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DaFranker Dec 30 2008, 8:02pm says:

Both. There's an online and an offline version, the two being independent and separate mods.

+1 vote   mod: The Pofia Mod
DaFranker Dec 30 2008, 4:40am says:

I think you're using the word "think" way too lightly here. You really mean "suppose".

Of course, you're all wrong: it's the exterior toilet. Ancients REALLY liked their privacy, y'know.

+1 vote   media: Ragh!
DaFranker Dec 30 2008, 4:38am says:

Good screenshot, bad texture.

Macs are not for gaming, and HW2 is particularly evil on Mac, what with most of the settings and half the files working totally differently than the windows ones. Not to mention that I'm pretty sure none of them have a mac, which makes it nearly impossible for them to know what they do wrong when and if they do it wrong.

+1 vote   media: Ragh!
DaFranker Dec 30 2008, 4:36am says:

There will be, soon enough.

+1 vote   media: News in the 0.8
DaFranker Dec 29 2008, 9:54pm replied:

"Like in the show"... does that mean we can dial from any gate to any other game on the map? I'd assume that would be done by selecting your gate, then right-clicking another would "link" them together momentarily and unidirectionally, also activating the gate, allowing you to send ships through, and then it would close automagically thanks to some clever scripting.


+1 vote   mod: SSC
DaFranker Dec 29 2008, 9:51pm replied:

Mind you, *I* would actually LOVE to have some screenshots of the coding progress. Actually, snapshots would be even better. While we're at it, a live-feed of all code updates from an SVN source repository would be ideal. Yeah, basically, I want it all.

Oh, and I certainly wouldn't say no to actually having access to that SVN either, so that I could translate things as they go.

Yeah, you guys (and the girl) really need an SVN set up ;)

Oh, yeah, right, sorry, look who's talking. Still haven't made that tutorial I said I'd look into ^^

+1 vote   mod: SSC
DaFranker Dec 18 2008, 10:32pm says:

If you still need some help for scripting, I'm available. Contact info is in my profile, if needed. I'm somewhat inexperienced in dealing with FX/audio and such, but can easily find my way around ships, weapons, subsystems, turrets, AI, and a few other things.

I've also got a bit left in me of that "willingness to learn" that's gotten me this far, so I wouldn't say no to a dive or two in unknown files or custom gamerules.

+1 vote   mod: Homeworld 2: Crossfire
DaFranker Dec 16 2008, 10:40am says:

Retinal Ecstasy.

+1 vote   news: Volumetric explosions ver 1.0 released
DaFranker Oct 27 2008, 8:26pm says:

Whoa, that certainly looks awesome! Better access to information is certainly not something anyone's going to complain about...

+2 votes   media: Enhanced Description Box
DaFranker Oct 24 2008, 7:28pm replied:

You can't really claim rights to the SMOD: Tactical code, what with the whole engine being legally owned by Valve and all that. Plus, how does it hurt YOU that they use your code (which is proof that they believe your code is GOOD, since they use yours instead of any other) to improve their mod and achieve their goals? If they didn't use your mod as a base, they would just have to re-code the entire thing by themselves, which is pointless since that's called re-inventing the wheel. The end result would probably be the same anyways, so this way they just end up saving a lot of work to achieve the exact result they wanted.

You already built an awesome, top-of-the-line tactical gameplay system with SMOD: Tactical, with gameplay realism that next-gen games have a hard time equaling, let alone outclassing. Why do you want to restrict that goodness only to one single mod, instead of allowing it to be spread out a little bit? The ideal solution here would be coming to an arrangement with the developers of this mod so that they can use your code while giving you credits, and you get to have a spot as a quality consultant so you can make sure they don't turn your mod into something ridiculously ugly and can also see the ideas they have for improving it so you can implement them in your own mod if you want to.

+4 votes   mod: The Fright Project
DaFranker Jul 13 2008, 1:31pm says:

I wonder how people can give this mod such a low rating, when it has *not even been released*.

People, this is a *beta*. Beta versions are *not complete*. You're judging harshly on something that you simply cannot consider and compare as a full product. It's been released so that people can test it, report bugs, and have a better idea of what the game *will look like in the future*.

Giving low ratings to this WORK IN PROGRESS mod will only discourage the hard-working volunteers who gave you this release and deter future users from even taking a look at the mod once it is *really* released because of a low rating! In short, you're pushing back the release date, putting a mod in peril, and diminishing the player base, all because you think this mod looks bad because it is NOT FINISHED.

Personally, knowing what goes into the production of a mod like this, considering the timeframe, considering that this is a beta version, and looking at all that's been done so far, I can't give any other rating than 10/10. Great work!

+2 votes   mod: Stargate: Legacy Beta1
DaFranker Mar 2 2008, 6:10pm says:

This is not the latest version, but it works well and is quite good. Give it a shot.

+1 vote   mod: Freespace: A New Age
DaFranker Aug 17 2007, 9:40pm says:

I believe you haven't quite made your mod visible enough. The public wants content and doesn't want flash, granted, but flash is what actually gets the attention in the first place.

In order to have more "flash", there are multiple things you could do:

1 - Get some visual art done and posted. It's the most efficient way of getting people to help out. I know, however, that it's not easy for anyone, but you should try to get a friend or someone else to do at least some concept art pretty darn fast -- it's the most important thing you need whenever starting a new mod of this scale.
2 - Elaborate on the story. I have absolutely nothing against what I see, and I would like it, but there's not quite enough to it for me to like it.
3 - Start working on the project. As you said, you shouldn't work out for any length of time if there's not going to be any interest in the mod. However, there's one thing to keep in mind: interest will always spark up in projects that already have something done, and it's much easier to get help once the mod is well underway.
4 - Give us a quick run-down of the kind of features the mod will sport. Special and original weapons? A creepy atmosphere that will make your skin crawl? Hordes of relentless and cruelly intelligent aliens? Tactical gameplay with heavy teamwork aspects involving your own squad of computer-controlled space marines? Just throw us your ideas.

Now that that's out of the way, I would be glad to help out getting this project started. I will go ahead and post my application on the forums shortly.

My post above may sound rash, but I wouldn't be saying all this if it didn't matter to me. I hate seeing mods that have potential and actually good concepts go down the drain for lack of support and simply not being visible enough. Besides, I can help with most of the points I've stated above. Of course, I won't be involving myself unless there's going to be other people working on this too, so I'd like to know what kind of abilities you have. There's nothing wrong with people who are still learning, either, but you've got to be certain you're ready to invest time and effort into it.

+1 vote   mod: Live Hard Kill Harder
DaFranker Jun 14 2007, 3:07pm says:

To those wondering where they can download this; sorry, but there's currently no way to get it, unless you can get a copy straight from the devs for testing purposes. The official site does state that there is no current release date. I assume that the project was not completed at the estimated release date because of the departure/inactivity of their JASSer and Sound Engineer.

+1 vote   mod: Project Apocalypse
DaFranker Nov 25 2006, 8:52pm says:

For any who'd still be wondering, or for any who'd just stumbled across this mod, I need to inform you that Borg Wars is, in effect, pretty much dead. The idea still hangs around that MJCS and/or I might still revive the mod sometime in the future, but it's only a remote possibility.

+1 vote   mod: Half-Life 2: Borg Wars
DaFranker Oct 22 2005, 10:10am says:

Hehe, just dropping by to tell you all that, Borg Wars is not dead, as some might think. We've been having some trouble lately releasing some content, but we'll be sure to get out something soon for your eager eyes. We've also got a few surprises for you in planning, so stay tuned for hints that might tell you what they are! (Yeah, I love riddles and hidden stuff ;) )

+1 vote   mod: Half-Life 2: Borg Wars
DaFranker Sep 7 2005, 8:54pm says:

Read the evil Help Wanted. Now. Even if you don't have any skills at all in mod-making, read it. Now. Especially the PR one.

+1 vote   mod: Half-Life 2: Borg Wars
DaFranker Aug 24 2005, 6:47pm says:

Well hi everyone, I'm Borg Wars' main writer and PR manager, and I've been working on this mod for almost a year now... well, "working", since there's been a good amount of time where the mod was half-dead and praying to be finished off... But happily that didn't happen. Borg Wars is (slowly) starting to wake up. In, what, five or six days, we recruited something like 7 new members in the team. Not a bad ratio eh?

Anyways, check out our forum and website, we've had more posts in the last week than we've had in three months before that. And some of the stuff we get to see behind the scenes here are just kickass work. Almost makes paramount look like "n00bs".

Also, please note that there is a large update coming soon for september, and that we will be beginning to update much more regularly, as we now have stuff to talk about, lots of it, and some damn good work to show off ;).

Also, for those who would like to help with this mod, I am updating the Help Wanted requests, but if there is anything else you think you might help with (yes, EVEN if you're a mapper, we *COULD* still get you in the staff...;) inside joke, don't try to understand:D), don't hesitate to contact me or MJCS, it'll be a pleasure to talk with you. Contact information can be found in my profile or on the website.

+1 vote   mod: Half-Life 2: Borg Wars
DaFranker Dec 3 2004, 3:49pm says:

Just, more maps. More maps, more weapons, more gamemodes, and then all the HL community trills and becomes happy. Which means more players and better servers come with them, too.

+1 vote   poll: With Half-Life2 Deathmatch Out! Would You Change Anything?
DaFranker Oct 7 2004, 7:26pm says:

Dear readers:

I totally agree with Jimi. There have been multiple events in the past where I myself felt that kind of hesitation, almost like repulsement towards your own projects and obejectives, and that it takes you almost ten minutes to just to manage to double-click that damned internet explorer icon, and ten more to enter the address of your own website. And, as indicated in this very tutorial, 99% of those projects of mine have drowned. Now, having drowned like that so many times, I know what to expect from myself, and have lately managed to get past that barrier in multiple fields, namely in a school project which two years ago I would never have finished, but that I managed to do, just one week ago.

The main thing is, speaking from experience, to RATIONALISE your work when you come up to that stage. Just, go take a walk, go sleep, calm yourself, get out your energy. But, try avoiding those nasty TVs and those nasty other mods that lurk in every corner, and that will hook you, and make you drop your current project for the "newest and most innovative other idea just-because-it's-different-from-what-I'm-working-on" thing. Then, go somewhere else, away from anything else, in peace, sit down, and start thinking. Planify everything you have to do, make sure not to forget anything, and NOTE IT, I repeat, NOTE IT. Many of my own projects failed at this very stage because I had everything going good, but I forgot to take notes on how to organise myself and on what to do. After that, keep going, but take your time, bit-by-bit everyday, and when you have "the ultimate ruxorz idea that-I-must-do-now", just write it in keywords on some piece of paper, think of it deeply, talk about it with someone else, and get all the feedback you can from yourself or another person from as many points of view as possible. Then, you can go on for doing this idea, once you are in your planned work time for new ideas, which you "of course" have already in your mind and would not even need me to say it right now, do whatever you need to get your idea started and communicated to the other team members, who can in turn give feedback. The most wonderful thing with mods is that even the most structured and definitive, permanent mod, can be changed at some point, by anyone. Take advantage of it.

Now, just a side-note, I am not a great mod director, project manager or anything. I am just someone trying to learn by helping others, and who is making as many errors as ever imaginable by any conscient being, and who hopes to learn even more from those. Feedback, comments and questions regarding this would be welcome. And I know this might not be the best place to post such a thing, but as you should have guessed, I am making as much errors as possible, and trying to learn from them.


+1 vote   tutorial: Making a successful modification
DaFranker Oct 7 2004, 6:48pm says:

Well, this was a very good tutorial. Although I already read one of the kind a while ago, it did help remember how to manage a team, and I'll probably need to keep this noted as a reference, as one of my friends and myself are starting a mod together, and right now I'm trying to get as much information of this kind as possible. Looks like I have one subject less to look for. Thanks again.

+1 vote   tutorial: PR Do's and Don'ts
DaFranker Oct 7 2004, 6:33pm says:

Very good explanations and expression of your point of view. I agree with what you're saying. I am right now starting a mod for BattleField 1942 with one of my friends, and those points are taken note of. And, thanks for putting some good sites to hang around, I guess I'll go and take a look around them, just to familiarize. One suggestion here, though: Team meetings are sometimes impossible. Because you know, people might live in other timezones, and that would mean for example someone in Germany could not get up in the middle of the night to get at a team meeting of a few people living in west coast america. Thus, what I will probably do is: make some table of activity, maybe automated using PHP if I ever get the time to do it, or maybe just manually on a web page, that would show when is the last time a team member logged on, when is the last time he has shown proof of progress, and when is the last check-in that he did. This system, combined with convocations that I will do to inactive people, should probably push enough to keep the members up, and I hope it might get results as good as with team meetings as you propose, without the problem of timezones.

I look forward to reading more tutorials from you, very nice first try, very comprehensive, and informative enough to give it a 10/10! :)

+1 vote   tutorial: Management 101 - Source for Noobies.
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