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As far as turning SoC into a game, I'm at a loss. I still have next to no experience with making even FLASH games, so I'm turning to other media to get my ideas out.

My most recent stuff is being posted on DeviantArt rather than moddb as i've moved away from the video game idea.

Zæ 'clan update

Daemonkiller117 Blog

Finally nailed down what i'm doing with the Zæ 'clan.

General: Organic looking (think Mon-Calamari from Star Wars), mostly small craft. Large craft tend to be the largest in existance, and minimally armed (colony craft and Supercarriers). Use of advanced alloys and stealth technology common. Direct fire fire weapons there, but rarely used. Prefer use of mines and remote torpedoes.

Small craft:
Fighter: Fa'zen, use of plasma beams and EMP as primary weapons
Bomber: unnamed, launches stand off range Anti-matter Conversion torpedoes
Scout/Corvette: Unnamed, no weapons other than an anti-meteor and Anti-Missile defense plasma lancers. Stealth System with infinite duration unless damaged, weapon can fire while stealthed allowing for removal of mine fields and missiles. This is not advised in combat as the lance can be traced back
Frigate chassis: Still in progress

Large craft:
Colony ship(mothership):Ben'Tar, primary production ship. armed for self-defense only.
Super carrier: Ben'mar, Modular, can carry between 20 to 40 squads of fighters, Carries Dreadnaughts into battle
Dreadnaught: Work in Progress

Ready, Set...DEVELOP!

Daemonkiller117 Blog

Hello! If you are reading this, I have ceased to be Forever Alone.

I want to start creating a Homeworld 2 mod titled Soldiers Of Chaos, but i have almost no experience in game development. I have concepts and backstory handled, but for everything else...HELP!

For those who are curious here are the factions, as the backstory is fairly detailed:

United Earth Republics: Based off the modern US Navy in structure, they favor straight clean lines and advanced weapons and technology.

Coalition of Independent Planets: Military Government, heavy armor and brute strength are the way to go. No ships larger than destroyer due to lack of resources in home system.

Zæ 'clan: Feline Humanoids, still in basic concept stage. Trans-dimensional travelers, craft are extremely advanced, prefers the stealth approach

If you want to help PM me!

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