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DaFranker Aug 5 2009, 10:30am replied:

This mod will only work on Homeworld 1.1. If you have Homeworld 1.0, then it *will* crash.

+1 vote   mod: SSC
DaFranker Aug 4 2009, 9:21am says:

To OP: There are technical limitations behind why the cannons of the in-game battlestars are distributed like this. For one, the cannons use CPU-heavy algorithms to look for valid targets, and if you have another cannon right next to it, the meshes of that other cannon will be added to the computations, and another object also swirling around looking for targets is bad, because then both of them have to take into account the other cannon's constant swirling around and this would add to the computations.

Basically, it's the inverse of what you put in the picture: Left = GOOD, right = BAD, from a lag-creation standpoint.

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DaFranker Aug 4 2009, 9:15am says:

Meh, that's what attack-move and Suppression stance are for ;)

+1 vote   media: Last bits of Galactica
DaFranker Jul 23 2009, 5:50am replied:

O.o That would make for an awesome early upgrade! If that makes sense in the NS2 gameplay design, of course. To have an early upgrade to this awesome weapon (and I speak in terms of conceptual design, since it's obviously not that powerful, what with the damage taking time to build up) that allows it to stun enemies for even an instant or drain their special abilities would be really cool. Or even a non-early upgrade, but I feel that that might throw NS2 back into an "exponential growth" power curve where the more advanced into the game and upgrade/tech/resource you are the more you can totally rape the earlier game elements (which is obviously not desired in a FPS environment).

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DaFranker Jul 13 2009, 4:39am replied:

Yes, the problem with the ships' health is being solved on another end. I didn't actually create any of this mod (merely helped with some stuff, such as finding the team an SVN server to work on), and now I'm working on the translation.

While most (if not all) of the team behind the production of SgSC are indeed native French speakers, I myself natively speak both English and French. I'd personally prefer to play this game in English, which is partly why I decided to sign up as a translator for this mod in the first place.

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DaFranker Jul 10 2009, 2:31am says:

For those asking for an English version: Fear not, you have not been forgotten. I was off working on other projects until this version was ready, and it took a little delay before I came back here to see that the version was already almost-released. Then ShitHappened™ and my internet wouldn't let me access the SVN files. Then the SVN server went down. All in all, problems were abundant until now. I've finally gotten a hold of the files myself, and now I'm already working on re-organizing stuff to support multiple languages. Once that's done, I'll get started on the translation right away.

If anyone who has a basic understanding of French would be willing to help translate this mod, please contact piper and/or myself.

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DaFranker Jul 10 2009, 2:24am replied:

Yes, I'm a prick, because I say things bluntly to which no one agrees. I've actually tried doing that texturing stuff before, and you know what? It's hard. Yup.

I'm not trying to "justify" the "bad textures" or wrapping here. The person made a generic comment about "better textures" in general, without precisions. I made a generic ranting response about the fact that, in general, without precisions, better textures = bigger file sizes and higher memory requirements. People started bashing on me for it? Okay, so they disagree with truth, then?

I don't see where I'm that much of a prick. Person says the textures need to be improved. I respond that people can choose between the current texture quality or higher requirements, because that's how it generally is. Someone responds that he "probably" meant something else, UV wrapping. I respond that yes, UV wrapping in particular needs work, but clarify that it is not a generic texture problem but rather a particular one about the wrapping, which has different impacts and is not solved in the same manner. I also mention that it's possible that the problem is already being solved.

Then I'm called a prick. And ratings flock to agree. Gee, quite mature there.

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DaFranker Jul 10 2009, 2:13am replied:

Railgunner, at current rate, a fully bilingual English-French release should be available within three weeks.

+1 vote   mod: SSC
DaFranker Jul 7 2009, 4:09am replied:

The AI has been the plague of this mod for decades. For some people, it still doesn't work no matter what. For some others though, setting the AI on "expert" helped.

+1 vote   mod: SSC
DaFranker Jul 7 2009, 12:37am replied:

Well, if you've got car models with proper FO3 meshes, textures, animations and mapping, I could probably rig them to be drivable, using some of the resources out there. The thing is, where the *hell* will you drive it?

There really is no point in having a car to drive around in a wasteland. Get a motorcycle. There are already mods that do that.

+1 vote   mod: Fallout 3 Reborn: A Realism Mod
DaFranker Jul 7 2009, 12:34am says:

Haha, in this particular case I have no idea where they took the "Classic" in that mod's name. It's just a bunch of weapons. Maybe it's weapons that were present in previous Fallout games? Who knows. I only played the first mission of Fallout Tactics myself, never touched the first two.

I just got Fallout 3 because in the pre-release "hype", people were saying it would end up being Oblivion with guns, and I thought that that would actually be pretty damn cool. xD

+1 vote   feature: Fallout 3 Reborn V6 New Features
DaFranker Jul 6 2009, 10:15pm says:

Also, I haven't checked the modfiles in-depth yet so I may be missing something critical and/or making myself sound stupid here, but have you considered making "recommended" mergers?

For instance, you could take the Classic Fallout Weapons mod and integrate it with yours, giving credit, or recommend it, along with giving an additional esp that would patch the CFW changes to fit your mod better. This is just an example, I'm not saying you should use CFW or anything (though I am currently trying the game with both enabled, along with a bunch of other utility mods).

+1 vote   feature: Fallout 3 Reborn V6 New Features
DaFranker Jul 6 2009, 9:52pm says:

Haha, I can't believe that this was actually necessary for anyone.


+1 vote   media: How to install the "textures" and "meshes" folders
DaFranker Jul 3 2009, 2:25am says:

I love how much this mod is not a Fallout3-flavored remake of a popular Oblivion mod ;)

No, no, seriously; New weapons and corresponding ammo: Cool. New items: Really cool. New quests and buildings: Awesome.

+1 vote   feature: Fallout 3 Reborn V6 New Features
DaFranker Jul 2 2009, 7:15pm says:

"A mod that fails to be as crappy as it wishes it were."


+1 vote   media: Fallout 3 Reborn Version 5 Trailer
DaFranker Jul 2 2009, 7:13pm says:

Regarding explosions and destructiveness: For optimal realism/fun, I would recommend making AMMUNITION explosive, but not FUEL. Basically, if you start shooting at a small ammunition cache loaded with various weapon rounds, complete with casing (casing which contains highly explosive material, which is used to propel the bullet itself - obviously), it WILL blow up. If you shoot a car's gas tank, nothing will happen other than gas will leak out.

Basically, just go with things that seem "right" or make sense. But yeah, I vote for destructible stuff. ^^

+1 vote   media: Fallout 3 Reborn V5 Developer Interview
DaFranker Jul 2 2009, 6:54pm replied:


Kidding. I actually agree with you on this one. You changed the environment and the game more than enough to warrant this change. Plus, "Nuka-Cola" sounded cheesy anyways ;)

Good work there. This mod's pretty cool.

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DaFranker Jun 29 2009, 10:13am replied:

You're right. However, that's a wrapping issue about how the texture is applied to the model, not the texture itself (nor the mesh). Things like that are also to be expected, just like other types of bugs or errors. I think I saw someone on the dev forums saying they were already working on fixing the UV wrapping for the new ships, though don't take my word for it.

+1 vote   news: Reborned
DaFranker Jun 29 2009, 10:11am replied:

Last I heard, yes, the Ancients were fixed. At least, I saw no problems with them the last time I tried them.

+1 vote   news: Reborned
DaFranker Jun 29 2009, 10:10am replied:

They're obviously using the Cs:S material as placeholder until they've completed their own. After all, it *is* the most thematic and appropriate reference material they could ever find ;)

0 votes   media: alpha-test-2
DaFranker Jun 29 2009, 10:08am replied:

Some of the team members made great effort so that the game is at least balanced to a minimum, so that you're not forced to play both the same race to have a "fair" multiplayer match. However, as this is still technically an alpha version, you have to expect things to be broken.

+1 vote   news: Reborned
DaFranker Jun 29 2009, 10:04am replied:

You mean the replicators? If so, one of the main reasons I've seen mentioned is that they can't be portrayed realistically in the game -- their modus operandi is to invade and assimilate enemy vessels then modify them to suit their needs. We've only seen one or two of their own "ships" all in all. Otherwise, they simply copy the Ancients' designs.

I think it's for these and a variety of other reasons that made implementing them and making them properly playable impossible in this game.

+1 vote   mod: SSC
DaFranker Jun 29 2009, 4:31am replied:

Actually, since Chuck Norris is obviously hiding inside that missile, I believe the expression "Person who sold his/her soul to the God-Inside-The-Missile wins" would be more accurate.

+2 votes   media: New version part 2
DaFranker Jun 29 2009, 4:29am says:

Of course it isn't. You guys might not see it, but there's a lot of stuff constantly happening with the mod. I see SVN updates getting posted to my mail inbox (I'm the administrator of the SVN used for developing the mod, so I get emails whenever there are commits uploaded to it) about once a week on average -- and most of the time they're fairly large updates.

I suppose this place does need to be updated more often with more news, though ;)

+1 vote   mod: SSC
DaFranker Jun 29 2009, 4:18am says:

Me want Sandvich!

Also, I can help with any text-related work, including but not limited to: text editing and revising, translation (english-french only for now -- my grasp of other languages is not sufficient for me to ensure quality translation), writing (story or otherwise), scripting and basic coding. Keep the server-side and engine sourcecode files far away from me, though. I'm still a long way from being even capable of understanding any of them.

+1 vote   blog: Clarifying
DaFranker Jun 29 2009, 4:14am says:

Eh? Wasn't the Enterprise in there ages ago? Or was that just me confusing between two different versions?

+1 vote   mod: SSC
DaFranker Jun 29 2009, 3:29am replied:

56er: Yes, yes, of course you would. And then you would pit a few hundred of those newly retextured in 2048x2048 with mipmaps and heightmaps and 3.0shaders ships firing high-particle-count pixel3.0'd ion beams along with literally thousands of tiny "shell" meshes, plus the high-quality background and the map decorations, all on your screen being processed and re-drawn thirty times per second.

Sorry; for one, Homeworld2's engine doesn't allow for such extravagant things. For two, I don't think all of the target audience for this mod sports SLI'd GeForce 285s or Crossfire'd Radeon HD 4870s.

Of course, I understand that you'd ideally want better-looking textures that are the same size. Yes. Of course. Well, why don't you join the team and make those textures? Actually making good-looking textures in low resolution is much harder than it would seem. I'm already amazed that they've managed to keep this much quality with the makeshift setup, tools and materials they're working with. I'm not saying that your comment is misplaced, but I'm trying to aggressively point out the fact that better looking textures requires A) more talented texture artists (as in, VERY talented) or B) higher-resolution textures, which can have a huge impact on game performance.

Lower-res textures for the ships, or shoddy FPS? Pick your poison.

-2 votes   news: Reborned
DaFranker Mar 16 2009, 12:20pm says:

New screenshots for y'all by the awesome Webzlinger ;)

+1 vote   mod: SSC
DaFranker Mar 8 2009, 11:48am says:

*yawns loudly*

Does all this ruckus mean I have to get back to translating the mod? Grah! :P

+1 vote   mod: SSC
DaFranker Feb 26 2009, 10:13pm replied:

It is. Watch the video.

+3 votes   feature: Editors' Choice: Best Multiplayer Mod
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