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Cold War Crisis Mod-Team

Cold War Crisis Mod-Team

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The CWC-Team is developing the "Cold War Crisis" Zero Hour Total Conversion. Their website is: www.cold-war-crisis.de



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Germany, a country in Central Europe. Bordering Denmark, France, Austria, Czech Republic, Poland and many other countries.

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blu_magic101 May 10 2010 says:

hey r u gonna add the m20 command car in the game or not

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Frehelias Apr 26 2010 says:

I have a question considering the Blitzkrieg mod for Company of Heroes?
Are the skins of the vehicles shown in the demonstration screenshots already added to a version of Blitzkrieg or not?
And where shall I leave my findings of small bugs of Blitzkrieg v1.7.0.2 ?
Cheers Frehelias

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[CWC]SHADOW Apr 26 2010 replied:

Yes, the vehicle skins are already in it. If you want to report bugs or leave us some suggestions you can do so in our Forum: Forum.blitzkrieg-mod.de

Make sure that the bug wasn't already reported or fixed in v1.7.0.3 (check the changelog of the next update). ;)

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Frehelias Apr 27 2010 replied:

Aah okay I see. But I got the same skin for the Wehrmacht Tiger Tank and the Panzer Elite Tiger Tank while it should be different right?
And I'll report some other bugs on the forums.
Thanks for helping.

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GunslingerBob Mar 28 2010 says:

I hate to seem nit-picky about something that's just so much fun to play...but I had an idea last night.

I'm aware that Shermans were equipped with Dozers as a way to cope with the defenses on the beaches of Normandy. The game adhered to this with the Croc Sherman having a bulldozer upgrade, allowing you to plow through tank traps. Now, I understand diversity among factions, but I also feel that it may not have been standard among German tanks, but I'm sure a few of them attached some sort of cow catcher type bulldozer to counter any Allied defenses. A reflection of this in the mod would be quite nice, as it would help bring a tiny bit of balance. Otherwise really the only counter to Allied tank traps are Goliaths and demo charges

Again thank you for this mod, and thank you for your time

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[CWC]SHADOW Mar 31 2010 replied:

Realistic aspects aside - they alone would be sufficient not to include german dozers ;) - there isn't any model or animation for a german tank with a dozer availible, without bothw e can't do anythign about it, even if we wanted to.

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olhausenkraus Jan 29 2010 says:

In first time I want to say thank you for answer my comment and your time. I really apreciate it and to maintain alive this incredible game.
In relationship with the 88 flak the gun have an exelente performance with medium and heavy tanks and it is good, I can underestand the 88 flak have a poor perfomance shooting light vehicles in MOVEMENT but what doesn´t convince me is to see my 88 flak firing once after an other to an light vehicle in STATIONARY position and to see it take it a lot of time to leave it out of combat.
All this appreciations are small details, the mod is great.
On more comment to contribute, when I build an AT emplacement and the front line chance, the weapon you cannot mobilize. It will be usefull if the weapon can be disassemble and re assemble in other place perhaps tranport it in an utility vehicle.
Here in Uruguay we wait for the next update, and the incorporation of new units and new tactics. Greatings "muchas gracias un abrazo"

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[CWC]SHADOW Feb 1 2010 replied:

The 75 mm is an emplacement and hence can't be made mobile too. This is simply not possible with the engine.

BTW: the next update (v1.70) will be released within the end of this week, or the week after that, so stay tuned. ;)

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olhausenkraus Jan 23 2010 says:

Thanks for respond my comment in BLIZKRIEG MOD. I have a few more questions for you:

-88 mm flank don´t have the efectivity that it have it in the COH original. It miss fire and don´t have the best accuracy. I built the 75 mm at gun with the pioners because it is more efective and it not should to be this way. The 88 mm flak was one of the best weapons in the arsenal of the Thirt Reich please fix it.
-Germans have not tanks with flame thrower, only the half track. Can be a posibility to put a flame panzer ?

Well thanks you again for your time and for read my comment. I´ll wait the next update. Greatings from URUGUAY.

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[CWC]SHADOW Jan 28 2010 replied:

The 88 in BK is WAY better then the vanilla-CoH one. It shoots at least twice as far and has more punch. It easily kills Shermans with a single hit. I don't see a reason to make it even deadlier. It might miss sometimes, but that's intended, especially if the target is fast and small (Jeep). The 88 wasn't made to hit fast moving small targets and that's the way it is in BK right now. There HAS to be a restirction to it's deadliness for gameplay purposes.

It's true that there is no Flame-tank for the germans factions, but we want to have diversity in the factions. The german factions can call-in Firestorm artillery barrages or use incendiary ammo for their Nebelwerfers on the other hand. Together with the Flame-HT this should be enough flame-power for them.

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