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Fortress Forever
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Mod Review on Jun 17th, 2012

FF is a great game, although it takes a while to get used to the bunnyhopping, and each class' traits and ways to use them effectively in each gamemode, I really do recommend you try it out!

Even if you aren't good at the game, and it can be a bit frustrating sometimes, if you are prepared to put about 10 hours in to learn it, you'll be really pleased with how the game plays. Just be aware, depending on what you've played before, and how you play in the first place can affect how long it'll take you to learn. I mean, I still haven't got great at the game, and be able to utilise everything and I've played for 1.5 years. But don't worry, I know some people who've played about a tenth of that, and are more capable than myself.

Because it uses the Source Engine, it's easy to make maps for too! If you've mapped for a HL2 mod before using the Source SDK, give making an FF map a go, and you may let the better players get to know about you a bit easier, and I'm sure you'll be a great addition to FF's diverse community.

If you want to look into FF, check the website & wiki (under 'manual' on the site), and as well as showing detailed information about the game, you can learn about integration from other Fortress games too.

Just be aware of when the most games happen, which is about 10pm GMT (you'll have to convert that to your country's time). But occasionally you can get a game in the day too. Just don't look for a few seconds, see that there's no-one playing, and just uninstall the game.

Remember to let people know you're new to the game, and we'll be happy to teach you the ways of FF.

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