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.Corey. Dec 10 2011, 1:46pm replied:

The Chiss Ascendancy isn't in the mod. The only faction with Chiss in it in the mod is the Empire of the Hand, and they don't have nukes.

+4 votes     mod: Thrawn's Revenge
.Corey. Dec 10 2011, 1:42pm replied:

You get them automatically in a small amount (the amount shown) for conquering the planet. You do not get a free SSD which you would have to have just destroyed for conquering N'zoth, just some Thrustships. These are not meant to represent specific ships that would have had specific fates during the battle, just generic ships of the line.

+1 vote     media: Minor Faction Units for Major Factions
.Corey. Dec 10 2011, 1:41pm replied:

Thanks. In my defense, this was at the end of a 26 hour awaking-spree.

+3 votes     media: Minor Faction Units for Major Factions
.Corey. Dec 10 2011, 1:35am replied:

That's weird. Try re-extracting just that specific file.

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.Corey. Dec 10 2011, 12:26am says:

Thanks, it's appreciated.

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.Corey. Dec 9 2011, 9:58pm replied:

Go into the ICW/Data/Text and delete the _Spanish and _German files, then try.

+1 vote     mod: Thrawn's Revenge
.Corey. Dec 9 2011, 5:53pm replied:

Does it start and then crash or just plain not launch at all?

+2 votes     mod: Thrawn's Revenge
.Corey. Dec 8 2011, 7:09pm replied:

Every source I've seen has described them as atmospheric maneuvering stabilizers. Opening them in Space is pointless.

+3 votes     media: New Victory Star Destroyer Model
.Corey. Dec 8 2011, 7:00pm replied:

It's because the farther you go into the game, the more units the AI has and is moving around, which the base game's AI constantly does. We've been trying to limit it, but only so much can be done. Some of the larger GCs can be very taxing (especially on less powerful computers) because of this.

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.Corey. Dec 8 2011, 4:55pm replied:

More units/the unit list will be posted later; this isn't even meant to be in the upcoming version so starting to post information about the next version would just distract from 1.3. I will say that they are going to have ground units (otherwise it would be hard for them to hold planets), however they will not have the actual Ssi-Ruuvi themselves as units.

+1 vote     media: Vision of the Future
.Corey. Dec 8 2011, 4:50pm replied:

What changes would you suggest making? It's a star destroyer, which tends to mean trenches, hull plating and little else. Even adding the side stripes for team colours is really going beyond what the design calls for.

+1 vote     media: New Victory Star Destroyer Model
.Corey. Dec 8 2011, 7:04am replied:

The wings on a VSD are atmospheric stabilizers. They wouldn't ever be open in space.

+8 votes     media: New Victory Star Destroyer Model
.Corey. Dec 6 2011, 1:56pm replied:

Fair enough. I'll talk to Code about it. I wouldn't expect anything to soon if we decide to do it, though. There's a fair number of things that would need to be assembled.

Thanks for the vote.

+2 votes     mod: Thrawn's Revenge
.Corey. Dec 6 2011, 1:39pm replied:

The TR and FX people are and have always been the same people. FX was formed by TR staff using TR material. But anywho, if you go to the FX mod's page, you can still download the original version of it. The effects are slightly out of date now but it's basically what you're asking for. I don't see the point of us going through and compiling it all like that on its own again. I mean, there's very few people who are solely looking for something that improves the particles.

+1 vote     mod: Thrawn's Revenge
.Corey. Dec 5 2011, 9:10am replied:


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.Corey. Dec 4 2011, 7:45pm replied:

We've had some issues in the past and it *can* occasionally cause issues and general weirdness but it's not usually enough to break the game entirely when it does happen. It was mentioned as it's the only way to be sure of no interference, but for those who don't want to go through the hassle it's certainly not significant enough to be worth depriving yourself of either mod.

+1 vote     mod: Republic at War
.Corey. Dec 4 2011, 6:24pm says:

forrepublicatwar/anyone else confused about RaW with other mods (specifically Thrawn's Revenge):

Not to step on the toes of the RaW staff, but you don't have to uninstall RaW to use TR or vice versa, we (TR) have just suggested that people rename the Scripts and XML folders that RaW installs to the Data folder while playing other mods just to be safe, and rename them back when you want to play RaW. Neither RaW nor TR directly overwrites any files installed by the other, however since RaW does install AI changes to the Data folder there's a chance it will interfere with the other mod's AI, however more often than not it will not matter.

+1 vote     mod: Republic at War
.Corey. Dec 3 2011, 11:34pm says:

The one in the picture is this model (if that's what you mean by some time back). There haven't been any modifications to it, so if it looks different that's only because of environmental lighting and the different angle:

The original design is this:

+1 vote     media: New Ascendancy Model Ingame
.Corey. Dec 3 2011, 9:07pm says:

Always glad to help.

You said one word, but if it were me I'd wait. As awesome as it would be for people to get it now, I feel people would appreciate it more (as in enjoy) if they got the whole land section at once. I've always found that when you get a TC while there's still a lot remaining in the crossover it can district from your enjoyment of the initial playthroughs, and then when you do get the complete product you don't have the same "wow" factor as you would since you've already gotten that taste. Just my two cents.

+3 votes     article: Beta now or beta later?
.Corey. Dec 3 2011, 2:54pm says:

"Unknown" is just planets that lack a controlling faction at the start.

+2 votes     media: Into the Cluster Layout
.Corey. Dec 2 2011, 8:39pm says:

Hey guys, Flak patch will be up later tonight hopefully, same with an update with pictures of the Ascendancy and some other stuff. In the meantime, if you want to throw us a vote for MotY we'd appreciate it.

+3 votes     mod: Thrawn's Revenge
.Corey. Dec 1 2011, 3:35am says:

I'd say edit the main building texture. Bring it more in line with the other UNSC buildings with some of the standard dark green extended plating (I don't know what else to call it). As it is that bit looks a little bland, especially considering the size with the Hornets there, but the rest looks great.

+2 votes     media: Airpad
.Corey. Nov 30 2011, 11:38pm replied:

We appreciate the support, thanks.

+1 vote     mod: Thrawn's Revenge
.Corey. Nov 25 2011, 4:42am replied:

How about we try the idea that I'm here because I tend to spend more time on EaW mod pages than other mods, on account of how I mod EaW? This is hardly the first mod that's tried porting, and MDB has a long history of rejecting or taking down mods that do this.

I'm pretty sure warning you that your mod is almost certainly going to be taken down or given a C&D unless you get rid of the stolen content is valuable feedback, but whatever. I don't see how this could have been called yelling at you when it was just a warning. Sorry if you can't handle comments that aren't just "oh my god you've done such a good job porting those models!"

-2 votes     mod: Halo:The First Encounter
.Corey. Nov 25 2011, 12:14am says:

You do realise that the Game Content Usage Rules does not allow you to rip the models from the game like you have been doing?

"You can’t reverse engineer our games to access the assets or otherwise do things that the games don’t normally permit in order to create your Items."-MGCUR

The second MS finds out about this, it'll be pulled, and if you try to upload it to MDB it will be rejected.

-4 votes     mod: Halo:The First Encounter
.Corey. Nov 15 2011, 4:10pm replied:

Did you get the FoC graphical patch?

+1 vote     mod: Thrawn's Revenge
.Corey. Nov 15 2011, 1:24pm replied:

Go into mods\Imperial_Civil_War\Data\Text and delete the ones ending in _German and _Spanish

+1 vote     mod: Thrawn's Revenge
.Corey. Nov 6 2011, 10:09pm says:

The bat file will probably have installed into the C directory. You just have to move it from there to the proper D directory.

0 votes     download: Imperial Civil War 1.2 Installer
.Corey. Nov 6 2011, 11:43am replied:

The planet's been in the mod for like 5 years, this is just the new map.

+1 vote     media: Borleias
.Corey. Nov 5 2011, 2:21pm replied:

Except that this mod is entirely ports?

+1 vote     media: Master Chief Ingame
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