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Popcorn Fish- Deployment Test

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Hello, DanqueDynasty here,I am coming to you to inform you that my (Swing’s) latest game will not be able to be released in full glory until 99% of bugs are solved. I know we have missed the April deadline and for that you have my apologies. This is my first game I have done alone. With that said, all you windows users are lucky. I would like feedback from you guys with this deployment test. While it is unfinished and the defining factor of the game implemented(damn bugs) , that won’t be stopping you from testing it out. Either send me your feedback via the msg system here on Tumblr, or email me personally @ natecgxpstudio@hotmail.comWindows:

Dev Vlog - Day 4 - Artificial Intelligence

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One that acts extremely dumbass. I got some simple AI going on in my game. Also at the same time learning the art of pixel art. This AI acts relatively simple, just seeks the player and all that nice stuff.


Started a dev blog

DanqueDynasty Blog 0 comments

I started writing my dev blog for my latest game currently under production, To view what I got simply go on to my tumblr: Here

I will be posting future dev blogs here, but for the sake of catchup- visit my tumblr. That is all.

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