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11th Turian Recon Flotilla, Major Logan Ruge

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11th Turian Recon Flotila

Commanded by: Major Logan Ruge, Former 52nd recon unit commander.
Former trainer of Hylory Academy.

Logan Doquor Ruge

Eye colour: Black
Height (cm): 189 cm
Clan: Rugeous, white blue and red stripes to indicate clan markings.


Mother: Clodarius Ruge (Original last name is Roliana), Deceased
Father: Avarius Ruge, Deceased
Brothers: None known
Sisters: None known

Current Rank: General

Service record:
342 Recon Missions
12 Operations
356 Special Combat Missions
2 Projects
45 Special Operations
690 Patrols

Total year of service: 14

Weapon score proficiency rating:

Sniper 9/10
SMG 6,4/10
Pistol 9,7/10
Assault Rifle 7/10
Shotgun 4/10

Command score proficiency rating:

Morale: 7/10
Leadership: 8/10
Tactics: 10/10
Logistics: 10/10

Prefered weapon of choice: Predator model 4 with custom attachments.

History: Logan has done over 1000 missions which out of 1158 765 was a success, 314 was a failure and the rest unconclusive. He has been awarded over 20 ribbons, 32 medals and 13 badges. He has always tried to compare himself to his father. He lost 96% of his recon command during a mission to recover a turian derelict ship. Survivors reported from the ship was: Ruso "Archer", Gyrin and Logan himself. Shortly after Logan captured Eclipse leader Sederis. Logan Ruge known for examplary command and master of tactics he currently holds the turian military highscore of tactic proficiency. Yet he has never forgiven himself for the death of his father and his constant need to keep comparing himself to him. Logan recently got promoted to General and took command of the 11th Turian Recon Flotila and escaped the attack of Palaven.
No recent information of his position is confirmed but he is persumed MIA. *CLASSIFIED*

Biography: Born on the geographic research station orbiting the gas giant Logan, that lies in the Attican Beta. The station was built to scan anomolies on the gas giant with new state of the art scanning devices, The station was built when contact was lost from two ships orbiting the gas giant.
Logan was born 2 years after construction of the station and lives a non ordinary life, with no standard food and supply lines being raided by geth. His mother died when travelling to Feros for supplies, the ship was found in a debris field not far away from the gas giant, attackers is not yet identified as geth. Father died during a routine patrol around the station, he died while speaking to Logan through vid comm, an explosion killed his father and Logan saw it all as it happened.
Logan then grew up and joined the military as a token of respect for his father.

Total ranks in service:

Known crimes commited: None
Marrital status: None
Motto: "When you lie down in the mud is when you realize that you're done."

Most high valoured Commendations, Ribbons, Badges and Medals achieved:

Hylory Ribbon, For highest tactics and strategy in Hylory Academy.

Destinguished Medal, for being in service for a very long period of time.

Reconaissance and Surveillance Award, for being one of the most examplary officers of the Turian RS.

Logistics and Support Badge, for providing excellent support and logistics in combat.

Noted Ribbon, for achieving rank of General.

Covert and Special Ops Badge, for making examplary covert operations with high success rate.

Dark Star Medal, for experiencing extreme loss in combat, or taking a serious wound.


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Republic Commando mini series

Craftan99 Blog 0 comments

Hello everyone!

I'm planning on making a mini series showing most missions they were deployed at.

I'm using v.4.0 Star wars The Clone wars mod for Star wars empire at war forces of corruption.

I'm recording with Hypercam 3.0
Right now I'm working on testing the Mod's battlefront demo so I'll prioritize.
I will not make the episodes in order.
Right now I'm working on Mygeeto it is barely even finished, I only took 1 good video footage that night so I'll say I'm done 2 % (With that episode of course)

I'm trying to make it as canon as possible but it won't be exactly canon like in the novels.
Advices would be much thankful.


These are in order.
Geonosis: No good maps yet, I'll have to improvise.
RAS Prosecutor: I have no map as of yet, I'll ask Delta289 if He'll share it for this sore purpose.
Saving Omega Team: No map yet, no map equals no episode.

Anti Terror Ops Coruscant: Not yet decided if I'll include this one.
Recon on Devaron: This is confirmed and will be the easiest one to do, I'll need the full mod to do this though or a GC that includes the planet.
Mygeeto: This one is currently WIP but I will not include the events that took place in the novel here since there is no good building, or any model of Walon Vau.
Hunting Ko Sai: Not yet confirmed, Might add a different story to it, yet I haven't read that novel yet even though I have it.
Rebel attack on treasury: Not yet confirmed probably won't be in the series.
Kashyyyk: Confirmed and will be in the Episodes but the events will take place After rescuing Tarfful.
Imperial service: Not yet confirmed, I might see if someone has skins and models for Imperial Commandos, if so I'm in business.

That's all folks, feel free to ask questions.

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