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Dark.Force @ A Sign Of Things To Come - The Galaxy

Actually at our point of divergence in Star Wars history, it could be the Empire, New Republic, or even the Corellians, depending on who you are.

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Dark.Force @ Official Roleplay Guide

These are excellent questions, and actually quite similar to some that were asked on the forums just the other day.

I think a simpler RP guide is an excellent idea. Seeing that I wrote this one, I'd be happy to write that one up as well. This one was sort of dense, I know - but it was meant to establish the rules and boundaries of our entire roleplaying structure, not just be an introductory guide.

Members of the Roleplaying/Lore team will also be dedicated to working with players on their stories, so there will be a good support system for anyone who needs writing advice, or for newer roleplayers just getting their feet wet.

As for people who don't really enjoy roleplaying: The simple answer is that while we strongly encourage players to participate in the roleplaying meta-game, it is by no means a requirement. Of course, the reason we strongly encourage roleplaying is that (which we establish in the guide) the RP will be able to directly influence events on the server.

Still, that does not require every player to actively participate in roleplay. We want players of all kinds to be able to get involved, whether they have zero interest in roleplay, or if it's their favorite thing ever. We're all about inclusion - how much the player wants to be involved is up to them.

The only things we'll ask of all our players is that they respect the server's roleplaying rules (i.e. no spamming chat channels with out of character messages), and that their character name isn't completely ridiculous.

I hope this addresses your concerns, and please don't hesitate to ask more.

Don't forget to register at if you haven't already!


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