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Key to Freedom

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I have to say, this was a pleasant surprise. Somehow, you've managed to make a custom story that I had more fun playing than The Dark Descent itself. Your level design is superb, and the ambiance, lighting, and effects all blend together to create this amazing, all-encompassing atmosphere that had me both fascinated and terrified. The scares were spaced just well enough to keep me on the edge of my seat, without them getting repetitive or predictable. The camera movement in some of the scenes (especially the one at the end) was extremely well done, and your use of sound effects during events, no matter how trivial, was fantastic. The story didn't seem like it would be much in the beginning, but ended up being very memorable and satisfying. Along with that, the puzzles were neither too easy, nor too difficult (which is saying something, because I get stumped very easily). The only quirks I have would be the voice acting, which wasn't bad but also wasn't particularly good, and the fact that it wasn't always clear what I was supposed to do (example, I didn't know to stay out of the darkness in the Graveyard until AFTER I died from standing in the darkness). But all-in-all, I find this to be an exceptionally good custom story with great level design, atmosphere, scares, and story. I would seriously recommend this to anyone interested.