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Today I, CptWesley, decided to sometimes start posting blogs about what I've been up to in modding, mapping and/or gaming. Take note that I might not post every single accomplishment, as I might forget about it.

But that's not all, I'm also going to post useless blogs, based upon my achieved milestones in games (which no ones gives a fuck about).

So for this entry:

- Finished permissions set-up for BasBoy's server (Minecraft)
- Restored damage from last wartime on Great Light Desert (Minecraft)
- Beaten #1 on the Blacklist (Need for Speed: Most Wanted)
- Fucked up the word: "swag" with my cousin (Other)
- Made Soldermist rage quit by killing him on purpose (Left 4 Dead 2)
- Thought about starting own Youtube Gaming Channel (Other)
- Played some L4D2 with Soldermist (Left 4 Dead 2)
- Played some Minecraft with Bas, Leon, Rens (Minecraft)
- Played some NFS:MW (Need for Speed: Most Wanted)
- Played some RuneScape (pathetic right?) (RuneScape)
- Played some NFS:W with 2 old class mates (Need for Speed: World)
- Bought the DLC Pack for Borderlands (Steam/Borderlands)
- Watched first 6 episodes of "School Days" (Other) (Yes I watch anime, got a problem with that?!?!?)
- Wrote first Blog Entry on ModDB (Other)
- Earned 4m (RuneScape)
- Made someone or maybe even two people block me on msn (Other)
- Bas showed me the new home teleport system (RuneScape)
- Became level 12 (Need for Speed: World)
- Became Co-Owner on Bas's server (Minecraft)
- Got small attack xp lamp from gnome thingy (RuneScape)
- Got CQC Ammo for 1 day from The Daily Draw (Battlefield: Play 4 Free)
- Eaten dinner (Other)

So.... if you have come this far: Congratulations, you have aquired a new level, you are now: "No-lifer". Back to bussiness, I need some thoughts on wether to start my own Youtube channel or not, and wether to continue with this epic randomness of shit no one gives a fuck about.

P.S.: As there are some people that want to contact me but don't know how:

Social Stuff:
XFire: cptwesley
Steam: cpt_wesley
Skype: cptwesley
ModDB: cptwesley

Some EA Games: GENwesley and CPTwesley
Company of Heroes: GENwesley and CptWesley
Call of Duty 4: [F]CptWesley
Minecraft: WesleyJay (former: BlackEagleX)
RuneScape: Wesley Jay
C&C Renegade: CptWesley and WesDeSim (my old EA because of the Sims :S)
Rest: CptWesley/Cpt.Wesley/Cpt_Wesley

And my gaming rig as far it is known:

Manufacturer:OEM Manufacturer
Processor:Pentium(R) Dual-Core CPU E5200 @ 2.50GHz (2 CPUs)
RAMHard Drive:500 GB
Video Card:NVIDIA GeForce 9600 GT
Monitor:Philips LED Wide-screen
Sound Card:Realtek HD Audio output
Speakers:Logitech LS11
Keyboard:Logitech G15
Mouse:Trust Redbull Racing Gaming Mouse
Mouse Surface:Silent Hill Commercial Mousepad
Operation System:Windows XP Professional (5.1, Build 2600) Service Pack 3
Motherboard: ~Unknown~
Computer Case:Advanced Power - Ranger

All my projects so far:

Axis Player (CoD5:WaW) - On Hold/First Version Released
Call of Duty Multiplayer Missions (CoD1/UO) - On Hold/ Might be merged into WarExtended
WarExtended (CoD1/UO) - On Hold
WarEffects (CoD4) - On Hold
WesleyJay's TexturePack (Minecraft) - On Hold
CptWesley's In-Game Admin Menu (CoD1/UO) - On Hold/ A WarExtended version will also be made
Skaarj Invasion (CoD4:MW) - Dead
mp_tombe (CoD1) - Released
CptWesley's Loading Screens (CoD:UO) - Released
CptWesley's Weapon Tiger Camouflage (CoD4) - Released
CptWesley's Prestige Icons (CoD5:WaW) - Released
CptWesley's Stealth Texture (C&C:Renegade) - Released
WesleyJay's X-Ray Texturepack bundle (Minecraft) - Finished/Not Released
mp_bridges (CoD1) - Finished/Not Released
mp_icecave (CoD4) - Finished/Not Released
mp_rifle_platforms (CoD1) - Finished/Not Released
mp_network (CoD1) - Dead
mp_glassconfusion (CoD1) - Finished/Not Released
mp_cambridge (CoD4) - Dead
mp_containerdump (CoD4) - Finished/Not Released
mp_twosides ~cooperating with Ground Zero~ (CoD:UO) - Dead
mp_flameroom (CoD1) - Finished/Not Released
CptWesley's MiniMod Pack (CoD1) - First Version Released, continued in WarExtended mod
First Person Alien Swarm (Alien Swarm) - Dead
Axis Player Wallpaper Pack 1 (Misc) - Released
CptWesley's Rank Mod (CoD2) - Dead
CptWesley's Bolt-Rifle Only Mod (CoD2) - Finished/Not Released
Fokkers Realism Mod (CoD4) - Finished/Out of Use
Nonameyet Mod (CoD4) - Dead
Freefight DM (CoD4) - Dead
mp_dawn (CoD4) - Dead
mp_reach (CoD5) - Finished/Not Released
mp_overhawn (CoD5) - On Hold/Dead
mp_tomb ~remake of CoD1 mp_tombe~ (CoD5) - Dead
mp_tomb ~remake of CoD1 mp_tombe~ (CoD4) - Dead
mp_carrier (CoD4) - Dead
mp_gasstation (CoD4) - Finished/Not Released
mp_jarkat (CoD4) - Dead
mp_tournament (CoD4) - Finished/Not Released
mp_snowcross ~map for Hacker22's DoW mod, which died~ (CoD4) - Dead
mp_radiationfields (CoD4) - Finished/Not Released
mp_sniper_wardocks (CoD4) - Finished/Not Released
CptWesley's Competetive Mod (CoD1) - Merged into WarExtended

That was almost it, and for those who now might think: "What is that WarExtended Mod everything is being merged into?"
It will become a mod which adds great flexibility for server admins, when run without any configs changed, the gameplay won't change at all. The Mod adds gametype remakes like Gungame, One in the Chamber, Capture the Flag, but will also add new gametypes like Multiplayer Missions. Server admins will be able to change the gameplay settings way more freely like the amount of health players have, time taken for a bomb to explode etc. The mod will also include an in-game RCON menu for admins to easily change the game settings, rotate maps, kick or ban players.
In the future the mod might also include some default gamemodes like Hardcore, Realism, Competetive, Rifle Only, Sniper Only etc. Next to this, I might add some fun functions like a global music player.

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