also, in the early 90's, just about every PC game made was indie. So, indie is what everything started from. So i wouldn't call it unthinkable.

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Darkstorn Aug 29 2010, 10:20pm replied:

I think it's plain delusional to even consider that they'd buy the license for the sake of people who can't afford to pay $10(or less, depending on Steam deals, it could be $1. Or even less than that.)

I mean seriously, just think about how ludicrous the whole thought is. Make them pay thousands for a license, or you pay $10 for the game. Which sounds better? I mean, from their perspective.

Oh and it'd probably be more like a few years instead of a few months.

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Darkstorn Aug 29 2010, 3:10pm replied:

I believe that is correct.

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Darkstorn Aug 29 2010, 3:07pm replied:

How exactly? It means the devs can support you properly: The methods of making legal ESF work differ very obviously from the other option: Which is illegal. Which also is something they can't help you with. So, they use this to not only verify the legality of your HL, but also so they can ACTUALLY help you instead of having a 5 page long argument as to why somebody's pirated HL doesn't work with ESF or somebody requesting instructions on how to illegally play it.

You don't have to do this, nobody is forcing you. They just can't help you without it. Oh and by the way, i am currently finding your opposition to this very suspicious.

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Darkstorn Aug 28 2010, 7:52am replied:

I agree with the last post. The only people complaining are the ones who:

A. Don't own the game and don't understand the way Steam works. They just see DBZ and go 'wow, i must play this' without even having heard of Half-Life. This is understandable and easily rectified.

B. Those who don't understand the purpose and logic behind this system, or think of it as a way of phishing Steam accounts. Also easily rectified.

C. Those who either cannot afford(heh) the game or don't have the means of getting it. This can be frustrating, but believe me, it's not THAT impossible to buy a 12-year-old game that costs about $10. You always have Steam, but it's not actually that hard to still find HL in regular stores in physical form: Half-Life is one of the most popular PC games ever released. CS is still one of the most popular games played. You can find Half-Life.

D. Those who pirated the game and then are butthurt because the devs aren't specifically going to support the pirated version. Then they go around actually suggesting that they do something shady like break laws for their sake. The only way to rectify this is for stupid people to suddenly turn intelligent. Somehow i doubt it happening.

Moral of the story: If you aren't going to buy Half-Life, or even can't afford it, or you have it but your key doesn't work for whatever reason, the devs of this modification can do NOTHING to help you. Not legally at least. There is no use complaining about it. They can't help you. From what i understand, the last version will not even function without Steam and a legally bought HL. They aren't going to turn it into a standalone product ignoring licenses just for your sake. Even if they would do it, it'd be a much greater workload just for the sake of people who have no intention of either supporting Valve for the original product or the dev team for putting this much time and effort into a free modification.

TLDR: Deal with it, you will need Steam and Half-Life. No way around it.

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Darkstorn Aug 12 2008, 6:27pm says:

Hi, just noticed that all those weapons are images of models and textures released for Counter-Strike source. They might be just pictures, but when one considers that the only work the creator did was to render those weapons, you need to credit those who did the originals.

I for example modeled that Sako TRG. I can't say for the rest, but since you guys got them from somewhere, you'll know the credits for them.

Normally, simply putting up credits is okay but for releases like this one would expect permission to be asked first. Nobody asked me.

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Darkstorn Nov 21 2007, 11:29pm says:

Many Europeans are good yes, but they don't take random crap either. I'm European, so is Malignant...

But what does that have to do anything? Why do you hate Americans in the first place? You say they're douchebags, but i say i wouldn't want to mee you either. You'd make me want to hate all the Greek too but i'm not as childish as you are. I just hate you.

As for you having made a mod... No, you haven't made a mod. What you have made is a profile, and a few lines of text you call a story. Where's the models, the texture, the maps? What about coders? Did you even think that you might need one? Obviously not.

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Darkstorn Nov 21 2007, 11:24pm says:

Unlike you, i actually have experience in modding and mods and i can tell you now that i *know* for a fact that you will not be able to do it if you keep insulting potential talent, like you have. I see many good modelers posting comments in this profile page but you insult them. That isn't the best way to recruit people you know. Neither is calling all Americans douchebags... Many goods modelers and texturers are from the US.

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Darkstorn Nov 21 2007, 11:18pm says:


But may i suggest not ruining your reputation? Moddb is after all perhaps the most well known place of this type, are you sure you want to sacrifice that just because you have temperamental problems?

I mean damn, you even got a non-insulting post from an author whose model you took, and had to insult even him. That is just pathetic, and i'm sure if you really continue with your path, you will *never* be able to produce a succesful mod.

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Darkstorn Nov 21 2007, 11:11pm says:

Then maybe you should have considered another site than this?

In case you didn't know, English is the only allowed language here. It's because this is an international site. No, it's not a Greek site, and no, this site wasn't created specifically for you even though you obviously think otherwise.

Grow up, seriously. If you keep up, i'm sure you won't be around for much longer. You see, there are actually *gasp* administrators around. No, you're not the king of this profile page, you cannot do whatever you want. Maybe you should stop thinking that the universe revolves around you.

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Darkstorn Nov 21 2007, 11:06pm says:

When i said friends, i didn't mean *internet* friends...

I really wasn't expecting that reply from you.

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Darkstorn Nov 21 2007, 11:00pm says:

I don't think you quite grasp the concept of internet etiquette... Or any etiquette per se, i'm really surpised you have any friends. You probably don't but anyways...

You cannot expect to join a site that maintains at least some professional level, thinking that you can do whatever you want and act however you like. It doesn't quite work that way. You can't go around insulting everybody and comprising half of all your post of swear words... So either you are just incredibly dumb, or not really 21 like your profile says.

This might be your mod profile, but you can't do whatever you want in it. You created this mod page obviously way too quickly. You have nothing but a site, that is very bizarre and doesn't say a word about a Battlefield 2 mod, and a story that could've been written by a monkey with a typewriter in 5 minutes... There is zero effort and you expect to get help by insulting those who really know how to model and texture? Heh, good luck getting real modellers.

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Darkstorn Nov 21 2007, 10:54pm says:

I don't care about FPSB or your models, i just think you're:

A. Not old enough for this site assuming from your attitude.
B. You are a total douchebag.
C. You obviously have no real skills in modding in the first place.
D. The story for the mod sucks, you barely have any team anyways.

What i mean is, that you, and this mod, aren't worthy of being in this site.

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Darkstorn Nov 21 2007, 10:51pm says:

You grow up.

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Darkstorn Nov 21 2007, 10:43pm says:

Wow, you really are an idiot.

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Darkstorn Nov 21 2007, 8:07pm says:

No offense but the 'story' seems to be written by a 13-year-old. Not just the grammar, but the very ridiculous setting itself... Why would any of these countries really attack each other for example?

It sure is different, nobody else would be able to come up with something like this...

That and Greek_Soul seems to be a total jackass with zero respect to anybody. First he takes something from some artist and then insults him in return... Gives a real mature picture of him.

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Darkstorn Nov 2 2007, 1:10pm says:

Also i would like to mention that using custom/CS: S models for a mod generally isn't a proof of quality, no matter how early the mod is(but it's not very early according to the status the developers themselves put for this mod)...

The visual aspects themselves aren't obviously quite as important as gameplay functions but still, do you know *any* highly succesful or acclaimed mod with default CS: S player models? I don't... And there's a good reason; It seems too HL2, amateurish even.

That's why i always try to persuade mods into hiring a proper team before they even start modding.

I'd also like to mention that using custom models created by the community for CS/ CS: S/ HL2 whatever, are illegal to use without full permission and credit. Unfortunately for you, most of the custom models you use have authors that are no longer found from the scene, making it legally impossible to use in this mod.

Hire a few good modellers and texturers. Entirely new graphics can make a 'feature free' mod look much better than it is, and for good reason. The visual aspect is a big part nowadays.

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Darkstorn Nov 2 2007, 12:58pm says:

Come on, xxghostkillxx...

There is NEVER enough constructive criticism, as proved by this mod. I'm not 'dissing' or 'bashing' it for the fact that it is airsoft, but because if you would take the term airsoft off the mod, it wouldn't really be any different to a mediocre CS clone. That's what's wrong with it.

It needs *new* ideas... What does this have? There *are* other airsoft mods, most with much more new content and features than this one because they don't try to ride the 'airsoft' train bur rather are making a mod about it... Instead of just taking a random mod and changing all guns and ammo into bb's and make it so people don't 'die'(more accurate would be to say people don't get blood on their ragdolls when they die).

If only the line 'if you don't like it, don't use it' worked in real life, we'd have much less problems... Either way it's pretty blissful to say that this mod doesn't need constructive criticism, considering there's nothing that makes it stand out. Or are you just exhibiting the typical ignorant fan praise like i was talking about earlier, the kind that usually makes bad mods even worse if the authors listen to those comments.

Oh, yeah, you did praise it blindly with no criticism whatsoever. This mod, even if it was good is far from perfect, and only perfect things don't need criticism, hence the term perfect.

+1 vote   mod: SoftAir: Source
Darkstorn Oct 28 2007, 8:52am says:

Yeah, those who think the idea is pointless are automatically haters but those who randomly and with blind eyes praise the mod, then they're right. Ever heard of constructive criticism guys? It's the kind that is NOT like a typical praise comment. It tells what's wrong with it rather than making the authors believe they're doing something well when they are not.

Anyways, like JN said, what's the point? First of all, since it's a computer game the only differences to a non-airsoft game would be the bb's, the fact that nobody dies and possibly high cap magazines(which, btw, are NEVER used in proper games, mostly because they make so much sound). What forbids people from making a mod like the previous poster said but without airsoft guns? Does it just have to be airsoft for the sake of being airsoft? Seems like so, there doesn't seem to be any new ideas to the mod.

In fact this seems like a modification for CS: S, no custom models, barely any custom textures... Well, maybe the BB's... And edited skins for player models.

I say it again; What is the point of making an airsoft mod for a computer game when the very point of airsoft is to simulate real combat? Now you're simulating simulation of real combat....

You could just make an actual war/SWAT/CS type of game with the exact same additions as in this mod(, especially since it seems to be pretty basic mod with not much new to the endless amount of almost identical mods...

I used to play airsoft(now i'm too poor to continue :) ) and i still think this idea is sad and geeky. I just cannot see the point. People play airsoft so they could experience something similar to real combat. Why would people play this mod? To pretend like they're playing airsoft?

I understand most of you probably just aren't old enough to understand but this mod is only airsoft for the sake of being airsoft. Without the bb's and red tips on guns you'd just have a random CS clone mod with barely any custom content.

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Darkstorn Jul 25 2007, 9:23am says:

Correction, it's MRL. :>

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