Most of my managed mods weren't made by me - I've just added the UT mods in general to be listed and not forgotten - with the exception of the ones listed in my "Blog".

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Darkness Jan 28 2015, 1:42pm replied:

It's just one of the knowledge involved in those games. But there's also the knowledge of physics and weapons, as well as the ability to aim, move, predict and engage, which are what remains when you're playing an arena match.

As you know, I didn't invent the arena type, I just tried to make it less repetitive by turning it into smaller cycles during a match. Maybe the "flavor text" of the mod sounded a little offensive to you, I'm sorry for that.

If you really wanna keep the pickup management and enjoy it, you can still allow items to be picked up, such as armor, health and power ups, it's up to you.

It's still one of the mods I enjoy most while playing the game.

+1 vote   mod: Dynamic Arena
Darkness Nov 5 2014, 9:03am says:


+1 vote   media: Diablo The Hell Weapon Switch in 1.196
Darkness May 15 2014, 8:07am says:


+3 votes   article: Unreal Tournament - Announcement
Darkness Apr 9 2014, 1:19pm replied:

One of the most powerfull attacks is the using heavy attack while jumping - the third strike, which hits multiple times and goes a good damage. I'd stick to that whenever possible. When the snake goes to the edge of the screen, use McCoy and hit it 4 times, if possible do it twice and it'll move again.

+1 vote   game: Dusty Revenge
Darkness Apr 5 2011, 9:12am says:

Just pay attention guys, do you expect a 15 kbyte file to include hundreds of weapons itself? :)

+1 vote   download: WORM Plugins
Darkness Dec 18 2010, 10:11pm replied:

Answered on the mod profile.

+2 votes   member: Darkness
Darkness Dec 18 2010, 9:54pm replied:

1- Extract the files inside the System folder of your Unreal Tournament. Be aware to NOT create a new folder inside... the files MUST BE at the System folder.
2- Start your Unreal Tournament normally.
3- Begin a Practice Session, open the Mutator list, and add the +|\/|averick |-|unters + mutator to the "Mutators Used" list.
4- Begin the Practice Session.

If you can't find the mutator on the mutator list, you've probably installed the files in a wrong way.

+1 vote   mod: Maverick Hunters
Darkness Oct 27 2010, 5:51pm says:

As stated on the description: "Unholy Wars is a modification for Diablo 2 - Lords of Destruction, version 1.11b." So yes, it requires LoD, and no, it won't work on any other patch. I may revive this project later, but I can't guarantee anything.

+1 vote   mod: Unholy Wars
Darkness Jun 21 2010, 3:09pm says:

It's a really nice ARPG. Too bad it didn't get attention.

+3 votes   game: Silverfall
Darkness Apr 18 2010, 5:06pm says:

The maps are good, imo, specially their textures, really high quality. The mutators are mostly weak and buggy, I agree, but the Beamer is a nice addition, the clans/relics/vampire are cool, so at least 4 of 10 are useable. The skins are also nice. This is most directed to being an "addon/expansion" than a mod itself, indeed. Maybe because it could only get to "preview" stage, and then had an unofficial, small patch to fix some little bugs. If you consider this situation, you could give a higher rating.

+1 vote   mod: Real Tournament
Darkness Apr 17 2010, 1:33pm says:

Really impressive mod you got here, you made me undust my Diablo 1 CD for this. Haven't played yet, but I'm looking forward to it. Thanks so much for honoring this amazing, unbeatable classic (best atmosphere ever).

+1 vote   mod: Diablo: The Hell
Darkness Apr 15 2010, 8:09am says:

Haven't you even tested the mod, or cared to read the description?

+1 vote   media: Silver Falcons
Darkness Apr 5 2010, 11:55pm replied:

Of course you can, just use W.O.R.M or StuffSwapper to insert its weapons. If you want some of the AW features to go along, use the "lite" mutator, and you're ready to go: the weapons you want, and the mod features (such as adrenaline, burning player, and others).

+2 votes   mod: Apocalypse Weapons
Darkness Apr 5 2010, 5:07pm replied:

Thank you so much for the kind words. I still have to fix the multiplayer on it, since it's not working 100%, specially in laggy servers, but in singleplayer it'll work just fine.

+1 vote   mod: TopReal
Darkness Apr 5 2010, 5:06pm replied:

Thanks for the input. The concept is really simple and old, I guess the first time I saw it was on the first console Street Fighters I've played hehe, so well, why not do something like that on a FPS game? Unfortunatly I guess there'll still be random crashes on servers setting this up, I'd love to get some feedback in case someone tests it and find this happening due to the mutator.

+1 vote   mod: Handicap
Darkness Mar 25 2010, 3:51pm says:

For those who downloaded it before, and would like to host servers with it, please download it again, since the version I uploaded had a random crashing bug that would happen to a few players occasionally. I think it's fixed, since I've tested a few times after fixing it... just waiting now for modDB to accept the new download.

+1 vote   mod: Handicap
Darkness Mar 25 2010, 3:50pm replied:

It's an experimental scoring system, which would be surely appreciated in competitions and such, I guess. Since I didn't have any experience with new gametypes, I decided to give it a try :) I hope you enjoy it.

+1 vote   mod: DamageMatch
Darkness Mar 24 2010, 10:03am says:

I finally understood the reason of its title: it's taking forever to be released, ofc.

+2 votes   game: Duke Nukem Forever
Darkness Mar 23 2010, 11:58pm replied:

I got back to do MH, and after the first release, I took a "break" from it, so I'm currently developing smaller projects (check my "Blog post" for easy linking to them, if you're curious). If you need any help with your project don't hesitate to ask :)

+2 votes   group: Unreal can't die!
Darkness Mar 23 2010, 11:12pm says:

Bond, glad to have you back! How are things going? Still working on PD?

+2 votes   group: Unreal can't die!
Darkness Mar 23 2010, 5:51pm says:

You're more than welcome, Feralidragon :)

+2 votes   group: Unreal can't die!
Darkness Mar 22 2010, 1:43pm says:

Yay, welcome aboard :)

I share the same opinion... UT3 has a "bit" of the old UT feeling, but it's not enough. UT2k3/UT2k4 both stink.

+2 votes   group: Unreal can't die!
Darkness Mar 22 2010, 9:02am replied:

Thanks, I hope you enjoy it.

+1 vote   mod: HUD Radar
Darkness Mar 20 2010, 10:31am replied:

I totally agree with you. The atmosphere is just unique.

+5 votes   game: Diablo
Darkness Mar 20 2010, 8:47am replied:

D3D10 renderer for UT? Didn't even know about it. Care to try out the this OpenGL renderer: ?

Also, UT doesn't behave very good in multiple core machines, producing either lower or higher FPS than it should. There's a fixed exe that stops that effect, in case you don't have...

Anyway, since you could give it a go, any thoughts about the mod?

+1 vote   mod: TopReal
Darkness Mar 18 2010, 10:21am replied:

It's weird, but thanks for the feedback. What are your system specs and rendering device you're using? The FPS drop should be happening due to the transparent mask... if so, I'd love to know your specs, and I'll probably add a way to disable it via a mod menu.

Aiming at the floor should only happen when your mouse cursor is over yourself (a little system I did to support rocket/impact jumps).

+1 vote   mod: TopReal
Darkness Mar 8 2010, 6:35pm says:

If you're walking below a bridge, the camera will zoom to your position, and change the fov to make you able to see everything around you even though it's zoomed. The problem is that if the difference of height on the camera is too big, it take a while to change its position... yes, I'll take care of that on a newer release, making it zoom a little faster if the distance is too big. Can you name a map where this happens often?

+1 vote   mod: TopReal
Darkness Mar 8 2010, 10:16am says:

I've put it before I uploaded the video... just waiting for the file to be authorized since then. If you ever play it, please leave your thoughts later, so I can improve it :)

+1 vote   mod: TopReal
Darkness Mar 7 2010, 10:00am says:

Thanks for the input, it's nice to see that UT99 still has a great comunity going on.

+1 vote   article: Development Log #3
Darkness Mar 7 2010, 9:57am says:

Yes, they just can't stop comming :)

+1 vote   mod: Shared Life
Darkness Mar 19 2009, 11:14pm says:

Yes it's released, check their official page to download it.

+1 vote   game: AVALANCHE
Darkness Nov 26 2008, 6:17pm says:

Nice to see someone made a mod for it. The game is amazing, but the lack of "modability" makes it poor. Gotta try it out, thanks for your work.

+1 vote   mod: Rainbow Six Vegas 2 Arsenal Mini Mod
Darkness Aug 6 2006, 3:38pm says:

Coop? That's what I want! Thanks, downloading now 8)

Although the size is huge... I'll be going for it.

+1 vote   download: Doom 3 Coop Mod Last Man Standing Coop 3.0 Official Windows Version Featuring Cl
Darkness Dec 23 2005, 8:30am says:

His face here reminds me... Chuck!!!

* Afraid of Axl *

+1 vote   media: Axl-Preview
Darkness Jan 5 2006, 2:34am says:

...actually, Cheeseyballz, those mods weren't done by me. The great majority was just added to make them public, so that people would know and get them.

+2 votes   member: Darkness
Darkness Sep 17 2005, 4:52pm says:

Wanting a serial? Here it is!!!

+1 vote   member: Vladutz
Darkness Apr 3 2005, 5:22pm says: +1 vote   mod: StuffSwapper
Darkness Apr 3 2005, 4:46am says:

Coooooooool 8)

Just waiting for ModDBv1 theme!

/me misses ModDBv1

+1 vote   article: Theme Selector
Darkness Jan 10 2005, 1:02pm says:

Yeah, I have a contract with :rolleyes:

+1 vote  
Darkness Jan 6 2005, 6:08pm says:

What do you mean, bond? Want to give it a try?

+1 vote   article: Would you please download it now???
Darkness Dec 23 2004, 6:54pm says:
Quote:I am the physical manifestation of determination, the very embodiment of the human will. There is no stopping until it is finished. In short,


+1 vote   article: Development Halted
Darkness Nov 28 2004, 2:20pm says:

That's odd, Bond. After each release of my mod, the opposite would happen to me... I'd feel an urge to correct the mistakes, add things and so on.

Well... I dunno what to say about this... :S

+1 vote   article: Answers
Darkness Nov 3 2004, 9:48am says:

/me yells


/me finished coding an Armor-Piercing ammo for Artic Wind

/me needs to recode the primary ammo now

/me has a lot of ideas for it

/me think AW X will rock!


+1 vote   article: Hmmm...
Darkness Oct 21 2004, 11:45pm says:

Hmmm... they're from Standard UT :P

+1 vote   media: Apocalypser Rocket!
Darkness Aug 16 2004, 7:59pm says:


+1 vote   mod: Maverick Hunters
Darkness Jul 14 2004, 11:06am says:
Quote:Look closely

Rather easy to spot... the "look closely" sounded as a joke :rambo:

+1 vote   media: How many Ghosts do you see?
Darkness Jun 6 2004, 5:52pm says:

Yeahhhhhhhh!!! I guess I have tp reinstall UT 8)

+1 vote   article: Infiltration 2.9 Bonus Pack
Darkness Apr 2 2004, 11:55am says:

Whoa! Nice review! :thumbup:

+1 vote   article: Operation Na Pali - A UT Classic
Darkness Apr 2 2004, 11:45am says:

...I just think that the concept is too simple.

+1 vote   mod: ReGen
Darkness Apr 2 2004, 11:44am says:

Awww... It's not THAT good... it had tons of original things, but most of them aren't easily seen...

+1 vote   mod: Real Tournament
Darkness Mar 28 2004, 9:50pm says:

"Possibly near the end of January for first version"
Should it be 2004? Or it's 2005? 2006??? :rolleyes:

+1 vote   mod: NhancedUT
Darkness Mar 27 2004, 8:59pm says:

A fairly simple concept, very well applied. A great mod after all...

+1 vote   mod: Expert UT
Darkness Mar 27 2004, 2:25am says:

Yeah, that's a pretty interesting mod... funny at times, but quite boring if you don't know how to play. Anyway, I like it :P

+1 vote   mod: BubbletUT
Darkness Mar 27 2004, 2:21am says:

Hehehe... just think that I found this mod by accident ;)

+1 vote   mod: Captain Team Game
Darkness Mar 7 2004, 1:35pm says:

OMG... german website... :sick:

+1 vote   mod: The Treason
Darkness Mar 7 2004, 1:25pm says:

Hmm... it looks like it's dead :dead:

+1 vote   mod: Gang Warfare
Darkness Mar 7 2004, 1:15pm says:

I guess Parser could at least update some screenshots... :rolleyes:

+1 vote   mod: WeaponMage
Darkness Mar 4 2004, 8:01pm says:

I liked some weapons, though... :thumbup: originality is always good 8)

+2 votes   mod: Operation Stingray
Darkness Mar 4 2004, 7:53pm says:

Not only for this, it's cool as some other Single Player projects use this too... pretty nice :thumbup:

+2 votes   mod: OldSkool Amp'd
Darkness Mar 4 2004, 7:51pm says:

Yeah! The Darkness rules! :P

+1 vote   mod: EavyDarkmatch
Darkness Mar 4 2004, 6:04pm says:

/me leaves an almost blank comment


+1 vote   mod: Spinal Knights
Darkness Jan 24 2004, 11:07pm says:

...It's not my mod, I just added it... as most of the mods I've registered here. At least, I think this one is still alive, but I doubt they'll continue using UT...

+1 vote   mod: Dark Magic
Darkness Dec 22 2003, 12:44pm says:

It's a nice Mod... but I hate the Havian... I really didn't like what happened to "DarkMagic" mixed with weapons... :(

+1 vote   mod: Forward Edge Battle Area
Darkness Dec 20 2003, 10:09pm says:

Another website which is down... ****... Have to find a mirror somewhere else...

+1 vote   mod: CrotchShot
Darkness Dec 20 2003, 9:30pm says:

I like it... the weapons are nice, the HUD is great too.

+1 vote   mod: Marathon|Rampancy
Darkness Dec 15 2003, 9:36pm says:

Just another brazilian guy, I supose... nevermind. Oh, I just forgot, I'm brazilian too...

ET... telefone... minha casa....

+1 vote   member: Pedro_doidao
Darkness Dec 10 2003, 4:39pm says:

It looks like it's the main purpose of the mod, but I liked some weapons and stuff... it's worth the download.

+1 vote   mod: Psi Weapon Dreams
Darkness Dec 10 2003, 4:38pm says:

It didn't work for me... :sick:

+1 vote   mod: JumpAround
Darkness Dec 10 2003, 4:25pm says:

It's something like Mario Kart, but badly done... it doesn't have a vehicle code.. you'll easily notice that you're not a vehicle, but a person with a vehicle "sprite", that's what it looks like...

Anyway, it's funny... for a while.

+1 vote   mod: DiG: The Race
Darkness Dec 8 2003, 7:34pm says:

Neeeeeeeat, really impressive... release now!

+1 vote   article: Ultima Unreal map pics
Darkness Oct 17 2003, 9:39pm says:

That's an advanced technique, mastered by a few lumberjackers 8)

+1 vote   media: Umm... A peasant is chopping tree...
Darkness Aug 19 2003, 11:43pm says:

Hey! Hehehe... you here again??? ;)

Welcome back... hehehe...

+2 votes   member: UnrealGamer
Darkness Jul 29 2003, 12:11am says:

I love mods... specially in UT, which as a great number of mutator which can be used together... ;)

+2 votes   poll: Mods vs. Games, what rocks your boat?
Darkness Jul 27 2003, 1:18pm says:

Actually, I've been doing this to increase the number of UT mods, you know... ;)

+1 vote   mod: FartMatch
Darkness Jul 19 2003, 11:59pm says:

Hey, come on! It's funny. Of course, it gets boring really fast, but I liked it.

+1 vote   mod: PacUT
Darkness Jun 8 2003, 9:56pm says:

Hehehe... Yeah, I should have said it long ago, really. But you know... my laziness is endless... or whathever... 8)

+1 vote   article: AWF Map Pack
Darkness May 24 2003, 5:10pm says:

Woot!!! Hey, that's nice... I really want to see this mod soon... 8)

+1 vote   article: Ultima Unreal Update!
Darkness Apr 24 2003, 12:43am says:

Maybe the forgot to change the Game engine while submiting the mod... I think AvP is the first mod of the list...

+1 vote   mod: Crapack HL
Darkness Apr 20 2003, 3:25am says:

Quake3, UT, HL, whatever!?!

+1 vote   mod: HolyWars
Darkness Apr 20 2003, 3:25am says:

I've not played it so much, but all can I say is that it's a great SP mod...
The first enemy gives a little work to be killed, as you don't have a weapon... I guess this mod is a total *brainstorm* hehehe, but I like the challenge...

It also includes a mutator, which replaces all UT weapons by the Legacy ones... that's how I tested the weapons, which are great (a bit unbalanced, but they're nice).

+1 vote   mod: Legacy
Darkness Apr 13 2003, 8:28pm says:

Yes, I know. What's the problem?

+1 vote   article: AgentX 2.4
Darkness Apr 13 2003, 11:08am says:

Sweet 8)

+1 vote   article: Image Uploading Working!
Darkness Apr 12 2003, 8:40pm says:

Don't mind... that's a good thing ;)

Maybe it'll work as a nightvision... who knows :rolleyes:

+1 vote   article: That's a real helm!
Darkness Apr 9 2003, 11:15pm says:

Hehehe yeah, I must agree... it's the most updated mod... I can't believe I'm updating so much things... :rolleyes:

I really don't know if I'm going to move to Ut2k3... I'd need a better computer, I'd need to start everything again... but maybe in one or two years, who knows ;)

But until this day arrives, I'll keep with UT :P Expect a new weapon soon

Ps: It'll rule.

+1 vote   article: The Shock Beam is back?!?
Darkness Apr 9 2003, 10:03pm says:

Actually, it's a nice mod :rolleyes:

+1 vote   mod: Neo Cairo
Darkness Apr 8 2003, 1:34pm says:

I've never played this... uh 300 mbs download? :(

+1 vote   mod: Strike Force
Darkness Apr 6 2003, 7:15pm says:

I guess the snowboards must have tons of skins, though :D

+1 vote   media: A pic of the snowboard!
Darkness Apr 6 2003, 1:15pm says:

8) Just cool

+1 vote   article: X-Buster: Free Toy with every read.
Darkness Apr 5 2003, 11:45am says:

Cool 8)

+1 vote   article: Ultima Unreal update!
Darkness Apr 2 2003, 11:32pm says:

I played it long ago... I don't remember most things of the mod... the only thing I can say is that I usually played with the Cyborg :rolleyes:

+1 vote   mod: Weapons Factory UT
Darkness Mar 29 2003, 10:42pm says:

I'm not sure yet... but in case there's going to be another version, it'll take a lot of time to be done... because it'd be hard to add another things... I have some things in mind... but just the time will tell ya :D

+1 vote   article: Apocalypse Weapons News
Darkness Mar 29 2003, 10:40pm says:

It's one of the funniest mods I've ever played...

+1 vote   mod: Fragball
Darkness Mar 27 2003, 9:46pm says:

This Mod allows you to play ANY UT weapon in Arena Mod... With tons of configurable things...

If you don't know what's an Arena, well... Arena Matches replaces all weapons in the game by just one weapon, so you'll just find this weapon in game, and just will be able to use it...

+1 vote   mod: Arena Match
Darkness Mar 27 2003, 9:16pm says:

Now you're an admin too :D

+1 vote   mod: Agent X
Darkness Mar 25 2003, 8:03pm says:


+1 vote   article: Unreal Fortress on modDB!
Darkness Mar 24 2003, 12:51am says:

TTR... UT still rulez :D

+2 votes   poll: Since we are at war. What is the best war mod to date?
Darkness Mar 23 2003, 8:40pm says:

I agree :thumbup:

+1 vote   mod: Unreal Fortress
Darkness Mar 23 2003, 8:29pm says:

This one is a SWEET mod really... I'll update some shots later.

+1 vote   mod: tallyho!
Darkness Mar 22 2003, 11:04am says:


+1 vote   member: arvey-Haynos
Darkness Mar 19 2003, 3:24pm says:

Hey update the profile!!!

+1 vote   mod: 6th Gate
Darkness Mar 19 2003, 12:55am says:

...Chaotic!!! :D

+1 vote   mod: ChaosUT2:Evolution
Darkness Mar 19 2003, 12:50am says:

UT2k3? You'd better update your mod profile.

+1 vote   article: Alpha Update
Darkness Mar 18 2003, 10:53pm says:

If you're needing any kind of help, just send me a Private Message by clicking here.

+1 vote   member: JamesBond007
Darkness Mar 18 2003, 7:52pm says:

Ops, I forgot to say... I changed it a bit to look more sexy... Of course, now it takes less space in the main page, too... :D

+1 vote   article: Nice big Unreal Racing update
Darkness Mar 16 2003, 2:26pm says:

Matrix Moves owns :thumbup:

+1 vote   mod: Matrix Moves
Darkness Mar 16 2003, 1:39pm says:

The mod is nice, but I have to agree in some points with The Mutation review... too many doors... ugh... but the maps are great, the weapons too... the enemies :sick: hehehe I laughed a lot when The Mutation reffered to them :D

Do you plan on release a new patch/update for it?

+1 vote   article: Spatial Fear in PC Zone UK
Darkness Mar 15 2003, 12:26am says:

Yeah, I agree with you...

+1 vote   mod: Zombie Hunter
Darkness Mar 15 2003, 12:19am says:

Wow a huge description here! :D

+1 vote   mod: Kill The Man With The Ball 2003
Darkness Mar 15 2003, 12:17am says:

Sounds nice...

+1 vote   mod: Majestic Kingdom
Darkness Mar 15 2003, 12:13am says:

Assault owns!

+1 vote   mod: UT2k3 Assault
Darkness Mar 14 2003, 11:54pm says:

OHhh... Mr. Busy, you don't have time??? :sick:

+1 vote   mod: WoT2003
Darkness Mar 14 2003, 11:47pm says:

I guess you'll stay waiting for a long time... hehehe... 6 months w/o updates...

+2 votes   mod: United-Forces
Darkness Mar 14 2003, 10:48pm says:


+2 votes   mod: 11Pirates!
Darkness Mar 14 2003, 8:41pm says:


+2 votes   poll: What year is the next Half Life Patch coming?
Darkness Mar 10 2003, 11:40pm says:

Thanks for the answer... :D

+1 vote   article: Defence Alliance Community Edition Released!
Darkness Mar 10 2003, 11:21pm says:

Hahahaa 10 months w/o and update... I've never seen something like this before :D

+1 vote   mod: Lost In A Memory
Darkness Mar 9 2003, 5:40pm says:

I visited whe website, and then, inside the "About", it says "Click on the links below to view information about the particular subject"

And once I clicked "Classes" it said "Currently there is no pictures in this gallery. Please check back soon!" - so where's the information??? :confused:

+1 vote   mod: Mayday
Darkness Mar 8 2003, 11:51pm says:

Bah too much HL Mods :sick:

+1 vote   member: fotd.m
Darkness Mar 5 2003, 2:26am says:

Looks really nice... but just a question: How a person can't remember ANYTHING before being nine? :P

+1 vote   mod: SilentAssassins
Darkness Mar 3 2003, 11:01pm says:

Man, I don't have Quake 3, but dammit, I'm a MegaManiac for 12 years!

+1 vote   mod: X-Buster
Darkness Mar 3 2003, 10:54pm says:

I'm with PsychoFarmer... :P

+1 vote   member: seville
Darkness Jan 26 2003, 8:20pm says:

Huh? I thought it should be Released only, as the last version is the 1.1...

+1 vote   mod: ChaosUT
Darkness Jan 20 2003, 2:06pm says:

I really don't care so much about the plot... I mean, if it has a neat gameplay... who cares with its plot?

+1 vote   mod: Korean Legacy
Darkness Jan 17 2003, 6:12pm says:

Yeah, it looks like the default user: No information, no returns...

+1 vote   member: butz
Darkness Dec 11 2002, 4:18pm says:

I saw it on PlanetUnreal...

But I guess you should put some screenshots here... it would be nice, because although the storyline rulez, it's a bit "crazy" for many Modem users to download more than 90 Mbs without seing how it is...

+1 vote   mod: Spatial Fear
Darkness Nov 26 2002, 2:24pm says:

Here I am :P

+1 vote   mod: Shower of Darkness
Darkness Nov 26 2002, 2:04pm says:

I did it because I'm still working in an UT version, while I'm only making plans for Ut2k3.

Also, I'll leave the mod profile here, with information and other things, just related to UT. I mean, it was so chaotic to have just one profile about two different engines...

+1 vote   mod: Apocalypse Weapons
Darkness Sep 22 2002, 7:13pm says:

Is it possible to use any mutators with Xidia?

+1 vote   mod: Xidia Gold
Darkness Sep 15 2002, 10:46am says:

Huh, I had a lot of fun playing it with Tactical Ops... But it's much better with Apocalypse Weapons :P

+1 vote   mod: Bullet Time
Darkness Sep 15 2002, 10:32am says:

I can't download this Mod on their website...
And the ModLeader is off for a lot of time...
Why not a "Complaine-Mail"? Hehehe...

+1 vote   mod: Unloaded UT
Darkness Sep 15 2002, 10:27am says:

Yeah, nobody posts... It really sucks...

But Parser, come on. Post some screenshots, describe the 110 weapons (hahaha, I'm kidding), at least some of them...

I just won't get this Mod because I'm lazy, and I won't test the 110 weapons (I was really tired when I got Unreal4Ever, with 34 weapons...) and then I became the laziest man in the world.

Good luck with your mods :P

+1 vote   mod: WeaponLord
Darkness Sep 12 2002, 7:27am says:

I'm disappointed with you, guys... No bot support? Come on, I can't play online... :(

+1 vote   article: Defence Alliance v1.6 Released!
Darkness Sep 10 2002, 4:12am says:

I think I played th first release... I didn't like it, but I'll give it a try again :P

It looks like things are much better now! Contiue improving!

+1 vote   mod: Jungle Warfare
Darkness Sep 10 2002, 4:08am says:

Come on, give the relic's description, too!
Of course I know them, but many people don't have any idea of what's about!

+1 vote   mod: technoloG Bonus Pack
Darkness Sep 9 2002, 6:12am says:

I like a lot RTS games, but most of the matches lasts too much, so I don't have patience to continue playing...

WarCraft III is a mix of StarCraft, Diablo II and whatever... But I prefer StarCraft, in some points, of course :P

+1 vote   game: StarCraft
Darkness Sep 8 2002, 8:51am says:

SpiderJerusalem? Man... WTF...

+2 votes   mod: Genocide
Darkness Sep 7 2002, 1:36pm says:

...But this Mod can be very improved...

Too much time with no new versions, and also there're lot of things that can be done...
At least, a Mod Menu... I mean, it would be great if you could choose the number of respawn points per DmDomination... :P

+2 votes   mod: Dominate
Darkness Sep 2 2002, 1:41pm says:

Ladies rocks!

+1 vote   member: Scruffy
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