I'm a PC gamer and I've played it all. I really like finding mods for all my games and becoming a part of their community no matter how big or small.

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CSargeP Jan 13 2010, 12:45am replied:

Yup, got the emails. Thanks again!

+2 votes   article: Only 12 hours left for the Organic Indie Preorder Pack!
CSargeP Jan 12 2010, 11:11pm replied:

Alright, I've sent an email. Thanks!

+1 vote   article: Only 12 hours left for the Organic Indie Preorder Pack!
CSargeP Jan 12 2010, 10:47pm says:

Hmm, I preordered 5 hours ago but haven't got any emails besides the paypal receipt. Is that normal?

+3 votes   article: Only 12 hours left for the Organic Indie Preorder Pack!
CSargeP Sep 19 2009, 3:55pm says:

This makes me think of Homeworld 2. Really cool!

+1 vote   media: Déjà vu
CSargeP Sep 3 2009, 12:26am says:

Hey Zoobird.

+1 vote   member: Zoobird
CSargeP Aug 29 2009, 12:49am replied:

That makes perfect sense considering you open the fixed magazine at the bottom via a latch and all the rounds drop out. Even though it would make more sense to catch the round in your hand...

+2 votes   article: The guns of ZMBE
CSargeP Jul 27 2009, 3:29am says:

And I just reinstalled Freelancer a few days ago...

+2 votes   article: Freelancer - the game that just keeps on ticking!
CSargeP Jul 23 2009, 11:29am says:

Looks great!

+2 votes   mod: Defence Alliance 2
CSargeP Jan 4 2009, 10:36pm says:

WOO yes! My favorite HL2 mod.

+4 votes   article: Zombie Master 1.2.1 released
CSargeP Nov 17 2008, 3:18am says:

You guys are awesome. Good luck!

+1 vote   article: Halo Solitude update 7
CSargeP Sep 3 2009, 12:23am says:

Darn racist mods taking good acronyms! :C

0 votes   article: Sprawling adds.
CSargeP Sep 2 2009, 10:28pm says:

Nice! I was sad when they canceled that Alien game. This looks like it could be better.

+1 vote   mod: Xen Project
CSargeP Sep 2 2009, 10:07pm says:

This is going to be awesome! Much better then those ****** color editions!


+2 votes   mod: Zombie Master: Best Edition
CSargeP Sep 1 2009, 6:34pm says:

This was amazing, except for the first part. But once you got to the bunker, it was awesome!

I wish you guys would remake this in the source engine.

+1 vote   mod: PARANOIA
CSargeP Aug 28 2009, 2:39pm replied:

Not according to Cat. Says the gun models are final.

+3 votes   media: Zebra
CSargeP Aug 28 2009, 1:21am says:

Hello Poompoom500,

That was almost a year ago, and while I did have a server up it's been down for a while. I'd love to play the mod again but I just couldn't spread the word fast enough. I'm also not in a position to run a server right now and won't be for a while. Partly due to technical and life troubles. It's nice to see someone else interested in the mod but unless someone get's a permanent server up, and can spread the word about it, the mods going to be dead for good.

+2 votes   member: poompoom500
CSargeP Aug 26 2009, 4:23am replied:

One hit kills are retarded. Only some weirdo macho dickweed would find any joy in getting killed in one hit. Hidden spawn around a corner? Dead. You get caught on an ankle high brush object? ******* Dead. So far, the only explanation I've been able to get from Cat is he wants some "Pro" style feeling to the game. Because **** people that aren't as good as he!

The reason we don't like cat is because he's always been a jerk. He was banned from the forums a LONG time ago for a reason, he brought it onto himself. I don't know if it's news to you that he was banned or not, but it doesn't matter. Bottom line is, we've dealt with him before. Then he just comes back under that fifi persona and he hasn't changed a bit. So why the hell should we be nice to him? Bunch of jackasses join the forum and we tell them to screw off. Then we get labeled jerks because we don't tolerate their ********.

The ******* blobs. Even the Ice Cave people told Cat that they want the normal zombie to be the hidden spawn, and he goes and does the EXACT opposite.

The shotguns never had low damage, and having to alternate left and right click to shoot is just mind bogglingly dumb. Even realistic games that have manual bolt actions have the fire button also work the bolt.
You know you HAVE to mow down the zombies right? BECAUSE THEY CAN ******* KILL YOU IN ONE HIT.

I like cat's 1911 and Tec 9 model and a few of the shotguns are pretty good but the SKS and the rest are pretty bad. You just can't spend an hour on a model and have it look nice.

I honestly don't know why I keep posting, Cat/Fifi will never listen.
Yeah, I think I'm just going to completely ignore this.

Good luck with the mod Cat/Fifi.

+4 votes   mod: Zombie Master Black Edition
CSargeP Aug 25 2009, 10:09pm says:

That bolt is awful. And why is the bayonet gone?

+3 votes   media: Zebra
CSargeP Aug 25 2009, 12:42pm replied:

Forgot to add, most of us are ignoring this anyway. Joest is just a little overzealous.

+3 votes   mod: Zombie Master Black Edition
CSargeP Aug 25 2009, 12:32pm replied:

To bad this mini mod is terrible. One hit kills, Little blobs that you can't tell if they are dead or not, bad looking weapon models that cat himself said he only spent an hour on.
And now manual pump action? In a zombie game? And you know he said that you have to click alt fire to pump the shotgun. So you'll be alternatly clicking left and right mouse button like a fool whenever you want to reload and shoot.

Why don't you take you're little ZM forum hate to a mod that doesn't suck.

Honestly, I and the other ZM forum members would be supportive if Cat actually listened to ANYONE.
Even his fans think one hit kills are retarded! We've tried to give him advice and he just spat it in our faces, so we don't even bother anymore.

+3 votes   mod: Zombie Master Black Edition
CSargeP Aug 16 2009, 12:46pm replied:

What Eegah said. BUT! He was able to get at the files on his busted hard drive recently and work on ZMI has started again. This time the lead programmer is /dev/null.

+4 votes   mod: Zombie Master
CSargeP Aug 16 2009, 12:44pm replied:

What about it? It's terrible.

+5 votes   mod: Zombie Master
CSargeP Aug 12 2009, 2:58am replied:

I'm having the same problem...

+1 vote   mod: Research and Development
CSargeP Aug 2 2009, 1:10pm says:

I think they look fine.

+1 vote   media: New Particle Effects - Mech JJs & Aerospace
CSargeP Jul 25 2009, 4:20pm replied:

Players without the DLC will see players using the new skins. That patch on Friday added the models and textures for everyone.

My friend bought the DLC before I did and I could see him as the welder.

+1 vote   article: Killing Floor DLC
CSargeP Jul 23 2009, 10:16pm says:


+1 vote   media: Pipe Set no.2
CSargeP Jul 23 2009, 12:06am replied:

Play some of the custom maps that have objectives. Heck, someone is remaking doom 2 in KF map form.

+1 vote   article: KATANA!
CSargeP Jul 22 2009, 6:47pm replied:

Broadswords are twice as cool as Katanas, as they are double edged swords!

It's weird, I just don't seem to have a raging hard on for the Japanese like so many other people. But I'm glad so many people are happy, means more people playing!

+2 votes   article: KATANA!
CSargeP Jul 22 2009, 7:47am says:

Oh god. I really wish they had put something else in. Here this game is, sitting in the heartland of awesome medieval weaponry and they decided to add an Asian weapon. A Claymore or Broadsword would have been so much cooler. :/

+7 votes   article: KATANA!
CSargeP Jul 10 2009, 5:06pm replied:

That makes no sense...

+1 vote   article: Machinarium pre-orders launched!
CSargeP Jul 9 2009, 12:49am says:

You guys make your own music? I really like it!

+1 vote   media: Heart of Darkness Level Fly By
CSargeP Jun 13 2009, 4:12am says:

Wow, the people in this group sound like total jackoffs.

I didn't like the whole thing either but I'm just not going to buy L4D2. It's that simple. I'm not going to cry like little tiny babies!

I honestly hope Valve e-bitch slaps all these people.

And you know half of the members are just people who accept every random invite. :/ I've gotten two invites already.

+3 votes   article: L4D2 Boycott Group emails Valve with their demands
CSargeP May 26 2009, 6:39pm says:

Oh yes! Finally some updates! Looks so great!

+1 vote   mod: Angels Fall First: Planetstorm
CSargeP May 13 2009, 1:44pm says:

Yes activity! Sweet update!

+2 votes   mod: Angels Fall First: Planetstorm
CSargeP May 9 2009, 1:33am replied:

They've said that they are working with Crysis first , because of all the people who already bought Crysis just for this, and that a Crysis Wars edition will come later. If the code is close enough, it will probably be pretty quick.

+1 vote   mod: MechWarrior: Living Legends
CSargeP May 9 2009, 1:29am replied:

Oh lol. It's one of those blogs that have their comments filtered by the blogger. I made a comment, which I feel wasn't offensive, to give another side to his "the comments where **** because I did nothing wrong" statement, but I doubt it's going to show up.

+3 votes   article: Half-Life 2 - The Zombie Mods
CSargeP May 8 2009, 3:32pm replied:

What a jerk. He really needs to work on his reviewing style.

+3 votes   article: Half-Life 2 - The Zombie Mods
CSargeP Nov 29 2008, 1:16am replied:

Uh, to add on to that, can anyone point me to a guide on setting up a dedicated server for this? I've never run a ut2004 dedicated server and I'm running into problems that I can't find answers to.

+2 votes   mod: Troopers: Dawn of Destiny
CSargeP Nov 25 2008, 7:59pm says:

So I take it there is no one playing online? At least the bots aren't total morons...

+2 votes   mod: Troopers: Dawn of Destiny
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