I am a British modder currently living in Oxford. I am also currently attending the Oxford Cherwell Valley College. I've been modding from quite a young age and have been able to build up my skills quite significantly over the years. I am a modeller, coder and mapper. I primarily focus on organic modelling but I can do some hard surface as well. I'm also a voice actor. I own a SAMSON C01U Studio Condenser microphone which has little to no room noise. I have voice acted on a few projects in the past however I do wish to expand my list of voice work. If you want me to help out on your mod or game project, just give me a ring on skype or steam and we'll talk there. I don't always join projects for free as I do not have huge amounts of free time, however I will voice act for free as I do enjoy doing it and it's not as time consuming as the other jobs. Thank you very much for reading my Profile Bio. - Alfred

"What is in this mod?"
Half-Life 2

"What is in this mod?"

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This mod has many features which add to both the Realistic elements and the Horror elements as well as the comedy elements.

New Code
Half-Life 2: Episode Two

New Code

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The new weapons elements. Most of them adapted from hl1. We work hard all the time. But soon enough we'll post preview...

The fuck it scheme. New weapons.
Half-Life 2: Episode Two

The fuck it scheme. New weapons.

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All new weapons never seen before... In moddeling terms of 7 tasks.

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