Hey I'm Nate, a college student. I sing, play waterpolo, swim and play video games. I'm a bit of a music snob and I'm proud of it. I'm a nice guy and fun to play with. my steam sn is redvsbluesniper. While I do have a life I probably play too much video games for a busy college student and I probably shouldn't play as much. I LOVE Star Wars!! Star Wars is my favorite fictional universe. I also play Wolfenstein 3D, Source and Star Wars mods the most. I would love to learn how to mod Kotor/Kotor 2, source and wolf 3d.

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Clone Wars

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star wars modders

8. star wars modders

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modding for star wars games and editing them and that sort of thing ya know

Star Wars Battlefront Three

9. Star Wars Battlefront Three

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Star Wars Beta Testers

10. Star Wars Beta Testers

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We are the Beta testers of all star wars mods. Hopefully when a mod for empire at war, battlefront 1/2, or even lego star wars modders will come here...

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