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The Forgotten plus some Duke talk

Daedolon Blog 2 comments

The Forgotten

I began writing more tracks for The Forgotten, I'm hoping Requiem has time to check them out so I will know if I should continue fine tuning them.

What I'm trying to bring out to The Forgotten, is beautifully painted piano landscapes played as interludes in certain areas of the game -- although it's completely up to Requiem how he decides to use them (if at all, but I hope this will not be the case).

Here's two samples available:

Duke Nukem 3D

I've been really busy with all my musical projects and life, that I haven't had honestly any time to work on my Duke 3D mods at all. I know people are interested in hearing more about my SWAT and Zombie mods, perhaps someone has even seen my unfinished maps.

Since christmas is coming and I personally don't celebrate it, I might find some time to work on something Duke related, but don't get your hopes up. This is the curse of having too much interesting stuff (to myself, at least) to do. But I'm hoping you guys eventually get to play my mods and hear my music in some mods.

Plus to my own personal mods, I should be working on C2G as well. Since I assume we got the physics done, thanks to DT, we should start working on the enemies so we can start testing out stuff and perhaps mapping as well.

I've got also either a campaign or just few separate maps in progress for Blood, some of you guys over The Postmortem might've seen a screenshot or two.

That leaves me with alot to do and not much time to do it.

PS. I hope you guys enjoyed Zombie Crisis. Although my work on it was very minimal, I enjoyed working on it.

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