What can be said about me? I'm a french freelance-ey modder/programmer/modeller deeply fan of Ace Combat and other atmospheric games of the same vein. Most likely the first one to have ever modded Vector Thrust ( something I don't want to be proud of ), I'm trying to help as much as I can on every subject and end up being very polyvalent and multitasking. Yes, I'm a furry, but have no interest in the fursuit / furry pride side, I want to stay in a safe zone that doesn't bother anybody. I have no form of diploma of any kind, have had school phobia, which led me to a path of self-taught attitude. Though, I can still be prone to mistakes, which makes me rely on others for support. However, when I'm fired up, willing and ready to do something, it WILL be done.

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Wheaton_Adams Aug 10 2015 replied:

That's actually proper to each fighter jet's config file in the game, and, you can override it in the options menu any time. Sorry for the uberlate reply @.@

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Wheaton_Adams Jul 31 2015 says:


As of 07/31/15, the official Incubator build of VT now has a change regarding missile behavior that very closely resembles that of this mod.
Since it is now officially in-game, rather than a mod, I invite everyone who supported this mod to switch to the Incubator build rather than keeping on using this.
You don't need this mod any longer, switch to Incubator! It's now changed officially in-game! MSSLs actually hit in the non-modded game now!

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Wheaton_Adams Jul 24 2015 replied:

Please note that in no case I altered SP missile performance, only the "default weapon" stock missiles, the "MSSL". For SP weapons, nothing's been changed on purpose. As for MIRV... I think nobody's done it before... Maybe for a reason. I don't know.

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Wheaton_Adams Jul 23 2015 replied:

No, I'm not sure this is what's happening. The problem is that so many people see VT as an AC succcessor, and expect their experience and play style to translate from AC to VT eaasily enough, except the missiles do not follow that pattern, but everything else does. It's frustrating to feel like you're playing ace combat and have fun and all, until you realize the missiles miss too easily because they work off of era-based realistic behavior. In AC, all planes from all time eras have MSSLs that behave the same way, and it's the craft's performances that are important; here with this mod, if you're using an old or new fighter, in both cases, the SAME situation will give the SAME results in terms of MSSL performances. Not different based off of the age of the missiles.

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Wheaton_Adams Jul 12 2015 replied:

He fears missiles will behave like in ACAH: They play the game for you. Which isn't the case.

Some people just don't like how firing two missiles at a target where in AC it would connect, but here, it would miss. And I understand that.

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Wheaton_Adams Jul 11 2015 replied:

Due to designed parity between the player and the AI which is beyondd my control, yes. In battle scenario / multiplayer / skirmish, damage at at 1:1 scale in both ways, but in campaigns, it can be altered.

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Wheaton_Adams Jul 2 2015 replied:

Allright. So in essence, besides the tools being self-contained to LA's SDK, the scripting techniques / acdc are still the same?

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Wheaton_Adams Jul 1 2015 says:

I apologize in advance for asking a potentially stupid or risky question, but, is the SDK able to alter existing levels? I'm not sure .level files existed in the normal Stalker architecture.

I wonder if in theory, it's possible to add a new area entirely and link it with a 2-way warp point within the Zone? o.o

+2 votes   mod: S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - Lost Alpha
Wheaton_Adams Jun 15 2015 replied:

Normally, if you copypaste a plane's folder with the .ini alone in a matching architecture within the campaign folder, the game will use that .ini instead, removing the need to alter the originals in Objects/Aircraft/ . But last time I checked, only some informations are overwritten ( such as the [Data] and [Info] blocks ), and it sadly doesn't include weapons... Needs to be fixed...

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Wheaton_Adams Jun 14 2015 replied:

My bad!! D: Thanks for pointing that out.

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Wheaton_Adams May 21 2015 says:

Rain? Allright, I knew this was going to happen eventually! :p

+2 votes   news: Report 057: Preparations for release
Wheaton_Adams May 13 2015 says:

An absolute necessity. Nothing like this "Boom" to signal that we made a hit. 10/10 :).

+3 votes   download: Ace Combat Zero Explosion Replacer
Wheaton_Adams May 11 2015 says:

Excellent quality o.o I'm pretty sure it will please AC04 fans : D

+2 votes   download: F-4E Mobius Squadron paint
Wheaton_Adams May 2 2015 says:

It was about time this happened. time to end your supremacy, Idolmaster.

+3 votes   download: IDOLM@NSTER JOHN CENA skin
Wheaton_Adams Feb 18 2015 says:

Xpand, are you even human, making stuff so good and so fast? O.O Great great great job... o.o

+2 votes   download: R-99A Forneus
Wheaton_Adams Nov 14 2014 replied:


Both models are in similar size; and I can guarantee you that they are to scale as well in the game itself. Put any craft next to the R-103 in the mission editor, and you'll see. I'm not trying to prove you wrong, it's just that only in the hangar, the camera is further away, it's not a scaling issue. Why this happens though, I have on clue :/.

+2 votes   download: R-103 "Delphinus"
Wheaton_Adams Nov 14 2014 replied:

I ported that thing and the problem remains the same even though the scaling issue is of a different "scale" entirely. I have absolutely no clue why this is happening and I was never able to get a correct answer from TS about that.

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Wheaton_Adams Oct 31 2014 says:

The quality of these paint jobs is just excellent. My favorite goes to the Red Falcons. Looks the best, in my opinion.

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Wheaton_Adams Sep 30 2014 replied:

I'm perfectly fine with it. Someone I learned a lot from said that people who try to control and restrict use/access to their work do not know what art is about. And I think he was right ^.^

+3 votes   download: Sitting Ducks (Beta)
Wheaton_Adams Aug 20 2014 replied:

The Forneus also had a COFFIN-embbeded compass too, it was just less noticeable :).

+2 votes   news: Report 051: Pre-flight Checks
Wheaton_Adams Jul 30 2014 replied:

Whenever I wanted to test the thing out, I discovered that using an F-15, a Sukhoi or anything fast but noticeable had it lock-on to me pretty easily. In return, using an F-117 made it a breeze, so, no, it's playing fair against stealth fighters.

+2 votes   news: Black Ops Report 03: Superweapon
Wheaton_Adams Jun 9 2014 says:

Now that I think about it... Did the Lampyridae ever had any flight action outside of this game?

+1 vote   media: Home Stretch
Wheaton_Adams Jun 4 2014 says:

I really like the trails on this one.

+1 vote   media: Blue Skies
Wheaton_Adams May 11 2014 replied:

As far as I know, there already are. Look up for older news, where the "Ziz" is featured :Y. I guess there's more than the Ziz at this point, though.

+1 vote   media: To Kingdom Come
Wheaton_Adams May 1 2014 says:

I spy ACZ + AC04 References.

+2 votes   media: Sitting Duck
Wheaton_Adams Apr 27 2014 replied:

I made it yesterday :V.

+1 vote   download: ADFX-02 "Morgan"
Wheaton_Adams Apr 14 2014 says:

Looks familiar. :).

+1 vote   media: Wayward Falcon
Wheaton_Adams Mar 27 2014 says:

Something i've been wondering for quite some time, yet never asked clearly: It seems the GUI/HUD can now be recoloured, right?
Is it using presets such as cyan & purple, or are the HUD elements now recoloured using RGB values that we can change in the game's settings?

+1 vote   news: Report 046: Back from GDC
Wheaton_Adams Mar 26 2014 says:

would this post's icon in the news list happen to be an airliner?

If there's one in the final game, i will soooooo remake AC Joint Assault's mission where we must fly it through a canyon with a noisy passenger.

+1 vote   news: Report 046: Back from GDC
Wheaton_Adams Oct 2 2013 replied:

I would have tried to figure this out myself if I ever knew how TS implemented trees in the first place.

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