My name is Peter and I'm Brazilian. Basically, I try to survive each year by being as sympathetic and insightful as I can. I'm a huge fan of Star Wars, LotR, Dragon Age, Mass Effect, history and a bit of math, besides literature, Football and geography. I also mod Neverwinter Nights 1 and am currently working on the ToaFR saga, besides a few side projects.

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Assassin's Mod

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Worst. Mod. Ever.

Death to all trolls.



Mod review

I was thinking of giving this a "9", but after re-visiting the Campaign, that is still, sadly, a W.I.P, I decided to give this a ten. Look, if you think Edain is better than this, I say it's pretty much the same fun factor level in both, but RJ-ROTWK is in english XP!


Sins of a Solar Empire

Game review

One of the best strategy games ever, period.


Republic at War

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Very nice mod. The units that have been added are great, and the new systems too, but I believe you'll only like this if you're truly a RTS junkie.


Fallout 3

Game review

Knights Of The Force

Mod review

The Dark Times

Mod review


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The first time I ever played an Elder Scrolls game was when I bought Oblivion for the PC. Although at first I was a bit lost in the enormous world presented to the player, the quests and the rewarding experience of wandering around seeking treasures was more than enough to present me to one of the most immersible and memorable settings in an RPG.

Quests: 9/10
Sometimes you`ll be wishing that you could have more agency on what you do in the game, but the sheer amount and cleverness of quests quickly compensates for that.
Lore: 10/10
Few games have ever presented such a well-tied together lore (except for the ending of Daggerfall, if you know what I mean)
Landscape 10/10
Terrific, that`s all I have to say.


Neverwinter Nights

Game review - 2 agree

Excellent rpg, with solid gameplay and breathtaking building tools. A must have for any rpg lover.


Aurora Engine

Engine review - 1 agrees

Excellent toolset. I was impressed by the array of features it had and the amount of customization it could receive.