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0 comments by Maniakk on Jan 5th, 2012

Hey everyone. First of all I want to let everyone know that the Demo for OWaRPGG will be out hopefully by next weekend and It will be the only thing you will be playing from Maniak gaming until it's full release! But don't worry as the demo is not very long it just shows the basics of the game like the towns, quests, sleeping, time, weather and such I will keep everyone updated on the game.
But if you want to really keep in touch with Maniak Gaming, OWaRPGG, and any games and mods I'm releasing in the future there's plenty of ways.(All links posted below) MAINLY by joining the Maniak Gaming website. You can also Like us on facebook, Follow us on twitter, watch the Maniak Gaming IndieDB page. and just recently I created a Maniak Gaming Tumblr. So feel free to join in and become Maniak Gaming's greatest fan. 
Also if you really want to know about OWaRPGG or just be it's biggest fan checkout the Facebook page, IndieDB page and the forums and official fan group on Maniak Gaming

MG website
IndieDB page
OWaRPGG Links:
IndieDB page
MG website forums
MG website Official group

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0 comments by Maniakk on Mar 6th, 2011

Well my friend made me an account and posted my current game as a suprise because I was trying to build hype with my game. So i suppose I should make the best of this website :) So heres my first nlog entry from the studio updates

With "Oh Wow an RPG Game" in production, I'm a bit busy to work on any other games although I am slowly working on a game that will be released possibly sometime before or after OWaRPGG. But it will be free and playable on Maniak Gaming website.
I will keep everyone posted on "Oh Wow an RPG Game" but it is still in very early production. I have a few videos up on youtube and the website I shall post them on this site. Also the deal with OWaRPGG is that the full version will be completely free but for $2 you get all updates that I will be making for the game. So the game will be almost endless.

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