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Black ICE Mod

Mod review

Everything's perfect. Except performance.

In Vanilla HOI3 I could reach "Danzig or War" event in an hour with my management.
In Black Ice I could reach this event in five hours. This is mostly because of all those lags throughout the end of the day.

But a huge amount of work has been put in this mod so every HOI3 fan should try this out and donate to modders.


Global Warfront

Mod review - 3 agree

This is great so far! Even if it is just some sort of alpha, it is great to play. I love the radios that are put throughout that forested map, the AEK Kobra is great and I am playing with it always. It got really nice shooting sound, reloading time and reloading animation.

What I would like to see in a new version:
- SSR should have its own vehicles, not chinese,
- SSR should have Dragunov, not chinese sniper rifle,
- Some new functions like customization of weapon would be nice, although I heard it is really complicated to make,
- More kits
- More russian player models, they should wear that combat titan helmet (cant remember the name)
- If it is desert map, make desert skins for vehicles, not sky blue
- Continue with this mod!