What can be said about me? I'm a french freelance-ey modder/programmer/modeller deeply fan of Ace Combat and other atmospheric games of the same vein. Most likely the first one to have ever modded Vector Thrust ( something I don't want to be proud of ), I'm trying to help as much as I can on every subject and end up being very polyvalent and multitasking. Yes, I'm a furry, but have no interest in the fursuit / furry pride side, I want to stay in a safe zone that doesn't bother anybody. I have no form of diploma of any kind, have had school phobia, which led me to a path of self-taught attitude. Though, I can still be prone to mistakes, which makes me rely on others for support. However, when I'm fired up, willing and ready to do something, it WILL be done.

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AC Infinity: What's now, what's next?

AC Infinity: What's now, what's next?

Aug 22, 2012 Ace Combat Infinity 3 comments

A global impression of what Ace Combat Infinity has become, and what's to expect for later.

Tutorial: Custom Skins for airplanes

Tutorial: Custom Skins for airplanes

Jun 28, 2012 Ace Combat Infinity 0 comments

This is a tutorial I wrote in, I hope, simple and clear english, so non-english speaking people can understand it at least read bits of it; this tutorial...

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