I am a British modder currently living in Oxford. I am also currently attending the Oxford Cherwell Valley College. I've been modding from quite a young age and have been able to build up my skills quite significantly over the years. I am a modeller, coder and mapper. I primarily focus on organic modelling but I can do some hard surface as well. I'm also a voice actor. I own a SAMSON C01U Studio Condenser microphone which has little to no room noise. I have voice acted on a few projects in the past however I do wish to expand my list of voice work. If you want me to help out on your mod or game project, just give me a ring on skype or steam and we'll talk there. I don't always join projects for free as I do not have huge amounts of free time, however I will voice act for free as I do enjoy doing it and it's not as time consuming as the other jobs. Thank you very much for reading my Profile Bio. - Alfred

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crazyb2000 Aug 23 2010, 8:22pm says:

Dude this is gonna be friggin awsome in-game. I'm looking forward to the models.

+1 vote   media: Grappler Feeding Solution
crazyb2000 Aug 23 2010, 8:21pm replied:


+1 vote   mod: Block Wars
crazyb2000 Aug 22 2010, 8:29pm replied:

been done before so stop going insane. It's a drawing. It's not somebody grabbing a couple of kids and making them eat their own arms. Hes an artist and if you can't handle art you can just **** right off.

+3 votes   game: Outpost Z: Apocalypse
crazyb2000 Aug 22 2010, 4:56pm says:


+1 vote   media: Mafia goon
crazyb2000 Aug 21 2010, 8:14pm says:

Yes! the ownage of mat_fullbright plus shaders!

+1 vote   media: Update
crazyb2000 Aug 21 2010, 5:14pm replied:

Lets see if we can get his karma up...

-2 votes   media: Apprehension Ingame Shot
crazyb2000 Aug 20 2010, 8:03pm says:

Wow thats... Really is rapid.

+3 votes   media: Glock
crazyb2000 Aug 19 2010, 9:29am says:


Right? :P

Great drawing skills = Great modelling skills.

I do the same thing but I have trouble with females characters so I try and stick with the non-anime side of the world but man I love your art/ Models.

+1 vote   media: Remember this garl?
crazyb2000 Aug 18 2010, 8:33am says:

I'm gonna leave this group to my innactivity.

+1 vote   company: onedarkdarksphere
crazyb2000 Aug 16 2010, 11:33am says:

This comment has been removed.

+4 votes   mod: Checkerboarded Hopes 2
crazyb2000 Aug 16 2010, 9:26am says:

Ok now thats what I call a ******* awsome demo!

+3 votes   mod: Wilson Chronicles
crazyb2000 Aug 15 2010, 3:15pm says:

Nice I just wished you showed more running around than driving :/

+1 vote   media: LITTLE SNEAK PEEK
crazyb2000 Aug 14 2010, 3:57pm says:

Lol when I first saw this I thought it was a photo :P

+1 vote   media: SMG 2
crazyb2000 Aug 14 2010, 10:38am says:

I was messing around with for ages. On some lower spec computers it lags up because of the camera process but still this is epic.

+1 vote   mod: Head Tracking in source engine
crazyb2000 Aug 13 2010, 10:30pm replied:

I know yellow is sooo last century.

+1 vote   media: Media release teaser
crazyb2000 Aug 13 2010, 7:40am says:

Ok you caught my interest. Tracking.

0 votes   mod: Grand Theft Auto Predator Edition
crazyb2000 Aug 13 2010, 7:32am replied:

I played decay with my mates and we don't know what happened to dr. cross and dr. green. But you see ginas body in OP4.

-1 votes   mod: HALF-LIFE DECAY 2
crazyb2000 Aug 10 2010, 6:47am says:

prop plus nodraw func_charger. This is easy and it is from dm_lockdown.

+2 votes   media: Charger test
crazyb2000 Aug 10 2010, 6:41am says:

First things first switch to basic and stop uploading these pictures. You're just begging for somebody to troll you and I bet you anything you'll report them for it. This map has no colour and a man standing in it. So hereby you may not be a troll but you're mod is, because it shows nothing about your skills except for "you're a begininer"
I'm ussually kind in comments but this is getting on my nurves. Break open your piggy bank and get someone who can mod!

"Its not multicolored props + bushes lol. It has textures, but the textures wont show " WHY THE HELL WOULD YOU PUT UP THIS IMAGE THEN. Who the hell puts up an image showing amazing textures which don't show up. This isn't a WIP its a doodle!

Me writing this message is just to show that you have gotten to people and I'm not the only one. You need equipment, skill and dedication. You're as dedicated as a snail. This needs to be said because how else will you know!

Thanks for reading and dont just delete this comment.

+3 votes   media: Hammer Time
crazyb2000 Aug 10 2010, 6:30am says:

Could be better. I'll get someone on this ;)

+3 votes   media: Background
crazyb2000 Aug 10 2010, 6:29am says:

You got a huge prob with the ceiling pipes. The lighting on them is a bit messed up ( Black pipe brown pipe O_O ). Add some brush details and prop details. Also the ceiling is a tad too low.

+1 vote   media: Crossfire2
crazyb2000 Aug 10 2010, 6:28am replied:

there are some errors I'll admit. The handle needs to have more applied and the thumb grip sticks out too much. With a texture this'll be probably be quite cool ( or as some people say: Sexy )

+3 votes   media: Glock
crazyb2000 Aug 10 2010, 6:26am says:

ok well freeman you have loads of errors in the map but I do understand it's wip. First off all of the textures aren't properly aligned so that needs to be fixed anotherwise people will take the **** but if we get these errors fixed and you add alot more details this may turn out alright.

+1 vote   media: Crossfire
crazyb2000 Aug 10 2010, 4:44am says:

this isn't doommarine. I bet you one of the team members thought this would be a good joke.

0 votes   media: TROLED U GUYZ
crazyb2000 Aug 9 2010, 8:00pm says:

A very rare sight. Thermal vision is a classic piece of equipment but seeing it in a mod is a first ( for me at least ). This is EPIC if you ask me. This is great piece of shader auth and coding. Great work and I can't wait for the next media release.

+4 votes   media: Media release teaser
crazyb2000 Aug 7 2010, 6:55am says:

Fogs messed up :/

+1 vote   media: car crash (3d skybox in progress)
crazyb2000 Aug 3 2010, 6:26am replied:

a bit late?

+1 vote   mod: 7 Tasks
crazyb2000 Jul 30 2010, 12:24pm says:

ah man:

Missing RecvProp for DT_BasePlayer - DT_BasePlayer/m_iFOV
Host_EndGame: CL_ParseClassInfo_EndClasses: CreateDecoders failed.

Can you help?

+1 vote   download: Headtracking in source setup
crazyb2000 Jul 29 2010, 5:40pm says:

This is the alyx gun isn't it?

0 votes   media: Slicer Pistol
crazyb2000 Jul 28 2010, 6:55am says:

Why did you put this up. I know you guys are starting but this picture shouldn't be on the mod page. You should post pics of models and maps not code.

+1 vote   media: Am i doing it right?
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