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Autumn Aurora 2

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What can i say? Misery is my fav mod for Call or Pripyat and AA2 at the moment is my favorite for ShoC! I love the attention spend on graphhics, immersion, weapons, items, music, inventory etc etc it's an amazing mod and when i saw it got released i almost passed out since i couldn't wait any longer!

Apart from a few crashes related to items in my inventory this mod feels very clean and even though i had to lower some settings the graphics are amazing. I'm not a graphics person but imo the stalker games should be maxed out or atleast played on high graphics settings to get the most out of it.




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I edited my old review after playing Misery 2.1.1

I will be honest release version of 2.0 wasn't great but not terrible either but it had bugs (as expected) and many people complained. Despite lots of negative feedback lots of people did enjoy the mod and the awesome guys here kept making updates and now we are at 2.1.1

It's great, better than before, new content, fixes and other minor stuff. This is the best misery version (imo) and one of the best mods out there. Despite the fact i had to start over from scratch (recon black road) i had tons of fun. The hobo stage is one of my fav parts of the game and mod. It was an intense, fun, difficult, rewarding playthrough but it also gave me headaches, a bit of stress and performance issues here and there. But the good stuff outweigh the bad stuff by a ton. Good job team i am looking forward to Misery 2.1.x or maybe even 3.0!

And a final word if you are looking for a game/mod that is based on surviving, lots of content/weapons and ''realism'' (everyone has their own idea of what is realistic and whatnot) then look no further than Misery. From using batteries for your pda/headlamp, cooking food, hunting for mutant parts and using their fur/pellets to fixing your guns with junk items and wep. parts this mod has it all!

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