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Hi all Moddb friends.

Today had experience in the big speech again in the Central Literature House. Today Leonid Volodarsky (leader of Oriola literature association) made "Christmas evening party" in the Low Room of Central Lit House. In the first time my task was to read own new-year thematics story in front of many people.

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Thanks God that evening was very good and my speech also was liked by many people. I was read them my story about my childhood and my Christmas days, when I was 8-10 years old.

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Again need to say thanks to L.Volodarsky and his association for support my literature artwork and for my work there. I am making speeches there not first time and my participation there will be continued.

All there I must wish Good successes in the New Year and must congratulate with Christmas days!

Best wishes in literature!

Regards Alexander

Central Literature House speech (in russian)



Speech about literature progress. There i spoke about important literature knowledge and also about reculturisation of our society.

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"Legends of Moon Landscape"

Full book, 2016.

NIC Academica (c)

ISBN 978-5-4225-0094-9


Book was dedicated to my beloved grandfather Alexander Rodnikov (died in 2015). He was truly teacher for me. My grandfather was first man for me in my life.


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My august

BagaturKhan Blog 3 comments

sorry people haven`t time for visit Moddb

this august was full for me.

I drunk a lot , was in my village, build there house....

and I, thanks God, officially released my book.

will show you photos soon...

I am with you all :D

Yours Alex

Original story -

My 3rd publication.
From the "Country Tales" (translation by Marqus Cane, my good friend)

It was long ago, in my village in summer 2004. Then I was no less than 11 years. Even then she was alive, my favorite grandmother, who has always supported me. Life without her grandmother while for me did not exist, my grandmother was a mainstay in all. In the village we always went to all the staff, along with his grandparents. As always, in the middle of July we were visited by mom and dad. In 2004, the Pope was unable to attend due to work and came only one mother. I remember we always went for a walk around the neighborhood of our village with my grandmother, grandfather and mother. We often went to the lake through a small street called kittens. The street that was named so because of the fact that at the beginning of the XX century in the lake, located at the end of the street, drowned kittens. However, then for me, this street was called not kittens and Street Angry Dogs. On this street there lived many farmers had in the courts of two or even three dogs. their dogs were vicious, and not tolerated outsiders. We are always armed with sticks, when they passed through the streets, passing the various houses of the local residents. Dogs here were angry not so much by the presence of strangers, but because of their puppies. Recently, a dog gave birth on the street three young puppies. It is learned all the villagers. Out of fear that the puppies do harm to people, the dog was very embittered. As we have heard, from the bites of the dog suffered a lot of people. And I, too, suffered from this dog, which is protected throughout their offspring. We came back, I remember just off the lake. We always went there to look at the water, and to reflect on the meaning of life. At this time, my grandmother was not with us, she was cooking dinner at home. We were three: me, my mother and my grandfather. We were across the street Kittens, heading to our home, located next to the village church. Grandpa went ahead, armed with a stick. My mother followed him, looking in all directions. I, unfortunately, went back, counting crows. I still regret that I had then with him was not a stick or a gun. My carelessness and irresponsibility of large led me that day.

Passing by the house of some wealthy farmers, I have not noticed how almost stepped on a peacefully sleeping puppies. these puppies seem to have been born recently. Then I did not even have time to consider them. What color was their hair, what breed they were cubs, - all this, I did not remember. Grandfather and mother went ahead and talked quietly. Grandpa said something mother, who assented to it and nodded. I walked and thought about what today will prepare us for lunch grandmother. My thoughts are interrupted unpleasant surprise.

In one second, someone grabbed me by the leg back, abruptly sank his teeth and let go. I turned back. Little black dog ran away from me towards the house of his master. At first I thought she just ran home peacefully. But suddenly I felt my left leg hurts. It's like taking a walk, I got burned. But no burns or injuries, I could not get, I carefully watch him when I go somewhere. Now I realized that actually happened.

It turns out that while I was passing by the house of wealthy farmers, where she lived, this black dog, I noticed how almost stepped on a sleeping puppies. Their evil mother sensed danger, and to protect their pups, and immediately chased rubles gained my leg. After this case, I always look around.

Yes, I remember, there was a lot of blood when it was discovered that I was bitten by a dog. Mother and grandfather immediately ran up to me, took me to the house. Then my grandmother bandaged my wound. Mother and grandfather immediately called the emergency room, and behind me came a white car with a red cross. I wanted to put in the hospital, but the doctors looked at my wound, and decided that I would come to him himself. I went to the emergency room for a few days and made shots. Soon, my wound healed, and the bite was gone.

But the fear remains, which is then tortured me for many, many years. Since that time, I was afraid of dogs, afraid of panic, as if something terrible. Until now, when I see a dog, even small and bald, I begin to fear it. Of course, I knew that the dog is essentially weaker than men, and as a bolt from the blue, I was struck somewhere I heard the phrase a long time. And weak become strong when it comes to their lives or the lives of their offspring. But now I realize it. After all, a lot of known cases where blackbirds furious rush to the crows trying to eat their eggs and destroy nests. The sages used to say that the nest of an eagle and the raven beats. This adage of the ancient Slavs long remembered me, and to this day I remember it by heart, and I know the meaning of.

As for the dog that bit me, then host it soon shot. It was rumored that she was bitten more than a dozen people. Even the owner of it more than once suffered, and his wife and children even more so, because the dog does not distinguish between friends and foes when it comes to protecting her puppies. Of course, the people invented a myth that a rabid dog, and they say, it shot right. But if this story paste the proverb, which I mentioned earlier, it becomes clear that the dog was absolutely normal. It's just much loved her puppies, and they were ready to sacrifice their lives. And I imagine the power of love, which moved this little plyugavenkoy dog and make her fearless creature, ready to defend their young even at the cost of his own life. And this is the case, when love does not only man, but also a dog is much stronger. The verdict is incredibly simple: the dog was a loving mother. After all, people still almost the same. Any mother if he sees that hurt her child, immediately rushes to his aid. So I do not blame either the dog or its owners. In terms of safety the dog was right, and I am proud to tell this to all your loved ones. What if I accidentally passed and stepped on her puppies? What then would it be? It could have been such, nothing is impossible.

No doubt that he is truly nice? xD

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He is one year old. Male.

Scottish-stright elite cat.

Legends of the "Moon Landscape".

The story is dedicated to the memory of my grandfather, he was for me the great man in my life.

Translated by Google....

"Rumors about the mysterious phenomena of the so-called Lunar Landscape walked for centuries. In my village it was considered a mysterious lunar landscape has a lot of centuries. Lunar Landscape - a huge crater on the outskirts of the village, which is a small lake. Large vegetation there is negligible. As soon as the marsh reeds, covering almost all the ancient canyon. Not surprisingly, because lunar landscape covered with marshy terrain. In the morning, there is always a fog. Many villagers often told me about the dark secrets of this place. They talked about the ghosts of the ancients, who lived in the Lunar Landscape. Many villagers claimed they had seen all sorts of mystical phenomena there. I myself have met near the lunar landscape some strange old-mages and who for a long time called me and my parents all the diseases that we had at that time. I even wrote about Incanter whole story, calling it - Russian Sage Earth. It was the only mystical, perhaps the phenomenon which I saw in his eyes. As for the rest of phenomenal occurrences, I knew almost nothing, only heard from the mouth of the villagers who lived near the area. A short distance away from the lunar landscape the cemetery my village, where thousands of people are buried. Near by the lunar landscape is a separate cemetery with graves of Jewish families. It should be noted that people living close to this mysterious terrain live for many years. I saw the old woman, who lived almost on the territory of the landscape, which has already passed ninety-eight years. More should be emphasized that the previously very close, just five meters from the giant canyon lunar landscape located village school. But because of unexplained and mysterious phenomena, the school was closed. The school building stayed only one teacher, which eventually turned into a hermit-old woman. Later she died. It was said the people she barely left the house. I still wonder how she then ate, if she did not come out of her house and lived alone.

At night, the lunar landscape I have never seen, because much was afraid to go there, and there was no reason. All mysticism lunar landscape for me was only a rumor, stories of local residents, as well as in the case of a conversation with the old man-Sage, which then, as it turned out, no one knew of the villagers. Lunar Landscape will always remain for me a very memorable and mysterious place in my village, and perhaps in our country. To speak honestly, lunar landscape for me, the place is also a native. All this is due to my late grandfather, with whom we have often made trips to those places.
We sat on the two bikes and rode slowly. Yes, the hill climb was hard, but it was not a serious problem for us. As a rule, achieving goals, grandfather climbed down from his "steel horse" and ran to look for mushrooms in small plantations that were "born" during the Soviet era. It is not always lucky with mushrooms, I tell you, but the thrill of this trip still remains in my heart. While my grandfather was looking for mushrooms, I stood on the edge of a precipice and looking at this very landscape. I still remember the beautiful crater, as if created by the hands of some powerful ancient race. In fact, it appeared because of the impact of a meteorite in ancient times. I remember a couple of small lakes, surrounded by reed forest. A pootdal little house located in the edge of the crater. And behind them already could be seen birch and elm trees surrounding the small river Shachu. All this is still in my head. It is enough to close your eyes, and you plunge into the wonderful and beautiful, mysterious world of the lunar landscape.

Unfortunately, time is relentless. it is impossible to act against this enemy. Against him no chance of winning. Time conquers all. Grandpa is already half a year in the heavens, and the house in the village will now move forward in my possession. Endless showdown with notaries and lawyers, trips to rural communities - it all appeared suddenly like Vikings.
In September, I went to my village, in addition to clashes with government agencies over the inheritance, and even look at my favorite lunar landscape. Grandpa probably also like to see again all this, posobirat mushrooms, cycling the hills, look at the amazing beauty of the crater. But alas ... time to pick it up. Now Lunar Landscape is no longer what it was before.
No, he survived. He still looks the same. But in my mind it is already present a different vision. When I saw the canyon, I was not happy that the beauty I beheld during the life of my grandfather. Yearning…. That terrible, heavy sadness that covers me .... During that as I looked at the landscape, I felt nothing except nostalgia for the past. And just remember my grandfather, that rode on the bike, then get down to it and ran for mushrooms. And then I stood and admired the beauty. But now there is no longer any grandparents nor the time. And the vision of beauty has not visited me. Looking at the lunar landscape, I see something bright and beautiful time, which left me. And, alas, it does not add joy to me, but only sorrow and sadness.
Still Lunar Landscape will always be for me the most native. Suffice it to just close your eyes, and you're back there again ... you stand and look at the beauty of nature, and grandfather looking mushrooms. You look around. See the back two bicycle lying on the ground. Then you hear rustling in the green plantings, located a few hundred meters from you. You dostaёsh from his pocket a bottle of mineral water and sipped a few mouthfuls. Then you tear off the ground several branches of different plants that you turn into a means for otmahivaniya from annoying insects. Gadfly and flies buzzing incessantly. But you not only hear their noise, but also the crackle of grasshoppers, which sit in the grass and sing merrily. Then you listen to others and hear the sounds of distant mooing cows. You turn around again towards the crater and look into it. Somewhere in the distance over the small lake sweeps sandpiper, which emits sounds similar to the kind of cackling hens. Then the bird disappears and you think again transferred to the landing. Do you see the grandfather with a bag in his hand, coming out of their green arms. Apparently, the mushrooms were not there.
- Well, that I found? - Scream you almost everything in the throat.
- No! - Meets the grandfather - Nothing. Tomorrow's go into the grove.
After this, you see, my grandfather sits on a bicycle, and then looks at you and starts down the mountain. He has always loved speed. Then you turn around again and look closely at the Lunar Landscape, examines every detail. And apparently, it also looks the same look on you.
After this, you sit on the bike again and to start up ahead of the grandfather.
And then you open your eyes ... ..
And you see the void."


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My new Medieval 2 Total War project.

You can see it there.

Rise of Legends II

Hello friends!

I must say, sorry that i am not often there.

I have a lot of work in real life with my book. Need to finish it completely.

Also had artwork program and went to theatres, there saw beautiful dramas.

Also i am making dialogues with Games Workshop about ideas. I told them about my book.

I don`t forget about you all there.

Maybe will visit you again in a week.

Yours Alexander ;)

Love you all :)

Part 7

BagaturKhan Blog

Part 7

(translated by AnyNa)

And what is our plan ? What was that about the Heidi named Creon that greeted us in Egypt ? Do you know who he is ?All i know is that he was one of the first servants of Nertal " Everyone in the chambers of the president winced when hearing the name Creon and the ones from Behemoth team grew even pale.Judging by their reaction this could only mean that the name Creon could only inspire scorn and fear. " Creon " remarked Fahri , with a sullen expression on his face." The amulet that i neutralised is most likely his handiwork.The Heidi are so old that is difficult to imagine Creon's age.I know of what you say because this demon was infamous thousands of years ago for attacking a colony of the Nibelungs from where they stolen many treasures.He also developed secret weapons in the form of amulets and charms.At the time the monster was known as Hagen by his more real name , one you can use because all other demons are afraid when their true names are spoken." " Now i understand it all " said in response the indian monk. " " He did feel to me not what he claimed to be and we will be pleased to end him when we meet again " President Fahri just approved nodding his head then picked the cursed amulet again. " Captain ! " Tarakatl spoke loud pointing at Ahuakatl that was standing in the farthest corner of the room while having remained silent all this time " Take this trinket to the lower deck in the secret archive , place it into the compartment meant to hold objects of particular risk.In the event that we will win we will conduct studies of the amulet and learn more about its properties.We need more information than we have now.Dismissed , you can return to the bridge " " Yes , sir " answered the captain dutifully taking the amulet from the president then bowing down in salute to all the retinue present as he left the room

Fahri was continuing the conversation with Muhambek and his commanders , Muhambek being very depressed with the situation.Sadness was on the face of the warrior monk as well when realising the hardship they been through akin to locusts on a wheat field." Now it is clear to you what you encountered , is it not ? " The Tarakatl leader asked " But not blame yourselves for trusting Nertal.You could not have known who he is" " From the beginning i did not trust these evildoers fully " said the warrior monk. " No one knew this detail but now is the time to tell.I'm the living diary since the start of Muhambek's campaign and when i noticed the violet eyes of Nertal , there was no good to be seen in them but only a fierce thirst for power.What passed is over now but now we are able to do everything right and save our world " " I advise you all to rest because soon a hard fight awaits " said firmly Fahri Masood. " We will not hide from Nertal.We already spent plenty of time on the bottom of the sea masking ourselves so the enemy cannot see us.But now the time has come to destroy Mephistopheles in his own lair but not his army" " And for this you will need a teleporter " continued liutenant Mirzo." A device invented by the space wanderers Sinnakerib.The teleporter allows anyone from Heidi to move directly to Nertal's base.Our goal is to capture one of these devices so we can move into Nertal's quarters and pierce his black heart with the Behemoth tooth.If we succeed the war will end and then the largest navy of my homeland can arrive to save this world.Heidi and Nertal's demons won't fight anymore once they find their master cast away.Why do i say only cast away is because to kill him completely is impossible , but we must act together.You gentlemen of the Ai-Tai empire , you have much to learn to confront Nertal's army because bows and arrows will not overcome them." You made the truth clear to me now " said Muhambek. " My warriors are with you , only if you will to explain to them all the entire situation because it would take a lot of time for me to tell each of my warriors in turn , for they are two thousand "

President Fahri only smiled slightly at this " Go now to your cabins and await further orders.My men will escort you " said Masood " You as the leader of the Ai-Tai army will be provided with cabin suites , for now you are like part of the team of Behemoth and i congratulate you.Do not worry for your men because my men will talk to your soldiers and inform them of the entire truth." Once these things were decided , the Ai-Tai captains and their prince went into the sleeping quarters of the ship where high rank members of the ship were living there.Muhambek understood poorly the hierarchy structure of Tarakatl but it did not matter for his goal was only one now , to destroy Nertal.All the Ai-Tai host were now like members of the ship.Some soldiers were angry when they found out that the prince was naive to trust Nertal but all concluded that it was a test from the gods.Then the Ai-Tai begun feasting with drinks and foods , terribly tired from all these events that almost took their lives.The warrior monk took a separated cabin where he found enough space to his liking and where he transcribed the happenings of their campaign in the egyptian lands.The prince remained talking with Fahri Masood in his chambers and during their conversation he told the president of his native Ai-Tai lands and the strange behaviour of his parents before he left.The president enlightened him that it was not a coincidence that Berdibek Khan sent his son with an army in Egypt.Fahri suspected that Burum the priest that fooled the Ai-Tai troops to reach Egypt was a spy of Nertal that seduced Berdibek Khan with his speeches.Muhambek vowed to end the priest once he returns to Buruma Zlatovat , the capital of his country.

" I will end this traitor " said Muhambek mighty " My mother was right.The priest used magic so my father could believe his words.I see now that Burum is indeed a servant of Nertal.Why would he send us to Egypt if not so " " Exactly " said Fahri " You speak well.He indeed convinced your father to go to Egypt for the Tarakatl stones.This is because the priest knew that the stones are in Nertal's posession." " The stones intially were held by the egyptian " said the prince " They surely did not find them in some egyptian underground but they found them when Nertal ravaged the country with his army , ruined the pyramids and defeated the egyptian army , then he took the stones." " The stones need to be taken and sanctified once we end Nertal " said the president. " They are already saturated with darkness.I feel it.It is necessary to perform the right ritual to deliver the stones away from the power of evil.For too long they been in Nertal's hands.
What is most important now is where he keeps them now and we will soon find out.It is not so easy to arrive to the teleporter because security there is not mild.I even heard that he has a dark witch , a queen of pain that guards the place.Her name is Rangoon.Most likely he assigned her to guard the teleporter." " There was no sight of witches in Nertal's camp " added the prince " But i understand that it will be difficult" " We will have to defeat the witch " said the president. " Among our enemies there are more other dangerous leaders of the Heidi Federation that are no less dangerous than this Queen of Pain like Rumosan Alois , the rat man.He is Nertal's best assasin.We should pray to the gods that they will not descend on us together because their fighting prowess is great.They are Nertal's most faithful servants." as soon as president Fahri spoke these words a crew member in a white uniform entered the room

His face was frightened , his eyes nearly out of their sockets with shock." Sir president ! You are called to the bridge , sir.We caught numerous objects on our radars that are approaching us.The captain believes they might not be trade galleys of Earth dwellers because they are moving too fast. " As soon as the soldier spoken , president Fahri with the speed of a lion left for the place he called bridge.This place seemed to have been managing all the mechanisms of Behemoth.Until they arrived , the president and Muhambek had to walk quite a distance , passing through numerous corridors of the ship.The bridge was a large room having numerous square objects emitting the mysterious blue glow.The team members were naming these devices as the ship's computers and control panels.None of the Ai-Tai understood their design and their purpose because these things were far ahead of their times.They were strange devices that were steering the ship in front of which many people were sitting.On the bridge the captain was sitting on his gilded chair along with Mirzo next to him.When the president entered the room , everyone stood up from their seats saluting the president with hands on their foreheads.This was obviously their form of expressed respect for their leader. " President sir " bowed the captain while pointing to the shining instruments." There is serious trouble ahead.It seems the Heidi have sent a flotilla with the support of their aicraft our way that our drones detected as being from their Glider class of ships armed with missle weapons and dozens of drones.I'm afraid this is only the beginning.Aside from this our cloaking generator is depleted.We are therefore vulnerable , sir.You will have to set the first level of alarm." " Captain ! " a crew member yelled " They are hailing us " " What for ? " asked Muhambek " No moment of peace in this egyptian campaign it seems " thought to himself

" Let us hear it and then we begin battle".Fear could be read on all faces of those present on the bridge.Even the captain showed a worried look.Muhambek remained impressed that out of all people only the president remained fearless , determination could be read from his eyes.The prince inadvertely gave a glance at one of the instruments that was shining like a bright fire.He was unable to recognise the images on this device because they were showing an image of a destination that the prince could not understand.It was obvious that all the images on the shining instruments were representing something important accompanying the ship's management.Suddenly the image vanished and on the shining objects there appeared a face that looked familiar.Truly terrifying with piercing violet eyes , an evil grin and a hooked aquilline nose.At the sight of this Muhambek shuddered involuntarily.Even president Fahri and liutenant Mirzo curled in disgust at the sight of the sinister face.It was the very essence that was found in the fortress of Egypt , the essence of none other than Nertal Asteron. " Greetings ! " uttered the dark lips " It is good to see you again , president Fahri Masood , the one who is called the great Messiah of Tarakatl.Ha ha ha ! I am glad to see your face , the mighty Ahuakatl captain of his invincible fortress that made a fame throughout the galaxy.Also happy to see you here as well , Muhambek son of Berdibek , prince of Ai-Tai.I see that you , my dear earthling have not fullfilled the task i have entrusted you" " What do you want Mephistopheles ? " the president asked angrily while approaching the shining instrument through which the sinister face was gazing

" It is strange that you decided to communicate with us.We are used to you sending your servants to administer crimes and not with you making contact with inferior races like we are.What do you want ? Speak quick and don't waste our time ! " " You lied to us ! " Muhambek growled menacingly " You lied to us Nertal.You convinced us that Masood is the villain that built the apocalypse on Earth.You tricked us to enter the ship of president Fahri in order to kill him and blow his ship up with the cursed amulet that the ratman gave us.You promised me that your guardian will bring us luck but you lied to me.You lied to us all , too all my warriors.We trusted you but you sent us to death and to kill innocent people.You are a liar ! " " Ha ha ha ! The little man calls me a liar " responded Nertal with a sinister smile " Even if this is so , then what do you want oh savage prince with your miserable planet ? You think i will stand up to this or you think my father will come running from the depths of the universe and punish me for my sins ? And send me to Hell for my crimes ? You have no idea who i am.Hell is me ! Ha ha ha ! Lying to you was a pleasure for me.You are a naked ape of a primitive undeveloped race.My father and the angels may think you are great but for me you are only a waste of space in the universe " " You have hailed us to intimidate us ? " president Fahri asked , standing fearless to Nertal's face. " I think it was a bad idea because i have an army that can put a quick end to your countless slaves." said president Fahri "Ha ha ha ! " Nertal grinned maliciously." Army you say ? You mean your miserable crew thinned from battle ? Or do you rely on that horde of savages that you have taken on board ? Or maybe you rely on the miserable support of the walking cat people ? You have no chance.Neither you Muhambek.You have signed a blood contract with me so your soul will come to me after you will die sooner or later.But i will not be bored at my monastery until this happens because soon i will get your father too which i will make my servant "

" Oh you snake ! " cried furiously prince Muhambek " You will pay for this !" " I promise that at our next meeting i will put a hole through you " Mirzo added furiously showing his sharp teeth " Aren't you tired of pouring your putrid speech on us ? " proudly remarked president Fahri. " I only called to say my goodbies " hissed Nertal who's face was distorted by his smile " For now you will feed the sharks and all your efforts of your once proud president of his once mighty nation will be in vain.You were doomed from the beginning on this world called Earth that soon i will turn them into my ancestral lands where i will rule for millions of years.And no gods or angels will stop me.Even my father that has never seen me as the ruler of the universe yet." " You are just a liar and a coward " Muhambek added angrily " You never had honor in you ! Do send your slaves for i will be pleased to send them to Hell.Do not forget to send Hagen too becasue i am going to cut down his nasty head." " You do not scare us , tempter " continued Fahri Masood. " We will give you a fight , defeat your armada then destroy you.Remember that the gods have never given to you power like this world has been given , the homeworld of humankind.You have destroyed Atlantis , my home but now you cannot win.I put all my faith into the gods of light that always help the righteous." " Your gods have left you , Masood " Nertal growled fiercely " They will never arrive here because i am superior to their power.You think your team along with your primates friends righteous ? You are a pathetic fool and i shall revel in your despair , of all your souls.Farewell ! Enjoy happily the end of the line " After these words ended the image vanished from all the shining instruments of the bridge.Muhambek understood clearly the words of the dark lord.Battle was inevitable now.

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