I LOVE Sci-Fi. I'm a huge Star Wars and Star Trek fan, but I also love Mass Effect, Battlestar Galactica, Firefly, The Matrix and some Fantasy like the Warcraft universe, Elder Scrolls, Lord of the Rings and Legend of the Seeker/Sword of Truth Series. I love classic games as well as games that are highly moddable.

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CrossDressiNate Apr 29 2014, 3:47pm says:

This mos is absolutely beautiful. I've been following it for a long time and I'm so glad to finally play it. It's beautiful in detail. Though one thing I have noticed is a few ships are highlighted green. Hopefully the patch I just added fixes this, but if not then thats a bug that needs addressing.

+1 vote   mod: Legacy Era: Second Imperial Civil War
CrossDressiNate Apr 15 2014, 7:54pm says:

Just stumbled onto this and I'm glad it's not dead. Wouldn't a game like this be easier to make on Starcraft 2? because you can easily add heroes and factions. But can you create upkeep as well? So is it going to be a Micro Vs Macro game or just a mashup of setting and races?

+3 votes   mod: Warcraft vs Starcraft
CrossDressiNate Feb 2 2014, 2:56am says:

I suggest changing the layout to the menu. Like have an option to play the vanilla game with EOC the way the vanilla game is supposed to play out. Then have an extras option for all of the stuff that EOC adds. Thats one of the big reasons I got this mod! But with the way it is now, the game just bugs out when I try to select certain maps.

+2 votes   mod: Serenity Saber Systems EoC/SJE
CrossDressiNate Jan 24 2014, 4:00pm says:

Hey guys and girls! On the XPGamers forums theres a section called Game Night where people get together and play together. I'm trying to get enough support to get a normal Galactic Warfare gamenight going on there, if it happens with enough support it could turn out to spark a new GW server. If not well it would give everyone a chance to play GW again. Come on over the forums and find out when (if it happens) you guys can play GW with other people again. Forums.modlb.com

+1 vote   mod: Star Wars Mod: Galactic Warfare
CrossDressiNate Jan 24 2014, 1:35am says:

First the mod died when it was a HL2 mod, not it looks like it died again as a Crysis 2 mod.. Such a pity. Finding finished Star Wars or Star Trek mods is nearly impossible.

+1 vote   mod: Star Trek: Enterprise - M.A.C.O.
CrossDressiNate Jan 23 2014, 11:50pm says:

I got scared for a second! I didn't see Battlecry in the updates tab and I thought you guys got shut down/

+2 votes   game: Star Wars: Battlecry
CrossDressiNate Jan 23 2014, 11:47pm says:

Redundant. A lot of Multiplayer only mods just die a week or two after release (if that).

+7 votes   poll: Mods introducing multiplayer are
CrossDressiNate Dec 16 2013, 4:04pm says:

Never heard of this project, as well. But just saw it and decided to take a look. I'll give it a try after I finish a few games!

+2 votes   news: DEMO ALPHA
CrossDressiNate Oct 16 2013, 7:26am says:

You guys do know that You can buy both Freespace 1 and 2 from GOG, right?

+1 vote   game: Freespace: The Great War
CrossDressiNate Oct 10 2013, 7:13am replied:

You seriously need to cheat to play this game?

+2 votes   mod: Flash's Mass Effect 2 Mod
CrossDressiNate Aug 13 2013, 2:56pm replied:

Never mind, I found it here. Jkhub.org I suggest that if you want to play it, download it and then archive it on a external hard drive. It would be awesome if a team of modders picked this project back up and finished. Or if a new team made a remake of Dark Forces on the Crytek or Unreal engine or something.

+3 votes   mod: Dark Forces: A Mod for Jedi Academy
CrossDressiNate Aug 13 2013, 2:50pm says:

Does anyone have the 6 level, demo installer? The website is finally down and I really would like to play this again, as well as backup the installer so it doesn't become lost in the internet forever!

+1 vote   mod: Dark Forces: A Mod for Jedi Academy
CrossDressiNate Aug 13 2013, 1:59pm says:

This mod needs an update to fix bugs, errors and crashes as well as improve the KOTOR era. The KOTOR era ships really need missiles and rocket launchers for ground units.

+10 votes   mod: Star Wars Battlefront Conversion Pack
CrossDressiNate Jul 15 2013, 5:56am says:

I have a feeling Battlefront 3 will be nothing more than a Battlefield Skin mixed with overpriced DLC that should've been in the game to begin with. Also DICE won't release an SDK for us to make mods because they're ***** who don't want their engine out their. They say they don't want to make an SDK so it isn't reverse engineered, but the real reason is because if their games has an active modding community, then they can't pump out new games year after year and make profits that match the year before. Any mods that are made (even texture and lighting) will be banned and anyone using them will have their account banned. Sure it'll be fun (for a little bit), but it'll get stale quickly because DICE doesn't know how to make quality games anymore since their new motto is "make as many games and sequels as possible because we suck EA's ****." Sorry for the rant, but I'm really apprehensive about EA owning rights to Starwars games. While the LucasArts didn't make any high quality games in the last few years, I fear that future starwars games will be decent, but modding and making awesome addons that we, the gamers think of and create will be non-existent. At least there is always StarWars Battle-Cry though. Moddb.com

+8 votes   group: Battlefront 3 Fans Of The Near Future
CrossDressiNate Jun 10 2013, 8:53pm says:

Are there still a few populated servers available? I used to play this for a few years after it came out. I missed it.

+1 vote   game: Star Wars: Republic Commando
CrossDressiNate Jun 9 2013, 2:31pm replied:

Just because laptops will never be able to match desktops for gaming, it doesn't excuse how terribly this runs on my laptop. The game is not taxing my computer at all, yet it is not running how it should be. I ran this on my desktop with a SSD and the problems are the same, it lags when it shouldn't. It is an optimization problem for the game, not a hardware problem for me.
Yes I'm using a 64 bit OS. I downloaded and installed the patch, but the patch does exactly what I did already, make the Exe large address aware, so there was really no need.

+1 vote   game: Cry of Fear
CrossDressiNate Jun 8 2013, 3:14am says:

This game needs some serious optimization. I have a decent laptop for gaming and the cutscenes are laggy and shoppy. The audo lags as well. I have a little bit of lag during gameplay. I have a i7-2675QM CPU@ 2,20 GHZ 2.20 GHZ as well as 8 GB of Ram. My laptop has an ati radeon and I also use tune up utilities to optimize my system and I used CFF Explorer to make COF large address aware. An optimization guide for the game and/or a patch would be great!

+1 vote   game: Cry of Fear
CrossDressiNate Jun 2 2013, 7:09pm says:

I can't stand AAA linear games, but community made linear mods/games are always fantastic. Cry of Fear, The Stanley Parable, Minerva, Human Error, 1187, Dear Esther, Riot Act, Combine Destiny, City 17, Nightmare House 2, Ravenholm, etc. TL;DR the PC modding community is the future of stellar gaming. The modding community has kept the passion of the golden years of gaming 1994-2003.

+5 votes   poll: I prefer my mods to be...
CrossDressiNate Jun 2 2013, 6:54pm says:

Just installed this mod with the mod manager, it's the only mod installed and I keep getting CTD's whenever I hit start after I choose my ship loadout in the hangar. I'm using the Steam version of FTL.

+1 vote   mod: Sonata
CrossDressiNate May 14 2013, 3:34pm says:

People think this game was hard? Wow. Maybe I played too much Wolf3D, Doom and Quake as a kid, idk, but I always wished I could find something that upped the difficulty.

+4 votes   game: Return To Castle Wolfenstein
CrossDressiNate May 14 2013, 3:32pm replied:

The whole point of Wolfenstein is to be different than all of the other ww2 games. Wolfenstein combined the occult beliefs of Hitler, Himmler and the SS. It brought together a great mix of fact and fiction. Gritty realism and WWII is so overdone, it's boring.

+1 vote   game: Return To Castle Wolfenstein
CrossDressiNate Apr 13 2013, 4:46pm says:

This mod looks absolutely spectacular. I am now tracking. I have two questions though. Is your mod on the Nexus? The second question is, what ENB are you using?

+5 votes   mod: I am the king !
CrossDressiNate Mar 15 2013, 2:44am says:

So Luftahraan is to Skyrim, like Rust Town is to New Vegas. I am excited for this mod!

+3 votes   mod: Luftahraan
CrossDressiNate Mar 9 2013, 3:04pm says:

When you guys have the Alpha up for BattleCry, I would LOVE to be a beta tester! I have a decent laptop, can run Crysis 2 on high in windowed mode, so I could help optimize the game to run on mid to lower end machines.

+1 vote   member: rocknroll237
CrossDressiNate Feb 27 2013, 1:20am replied:

I'll probably join your server in a few weeks when I have time.

+1 vote   mod: Star Wars Mod: Galactic Warfare
CrossDressiNate Feb 27 2013, 1:13am replied:

I never understood why Crysis mods always need Cry in the title. It's quite annoying.

+6 votes   game: SURVENGE
CrossDressiNate Feb 21 2013, 9:14pm replied:

I have to agree. JO/JA is horrible for an intense shooter. Try modding Republic Commando, or better yet get the Unreal SDK, Crysis SDK and make your own game.. That is, if you have the skills.

+3 votes   mod: Vode An: Delta Squad
CrossDressiNate Feb 21 2013, 9:09pm says:

Why is there a Kar 98 in the game? Also the game won't let me create my own server or play against bots. How can I fix that? What time is everyone usually playing? I'm in California (Pacific).

+1 vote   mod: Jedi Knight Galaxies
CrossDressiNate Dec 13 2012, 5:30pm replied:

I finally got it to work. I wonder if internet connection has anything to do with it. I have no idea why it would, but it's possible. I was at school and after ten minutes it still didn't load after the stormtrooper. But at home, with my good internet, it went to the main menu after about 20-30 seconds.

+1 vote   mod: Thrawn's Revenge: Imperial Civil War
CrossDressiNate Dec 13 2012, 5:28pm replied:

Did you actually read the comment or just skim over it? I tried putting the mod in the mods folder in the corruption folder then I tried the gamedata folder just for kicks. Neither worked, not even the corruption\mods folder, which is how most FOC mods are installed. I read the ReadMe as well.

+1 vote   mod: Legacy Era: Second Imperial Civil War
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