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DarkJoka Apr 30 2005, 2:48am says:

This mod is awesome but I hate it sometimes because of the people. The new ones that are just playing this mod are really good sometimes. Like I my self suck at it and been playing it on and off for a year now. Just sucks that they learned faster then me :( lol.

+1 vote   mod: The Specialists
DarkJoka Apr 29 2005, 11:40pm says:

Please continue fight club man its a great idea. We could use another mod with basic fighting in it. No guns or anything just your easy to get weapons. You should really bring this back peace!

+1 vote   member: tw13ve
DarkJoka Apr 29 2005, 11:38pm says:

Ya we need another good fighting mod like The Specialist. But the specialist I think doesnt have that great of a community. But that might be just me but I would like to see another mod like that for half-life 1.

+1 vote   mod: Fight Club
DarkJoka Apr 29 2005, 11:36pm says:

Sup man glad your with the rival team :). Hope to see some of your work soon peace!

+1 vote   member: jzero
DarkJoka Apr 28 2005, 12:24pm says:

Thats like saying the sky is blue?

+1 vote   media: INtense
DarkJoka Apr 28 2005, 12:42am says:

Shame this wont get to see the light of online multiplayer :(.

+1 vote   mod: StreetFighter
DarkJoka Apr 27 2005, 10:14pm says:

Sounds interesting hope it works out. There has been other attempts for similar mods. But it seems like you guys know what your doing. Good luck on the mod.

+1 vote   mod: Laser Frag Mod
DarkJoka Apr 26 2005, 9:55pm says:

Woundering why becaus its a mod based on roadkill game. The mod is made from the unreal engine and and its not released yet for half-life 2.

+1 vote   mod: RoadKill
DarkJoka Apr 26 2005, 8:10am says:

I just ordered max payne 2 off amazon and I cant wait to get it. This mod will prolly be out before I get my cd lol. So your doing something right if you get people to buy to play this mod. Hope it lives up the hype :).

+1 vote   mod: StreetFighter
DarkJoka Apr 19 2005, 10:18pm says:

Hows the mod coming along haven't heard from this mod for awhile.

+1 vote   mod: Dash n Bash
DarkJoka Apr 17 2005, 3:37am says:

Guys should really relink your site to your knew one. Right now its just So you might wanna think about doing that. Other then that the mod sounds great.

+1 vote   mod: Last Great War
DarkJoka Apr 15 2005, 1:11am says:

Rob there site is back up on planethalflife so check it out.

+1 vote   mod: Outlaws
DarkJoka Apr 13 2005, 2:46pm says:

Hate to see this mod die it sounds like a good idea. Love death match games driving stuff around shooting people. Hope you dont close it ebcause that would suck. You guys just need a better website and promotion. Then you will be set :) so dont die peace!

+1 vote   mod: Vac-Bikes
DarkJoka Apr 12 2005, 1:29pm says:

Awesome can't wait for public beta :).

+1 vote   mod: CarmaGordon
DarkJoka Apr 12 2005, 12:45am says:

Hey Tom when you look for beta tester's it should be your supporters. Example like people who go to your forums and chat room alot. Also your members who are helping you create the mod as well.

+1 vote   mod: CarmaGordon
DarkJoka Apr 9 2005, 8:37pm says:

Nice wallpaper eractnodi maybe sometime you can design a few player's?

+1 vote   mod: Freestyle
DarkJoka Apr 8 2005, 12:01am says:

Any images at all you say your 60% complete. Also your website is down so that doesn't help a whole lot.

+1 vote   mod: Bumpercars: Source
DarkJoka Apr 3 2005, 12:31am says:

Is this mod on hold or dead can someone update me please and thanks.

+1 vote   mod: FiSH
DarkJoka Apr 2 2005, 3:40pm says:

Soon where gonna get our own .com name once we find a real time host. I plan to get one sometime by next weekend.
Thats my plan for the website.

+1 vote   mod: Freestyle
DarkJoka Mar 31 2005, 7:00am says:

The reason he did it that way is to test the lagness of the mod. He used less pollys because he thinks if we use to much it wont work in the mod. In future updates kick will upgrade the boards to look smoother and nicer :).

+1 vote   mod: Freestyle
DarkJoka Mar 29 2005, 1:52pm says:

Yes the host is upgrading to get better protection and what not. I talked with him the other day and he just said were upgrading. So the host should be up tonight and the site will be up shortly after. The forum skin im gonna work on will be up a few days after. So its just gonna be a default skin for now :).

+1 vote   mod: Freestyle
DarkJoka Mar 27 2005, 6:33pm says:

New concept to the game its gonna be both 3rd person and first :).

+1 vote   mod: Freestyle
DarkJoka Mar 27 2005, 10:03am says:

Just rename the mod to Freestyle Snowboarding or just Freestyle heh. You shouldnt have any issues with that :).

+1 vote   mod: Freestyle
DarkJoka Mar 26 2005, 11:36pm says:

Think the mod died :(.

+1 vote   mod: Freestyle
DarkJoka Mar 25 2005, 1:13pm says:

Looks like you guys are serious about this mod unlike some that are not. Good luck with it ;).

+1 vote   mod: Troy: Divine Playground
DarkJoka Mar 25 2005, 10:31am says:

We need a Percentage update I read on your forums that your in alpha stage now. I hope thats true lol cause after alpha comes beta :) this mod looks good. Just like the other mods ;).

+1 vote   mod: Bloodthirst
DarkJoka Mar 24 2005, 1:18pm says:

This mod looks interesting be nice to actually see players in the vehicles.
I know thats a big down side in half-life 2. I hate not seeing players in the airboat and buggy :(.

+1 vote   mod: CarmaGordon
DarkJoka Mar 23 2005, 5:11pm says:

Maybe one of your maps could be in a street or alleyway.
I would map but I hate it so much it's just to boring I dont like it at all.
I tryed making a full map before but I just got bored and sick of it.
So if someone could do this idea that would be great :).

+1 vote   mod: BRAWL
DarkJoka Mar 22 2005, 10:17pm says:

Hey chrome are you looking for playtesters yet? Usally modders are looking around 40% ;) because its half done. If you are i'm willing to test the mod out for ya.

+1 vote   mod: Dash n Bash
DarkJoka Mar 22 2005, 12:50pm says:

Yeah your right it could be a good game if you get the right members. So far the modles look good keep up the good work :).

+2 votes   mod: Ninja Blade
DarkJoka Jul 14 2006, 6:05pm says:

Just umm wow nice job guys

+1 vote   article: Aye, PVKII Media Aye, me parrot concurs.
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