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GG_trainbattle is a small, fast-paced map for Counter-Strike: Source that takes place on top of and inside of 3 trains moving along side each other.

Video is a bit outdated but it gets the job done


dafatcat Blog

GG_nuketown is based on the Call of Duty Black Ops map with the same name. It is not a complete remake, as the interiors of the houses are different, but its layout and overall feel is about the same.

Within the first minute of each round, an airplane will drop a care package somewhere in the center of the map. These care packages serve as a way to bring people to the middle of the arena for more frantic gameplay. The first player to open the care package will be given a randomly chosen reward. The crates contain special grenades (2 flashbangs and a smoke grenade), an airstrike that obliterates the opposing team, and the ability to man a helicopter's minigun turret. While these do not count toward your own score, they will bring your victims down 1 level (in Gun Game) each time they die.

NOTE: This is meant to be played on online servers, not with bots.
Building a .nav file will crash the game. I am working on making a .nav file.


AI! Now in technicolor!

dafatcat Blog 13 comments

So I made an AI system for stealth using hammer's logic entities...

If their sprite is green, they do not know where you are and have not heard anything suspicious.
If they are in the orange state, they haven't spotted you, but they have heard gunshots.
If they turn red, it means they have directly spotted you.

After 10 seconds of not hearing anything or seeing you, they will revert from the orange or red states back to the green state and forget about you.

Steampunk Gadgetry and Shantytowns

dafatcat Blog 6 comments

ab_rundown for Abandoned

Steampunk health dispenser

Steampunk manhack dispenser


dafatcat Blog 6 comments

Have you ever wanted to fling electrically charged balls at your friends in a zero gravity arena? Have you ever wanted to play a game with only ONE hand? Have you ever wanted to enjoy a healthy bout of ball-based humor? Well then GraviNULL is the mod for you!

GraviNULL a1.0 Client Full Installer

GraviNULL a1.0 Client Full Zipped

I've been mapping for a year now...

dafatcat Blog 5 comments
Some mapping practice

Spanish style hotel - cafe

More Mapping Practice

An island

For Maggot

sum moar mappin

A bridge

Water relects things

I've been playing with the Hammer editor for a year now, and I still haven't released jack shit.
The extent of my work has been making little set pieces (of which you can see some in chronological order of when I made them) and writing one (poorly written) mapping tutorial. Oh well...

The internet.

dafatcat Blog 9 comments

It's serious business.

blog blog blog blog blog blog blog blog blog blog blog blog blog blog blog blog blog blog blog blog blog blog blog etc.

Life Changing Piece of Musical Genius

dafatcat Blog 1 comment

The most amazing song ever conceived by a human being.

This mastery of lyrics and musical prowess has touched my heart like nothing I've ever heard before. Become enlightened by some of the most inspirational art on the planet. Please, spread the love. Send this to all of your friends, family, and even your bovine significant other.

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