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Part 1

The aircraft dropped off four scholas into an unknown lab. There was athick mist with a bit of toxic in the air. So, they put on their helmets.

Surviving Soldier: "AAAARRRRGGGHHH!"

Schola 1:"Sounds like one of our men."

Surviving soldier: "Helllllllp!"

Schola 4: "The voices are coming from the other end of that

Schola 3: "I have a bad feelin' about this."


Schola 2: "What the hell was that?"

Schola 1: "My guess, whatever that was, is our target and is probably
the reason why none of our men never made it back. Well, prepare yourself
'cause we're gonna give it something to roar about."

Schola 2-3-4: "Yes, ma'am."

Schola 1: "Let's go."

The scholas began to walk through the tunnel. The farther they got in, the
darker it got. The water was ankle deep.

Schola 3: "I can't see a damn thing."

Schola 1: "Turn on your flashlight, schola."

All the scholas turned their flashlights on, but Schola 3 was having
trouble with his. The Scholas kept walking ahead except Schola 3, he was still
trying to fix his flashlight.

Schola 3: "Hey, guys, wait up."

Finally, his flashlight started working after he hit it a few times. He
accidently dropped it in the water.

Schola 3: "Shit."

The water was clear, but dirty. As he bent over to pick it up, in the
background, two yellow eyes stared at him from above, in the ceiling of the

Schola 3: "Guys."

He heard footsteps in the water behind him. He turned around quickly. His
heart beating fast.

Schola 3: "Guys?"

All he saw was the dark. He screeched his eyes. On the left bottom corner,
he saw two yellow eyes. He backed away slowly, staring at it as it was staring
back at him. He moved a can with his foot by accident. He looked down at the
can and looked back up. The yellow eyes were gone.

Schola 3:(Gulp).

He felt a slight breeze across his face from above. He looked up. A nasty,
gray, decaying, torn up skinned claw reached out for him.

Schola 3:(frustration).

He shot it and ran. It crawled on the ceiling chasing him.

Schola 3: "Crap."

Sweat came down his forehead. He turned his vision towards it. He fired at
it again. He couldn't see it because it blended in so perfectly well with the
dark. He bumped into the scholas.

Schola 3: "Oof!"

Schola 2: "Hey, dude, quiet."

Schola 1: "Where were you?

Schola 3: "I was being -"

Schola 1: "No time."

Schola 3 looked back and saw the
creature went into the light out of the tunnels. They reached the end of the
tunnel and saw a clear open field with a man wrapped up in something, shaped
like a cocoon on the ground, using their binoculars.

Schola 1: "Hmmm...let's move!"

Schola 4 gave an innuo to the scholas, telling them to move out onto the
open field. Schola 1 stayed near the tunnel.

Schola 4: "Check your surroundings."

Schola 3: "But the mist is too thick. How am I supposed to see my
damn surroundings?"

Schola 2: "You complain about everything."

Schola 3: "Shut up."

The three scholas stayed back-to-back, walking toward the soldier.

Schola 2: "I wonder where all of that yelling and screaming came from."

They reached him.

Schola 2: "That was easy."

Schola 3: "For once. I agree."

Schola 4: "Same here."

They began to unwrap him starting with his head.

Schola 3: "This stuff is all wet, and all gooey, and all...sticky
with lots of moisture."

Schola 2:"There you go, complaining again. Stop doing that."

They finished unwrapping his head.

Wrapped Soldier: "It's a trap!"

Schola 4: "What?!?"

Schola 2: "Oh hell, naw."


The monster came down from the ceiling like outta nowhere.

Schola 4: "I thought we checked our surroundings."

Schola 2: "We did. It must've came from another room."

It had a half body in its mouth. It tossed the soldier in the air. The
soldier dropped in its mouth and down its throat in one single swallow. You can
hear it close its jaws. It started walking toward the scholas.

Schola 2: "FIRE!!!!!"

The scholas began shooting at the monster. They started to back up. It
started running at them.

Schola 4: "Aim at its legs."

They all started shooting at its legs. Blood ran down its legs. It got to
them and slowed down while waving its arm in the air.

Schola 4: "There's a clear opening and our chance. Just by looking at
his chest, it's a structure of a man. Then, he must be human."

His arm came down in the middle of their formation, pushing them back. They
were all bruised, lying on the ground, on their belly, hiding behind boulders
from the monster.

Schola 3: "Well, it's already mutated, so, we can't do anything to
save him. We must kill it."

Schola 4: "Yea, I know, but I’m tired of killing innocent people. By
the way, where's Jugiter?"

Schola 2: "I thought she was near the tunnel."

They all looked at the tunnel and saw Jugiter being grabbed by the
creatures that chased Schola 3.

Schola 4: "Jugiter!"

Schola 2: "Cometes, why don't you go after her while we create a

Cometes nodded.

Schola 2: "Ready, Accedo?"

Accedo: “Ready? Lacertosus, I was
born ready."

Lacertosus: “I’ll shoot first and Cometes once we start, you run as fast
as you can."

Cometes nodded. The monster looked around, looking for them. Lacertosus
came out from hiding and started shooting at the monster. Blood slithered down
the monster's wounds. Cometes ran out there. The monster was about to slam
Cometes, but Accedo came out from hiding and started shooting. Cometes was able
to get into the tunnel.

Wrapped soldier: "ARGH! This stuff is squeezing tightly. Get me outta
this thing."

Lacertosus: "Finish unwrapping him."

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