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Mod Review on Jan 15th, 2013 - 1 person doesn't

This mod needs polish, there are numerous map glitches like debris you can walk through and see the edge of the map, along with phasable sand during the canal maps. I also feel the maps lack detail making City 17 unnecessarily clean and blocky. But the gameplay is so good, with actual bullet penetration, no HUD permeating the screen, and iron sights for each of the vanilla Half-Life 2 weapons along with some new guns. With new weapons like the AK47 and the HK USP. I recommend this mod, despite it's own flaws. The voice acting for the mod is kinda bad, the actors don't get the gravity of the situation they are it. It feels like they are reading lines from a script instead of acting. Ultimately, Triage is a mod with great potential but needs a lot of polish.

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