I am a hardcore sci-fi fan and a big fan of the modding community that supports this trend. I also love the Nexus-TJI mods and will collaborate with the dev teams to improve them as much as i can.

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Dangerosu @ Happy New Year screenshots

Usually, in modern armies, snipers work in a 2-man team: the spotter and the gunner. Why not make the american sniper unit a two man team and give them the ability to mark targets for increased mortar and arty accuracy?

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Dangerosu @ Screenshot

I must have spent hours in this fleet config menu trying to figure out the best ship setup for each mission throughout the entire game.
Good thing i learned how to do it right.
To be honest, this is what most mods miss, because the ship setup is also part of the strategy of the game.
The basics:
Always get the fastest engines first.
Then get the best ECMs.
And always have an even balance of energy shell weapons and plasma rail guns. Lasers are **** because it takes too long to cripple a ship.
Don't ever get anti-hull rockets because in a long mission u will run out of rockets and then u will have useless weapon mounts gathering space dust.
Always leave the fighters at the end, as ship weapons and systems are far more important.
Have fun.

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Dangerosu @ Long Range Assault (28km distance)

Every time i replay Nexus i forget how the damn laser works. Then i remember it's got something to do with assigning a group of ships together and i eventually figure it out, again. Does that happen to u as well :D? I usually avoid using it, as i prefer all my ships to be mobile, but it comes in handy sometimes. I once killed the giant space insect queen because i forgot to turn off the SL command and i had to redo the whole mission :P.

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Dangerosu @ Screenshot

Hehe, i always called her Sowerwater cuz she is so sower :P

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Dangerosu @ Nexus: The Jupiter Incident

Yeah, just use the latest fighters, and pack the ship with them. I believe u have Flash Fighters by the Titan mission. If not just use the best fighter available at that moment. The Angelwing can house 4 fighter wings. Four wings should be enough to take out the blocker. But don't launch the fighters from the start location. If u launch too early they will be chewed up by the Gorg ships in the area. Use a manual nav point to approach the station at an angle while cloaked and deploy the fighters when u are parallel to the station and within 20 km.
To set up a manual nav point set the camera on the station, zoom out to a side where there are no Gorg patrols, zoom out until u have a full view of Titan (3-4 times) then bring the mouse cursor in the middle of the screen and press N.
U have just learned how to make nav points. They will help u out in other missions with few destinations to navigate to.
Good luck, Captain.

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Dangerosu @ Nexus - War of the Damned

Yes, i apologize for being so rough, i was tired and i seem to make bad posts when i am tired. I only meant it as feedback, but it came out wrong.
I realise it's the beta, i was just hoping for something a bit more playable. I will wait until u get a playable version of the campaign.
Sry about the rash review.
I want to make a campaign of my own, indeed, but i'm just getting started and i have no idea what tools i will need and where to get them. I have the Nexus Skirmisher but that is it. Perhaps u could give me some pointers on what i need to make a mission with titles, objectives, dialogues and ships :). I'm new but i want to learn as i love this game and i would like to make a campaign with the TJI models in my spare time.

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Dangerosu @ N:TAA Redemption

Wow, this mission was pretty cool, voice overs and all :). Unfortunately if the mission fails when u get discovered the game fades to black and freezes. Any idea why? I'm running on win 7.
Also, and this is nit picking, the "blind" areas at the nav points do not extend all around the asteroid, i was expecting the asteroid itself to cover the ship's energy signature so i plotted manual nav points around it and i still got discovered by the station even though i navigated around the asteroid. Is that a bug or a feature :)?
Tnx for this mission, it was fun ! Hope to see more missions soon, maybe 2011 is the magic year? I see the last post here is 2 yrs old and that concerns me :(... Are u still there?

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Dangerosu @ Nexus:The Aurora Affair

The ships look great and it's awesome that u went to the trouble of doing voice overs, even though they are a little corny :). Oh, and pls try not to keep the "krrrrk" noises in the comms, those are specific only to two-way radios that we used in the 20th century. Also, the WW2-like flak explosions are rly silly as there can't be any smoke in space since there is no atmosphere. I'm hoping u wont keep those :P.
I like that the mod actually has a decent story (unlike other mods out there) and u are a perfectionist as well so u always try to better your work, but it would be nice if u would release at least a skirmish mode so we can see the new ship models.
Keep up the good work, i can't wait to play the single player campaign :D !

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Dangerosu @ Nexus - War of the Damned

Well, i played it and i have to say it's pretty bad...
No story, no level design, no proper device names and no interesting gameplay whatsoever. This mod needs a lot of work...
First of all, don't throw the player directly in a firefight right out of the briefing, he won't even have time to understand what the hell is going on. Second of all, your missions have no timeline, no story, just get in and start shooting, and whoever has the best guns wins... This is a sci-fi game, but so far your missions lack any kind of fiction. Watch a few episodes of Star Trek or Stargate and at least try to make some kind of story before, during and after battles.
Your missions all look like simulators and that is not cool. The narative is missing completely. And pls fix the weapon names for the next version, it is confusing not knowing what weapons to use...
Good luck.

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Dangerosu @ Nexus: TJI - Fan group

Hi guys, i'm new on this site, but i'm a big fan of SF and Nexus and i've played it 3 times now :). I have recently discovered the modding scene for this game and am looking forward to try all the mods. How do i join the nexus fan group pls? (i'm a noob on this site :)

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Dangerosu @ Under Attack

Awesome picture. It looks exactly like the SGU episode.
Great job guys !

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