Former Wc3:WoW lead developer, I am a freelance artist/writer that enjoys modding and even indie game development. I've done a lot of volunteer work in assisting indie games such as concept art, story design, team management, public relations, and more. Unfortunately, I cannot offer much for free anymore. If you feel interested in having me work for your game, please contact me!

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Craka_J Feb 8 2009, 5:28am replied:

WarSoc is the program we will most likely end up using to make Wc3:WoW multiplayer. There's one other program that might work, but we aren't sure enough yet.

Just to let everyone know, we have two forums. One is our official forum ( and the other is our respected hosted forum, compliments to the Hive Workshop WC3 Modding Community. (

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Craka_J Feb 8 2009, 4:48am replied:

Thanks a lot, nataliaoaks. Modding and developing games is a passion of mine that is growing more and more (Can't wait for StarCraft 2!) and just for the record, it's been over three years. Quite a while. However, this project has met many idle moments where crucial developers that I rely on end up leaving or something like that. However, I assure you all that you can definitely expect an even greater full-time dedication towards this project from me after seeing how much attention Wc3:WoW got within less than a week at the world's largest mod site. Rank 3! That's insane! Thank you all and I guarantee your anticipation will be fulfilled on the mod's release!

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Craka_J Feb 7 2009, 11:43pm replied:

To better elaborate, the loading screens we use will not be of orcs and humans fighting nor will it be any of the default WarCraft III loading screens. Instead, we'll use the ones from World of WarCraft. For example on how these are used, lets say you're zoning into an instance; this case, we'll use Ragefire Chasm as an example instance. Instead of showing a loading screen that is similar to the one above, the actual Ragefire Chasm loading screen!

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Craka_J Feb 7 2009, 11:37pm replied:

Thank you. :)

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Craka_J Feb 7 2009, 1:22pm replied:

THAT is something we do not know for sure. However, it is possible with the use of a special third party program. There's a program that's been in development for a really long time called "WarSoc" which is meant to bend the limits of the WarCraft III World Editor and then some. One of its features allows the making of campaigns to be multiplayer and maps that allow players to join even after the game has started.

But in short, we simply do not know how long it will be until the program is finished - if it ever does - but at least on single player we've added what we call "Player Bots". These Player Bots are simply computer controlled 'heroes' or classes that roam the lands of Wc3:WoW doing pretty much normal things you'd see a real player doing: grinding xp, quests, ganking, etc.

At the moment, the AI is very poor for most classes, but in my opinion the Rogues are the most advanced. Sometimes when I playtest the mod, an Alliance Player Bot Rogue will suddenly pop up behind me and backstab. They go stealth, then try to surprise attack. It can be very effective when you're busy concentrating on mobs.

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Craka_J Feb 7 2009, 1:15pm replied:

It is extremely difficult to declare WHEN it will be completed. However, I and the rest of Condemned Entertainment assure you that we're actively developing the mod. We usually cannot do terrain and triggers at the same time, so we do that one at a time. Right now, the JASS scripter, HvO-Busterkomo, is working on the mod and has recently provided a list of stuff completed in the works.

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Craka_J Feb 6 2009, 11:41pm replied:

Both Horde and Alliance will be playable. As to whether which races and classes will be playable in the public demo we hope to release, I cannot clarify just yet. We're trying to include all races except for the Undead, Gnomes, and Dwarves. Humans and Night Elves will most likely make it in there, but we've been working hard already on Elwyn Forest and Stormwind terrains, so you can definitely expect updates about those areas later on.

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Craka_J Feb 5 2009, 11:24pm says:

Oh look, my favorite company in the game development industry! Blizzard Entertainment all the way.

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Craka_J Feb 5 2009, 11:19pm replied:

Actually, in the Modern Warfare backstory, the United States is actually the side which is presumably the good side, being that they're fighting Russia for their sudden ruthless biological warfare declarations upon parts of Europe. The United States doesn't support biological or nuclear warfare (unless truly needed) and the fact that Russia is abusing the use of nuclear and biological missiles launched into other countries for destructive purposes went strongly against the policies.

Because Russia launched powerful missiles into SEVERAL countries to weaken them to perhaps conquer them easier, the United States saw the Russian Federation to be a huge threat and that aggressive force was totally necessary to overcome the war-hungry Russian dictatorship.

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Craka_J Jan 26 2009, 11:36am says:

I tested it and loved it; pretty awesome how the soldiers intelligently walk alongside buildings in a line. Little things like that make me give you props, man. Kudos!

Haven't tried it online yet though.

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Craka_J Jan 17 2009, 8:20pm says:

The new menu looks way better. To be honest, I'm glad Modern Warfare was lost before; because now you're making it look even better! What is that timer thing there with "5%" on it?


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Craka_J Mar 21 2008, 10:21pm says:

Well at least we now know that even a large group of helicopters don't stand a chance against a base's defense. :D


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Craka_J Mar 19 2008, 11:59pm says:

Whoa, this movie makes the storyline I created so much more awesome and involved with the project. Great work and very good music choice as well. Thumbs up from me. ;)


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Craka_J Mar 9 2008, 2:09pm says:

Very, very poor quality. Had to watch this video twice to see that this video was trying to demonstrate how units talk with the floating text above their heads.


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Craka_J Mar 7 2008, 7:02pm says:

Storyline for Modern Warfare completed and uploaded.


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Craka_J Mar 7 2008, 6:56pm says:

Awesome! I'm glad you decided to add the Gunship, like the "Death From Above" mission in Call of Duty 4, as a tactical weapon available in Modern Warfare.


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Craka_J Feb 25 2008, 6:44pm says:

When this project is completed, do you plan on releasing all models and skins and other content to the public?

Will you allow other modders to modify your map once it has been released? (Which I have no intentions of)


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Craka_J Oct 21 2007, 2:51am says:

Oops! Forgot to include a link leading to the forum. Well anyway, here it is:

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Craka_J Oct 21 2007, 2:49am says:

Lately, we've had a lot of great progress on the terrain with Apocalypse. It is about 80% done and we've been working on it very often.
Since we need a more official forum, I've created one for the project. It will include all of the latest information and you might even perhaps come across some information that has not been announced on the website yet either!

So therefore I highly recommend those of you who are fans of Apocalypse register at the forum and try to be as active as possible. If we know we have an active fan-base posting comments and questions, we'll be more motivated to announce HOT stuff!

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Craka_J Oct 6 2007, 11:50pm says:

Sadly, Punisher_X has cancelled this project once he had taken over. But greatfully, I have taken over and have recontinued the project. So no worries. The only thing is though, is that this mod won't be a remake or tribute of NOTD. I plan on making a mod with a slightly new type of game style. Well, some of the aspects are based off of other games and mods, but it will also have it's own unique touches to it, to keep it interesting and fun to play.

So far, the only people who are a part of the team are me (Craka_J) as a terrainer and now leader once again of Apocalypse, Ragingspeedhorn whose a back-up terrainer, and most importantly, our only scripter DaFranker. We're in need of modelers, skinners, and professional JASS scripters who plan to dedicate their time towards Apocalypses progression.
If you're interested, feel free to e-mail me at:

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Craka_J Sep 20 2007, 8:40pm says:

Hey guys! I've been playing BrainBread for about 3-4 years now and I've been watching BrainBread: Source's progression on websites and forums. The progress is moving very slowly in my opinion, although the outcome is very good and impressive and makes me more and more anxious to play BrainBread: Source.
Anyway, I wanted to ask you (The members whom are working on BrainBread: Source) multiple questions regarding the progress and what we can expect and so on...
1) One website says that the project is 60% complete. But here it says 40% complete. Just curious which is correct.

2) I also read somewhere that the release date is 2015. Please tell me that is a mistake!

3) What is the planned release date?

4) Will you be posting more screenshots of maps, landscapes, character models, etc. soon?

5) Will there be any new stuff in 'BrainBread: Source' that was never in BrainBread v1.2?

6) Will there be more than one boss? I think we've killed Bob the zombie mutant quite enough!

7) Will there be any new skills in BrainBread: Source?

8) Will there be any new player-characters to choose?
Thanks for having the patience to read and answer each of these questions in advance;

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Craka_J Sep 23 2007, 3:40pm says:

I'd like to see some more screenshots of maps. So far I've seen only two or three screenshots of BrainBread: Source! I'd love to see some more maps, and would even more love to see source versions of BB 1.2 maps.

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Craka_J Sep 9 2007, 1:13am says:

Looks awesome! Ten times better than the old version in HL1 :D
Great work, and keep it up!

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Craka_J Jun 24 2007, 1:58pm says:

Sorry, there is no "About Page" :P, I meant FAQ page.
Heh, getting confused with my other project's website layout.

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Craka_J Jun 24 2007, 1:56pm says:

Actually, Punisher, if you think about it, it's not so much of a set-back anymore. If anything, the fact that we missed the release date is the set-back. I say this because in my opinion, the mod turned out alot better than before; atleast so it seems. I'll try to get some terrain done today and work on the website a bit more. I've already replaced two images in the Screenshots page and added a Fan-Art picture. I decided not to add the model pictures since we have limited image space in the Screenshots page and showing a couple models isn't much of a direct promotion towards the mod it self since we'll probably release all of these models eventually. To those who have forgotten or have not heard of the website or it's link, I'd suggest going to:
It's nothing impressive, but it holds the basic layout about the game and more information will be added later on today. I'm not positive, but I think one of our members is remaking the website with a different URL and better site layout. The link will be announced when it is ready and functioning properly.
And I also highly recommend you visit the forums often; it's probably the best way to stay updated with what is going on.
Music was added to the website, only on two pages though. (The Homepage and The Team page.)
About page is being worked on now and should have quite a bit more information added in a half-hour from now.
I've also updated The Team page by adding more people to credits.
I and the rest of the Apocalypse Modding Team greatly appreciate our support and comments. If you wish to help with JASS, Modelling, Skinning, or composing music, please contact either me at: or Punisher_X at:

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