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Dark Wars is currently going well I have been working on smaller mods to test my modding skills, and try a few things out. But here is what is done with Dark Wars, and what I still have to do.

Completed or almost completed things:
.Dark Progenitors, Kardarans, and The Beast are fully playable
.New UI is in place and working as it should
.New units have been added in for both the Hiigarans and the Vaygr, as well as new subsystems.
.The New flagship class is in place and working properly
.New unit caps for the Dark Progenitors are in place

Things that still need to be added in or completed:
.Unit Caps for the other races
.Technology gain for the Beast when they capture enemy production ships
.New Maps
.Singleplayer Campaign
.A fourth race (I'm thinking the Taiidan)
.Finished AI, still trying to understand how AI scripts
.Balanced Races

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