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Original story -

My 3rd publication.
From the "Country Tales" (translation by Marqus Cane, my good friend)

It was long ago, in my village in summer 2004. Then I was no less than 11 years. Even then she was alive, my favorite grandmother, who has always supported me. Life without her grandmother while for me did not exist, my grandmother was a mainstay in all. In the village we always went to all the staff, along with his grandparents. As always, in the middle of July we were visited by mom and dad. In 2004, the Pope was unable to attend due to work and came only one mother. I remember we always went for a walk around the neighborhood of our village with my grandmother, grandfather and mother. We often went to the lake through a small street called kittens. The street that was named so because of the fact that at the beginning of the XX century in the lake, located at the end of the street, drowned kittens. However, then for me, this street was called not kittens and Street Angry Dogs. On this street there lived many farmers had in the courts of two or even three dogs. their dogs were vicious, and not tolerated outsiders. We are always armed with sticks, when they passed through the streets, passing the various houses of the local residents. Dogs here were angry not so much by the presence of strangers, but because of their puppies. Recently, a dog gave birth on the street three young puppies. It is learned all the villagers. Out of fear that the puppies do harm to people, the dog was very embittered. As we have heard, from the bites of the dog suffered a lot of people. And I, too, suffered from this dog, which is protected throughout their offspring. We came back, I remember just off the lake. We always went there to look at the water, and to reflect on the meaning of life. At this time, my grandmother was not with us, she was cooking dinner at home. We were three: me, my mother and my grandfather. We were across the street Kittens, heading to our home, located next to the village church. Grandpa went ahead, armed with a stick. My mother followed him, looking in all directions. I, unfortunately, went back, counting crows. I still regret that I had then with him was not a stick or a gun. My carelessness and irresponsibility of large led me that day.

Passing by the house of some wealthy farmers, I have not noticed how almost stepped on a peacefully sleeping puppies. these puppies seem to have been born recently. Then I did not even have time to consider them. What color was their hair, what breed they were cubs, - all this, I did not remember. Grandfather and mother went ahead and talked quietly. Grandpa said something mother, who assented to it and nodded. I walked and thought about what today will prepare us for lunch grandmother. My thoughts are interrupted unpleasant surprise.

In one second, someone grabbed me by the leg back, abruptly sank his teeth and let go. I turned back. Little black dog ran away from me towards the house of his master. At first I thought she just ran home peacefully. But suddenly I felt my left leg hurts. It's like taking a walk, I got burned. But no burns or injuries, I could not get, I carefully watch him when I go somewhere. Now I realized that actually happened.

It turns out that while I was passing by the house of wealthy farmers, where she lived, this black dog, I noticed how almost stepped on a sleeping puppies. Their evil mother sensed danger, and to protect their pups, and immediately chased rubles gained my leg. After this case, I always look around.

Yes, I remember, there was a lot of blood when it was discovered that I was bitten by a dog. Mother and grandfather immediately ran up to me, took me to the house. Then my grandmother bandaged my wound. Mother and grandfather immediately called the emergency room, and behind me came a white car with a red cross. I wanted to put in the hospital, but the doctors looked at my wound, and decided that I would come to him himself. I went to the emergency room for a few days and made shots. Soon, my wound healed, and the bite was gone.

But the fear remains, which is then tortured me for many, many years. Since that time, I was afraid of dogs, afraid of panic, as if something terrible. Until now, when I see a dog, even small and bald, I begin to fear it. Of course, I knew that the dog is essentially weaker than men, and as a bolt from the blue, I was struck somewhere I heard the phrase a long time. And weak become strong when it comes to their lives or the lives of their offspring. But now I realize it. After all, a lot of known cases where blackbirds furious rush to the crows trying to eat their eggs and destroy nests. The sages used to say that the nest of an eagle and the raven beats. This adage of the ancient Slavs long remembered me, and to this day I remember it by heart, and I know the meaning of.

As for the dog that bit me, then host it soon shot. It was rumored that she was bitten more than a dozen people. Even the owner of it more than once suffered, and his wife and children even more so, because the dog does not distinguish between friends and foes when it comes to protecting her puppies. Of course, the people invented a myth that a rabid dog, and they say, it shot right. But if this story paste the proverb, which I mentioned earlier, it becomes clear that the dog was absolutely normal. It's just much loved her puppies, and they were ready to sacrifice their lives. And I imagine the power of love, which moved this little plyugavenkoy dog and make her fearless creature, ready to defend their young even at the cost of his own life. And this is the case, when love does not only man, but also a dog is much stronger. The verdict is incredibly simple: the dog was a loving mother. After all, people still almost the same. Any mother if he sees that hurt her child, immediately rushes to his aid. So I do not blame either the dog or its owners. In terms of safety the dog was right, and I am proud to tell this to all your loved ones. What if I accidentally passed and stepped on her puppies? What then would it be? It could have been such, nothing is impossible.

No doubt that he is truly nice? xD

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He is one year old. Male.

Scottish-stright elite cat.

Legends of the "Moon Landscape".

The story is dedicated to the memory of my grandfather, he was for me the great man in my life.

Translated by Google....

"Rumors about the mysterious phenomena of the so-called Lunar Landscape walked for centuries. In my village it was considered a mysterious lunar landscape has a lot of centuries. Lunar Landscape - a huge crater on the outskirts of the village, which is a small lake. Large vegetation there is negligible. As soon as the marsh reeds, covering almost all the ancient canyon. Not surprisingly, because lunar landscape covered with marshy terrain. In the morning, there is always a fog. Many villagers often told me about the dark secrets of this place. They talked about the ghosts of the ancients, who lived in the Lunar Landscape. Many villagers claimed they had seen all sorts of mystical phenomena there. I myself have met near the lunar landscape some strange old-mages and who for a long time called me and my parents all the diseases that we had at that time. I even wrote about Incanter whole story, calling it - Russian Sage Earth. It was the only mystical, perhaps the phenomenon which I saw in his eyes. As for the rest of phenomenal occurrences, I knew almost nothing, only heard from the mouth of the villagers who lived near the area. A short distance away from the lunar landscape the cemetery my village, where thousands of people are buried. Near by the lunar landscape is a separate cemetery with graves of Jewish families. It should be noted that people living close to this mysterious terrain live for many years. I saw the old woman, who lived almost on the territory of the landscape, which has already passed ninety-eight years. More should be emphasized that the previously very close, just five meters from the giant canyon lunar landscape located village school. But because of unexplained and mysterious phenomena, the school was closed. The school building stayed only one teacher, which eventually turned into a hermit-old woman. Later she died. It was said the people she barely left the house. I still wonder how she then ate, if she did not come out of her house and lived alone.

At night, the lunar landscape I have never seen, because much was afraid to go there, and there was no reason. All mysticism lunar landscape for me was only a rumor, stories of local residents, as well as in the case of a conversation with the old man-Sage, which then, as it turned out, no one knew of the villagers. Lunar Landscape will always remain for me a very memorable and mysterious place in my village, and perhaps in our country. To speak honestly, lunar landscape for me, the place is also a native. All this is due to my late grandfather, with whom we have often made trips to those places.
We sat on the two bikes and rode slowly. Yes, the hill climb was hard, but it was not a serious problem for us. As a rule, achieving goals, grandfather climbed down from his "steel horse" and ran to look for mushrooms in small plantations that were "born" during the Soviet era. It is not always lucky with mushrooms, I tell you, but the thrill of this trip still remains in my heart. While my grandfather was looking for mushrooms, I stood on the edge of a precipice and looking at this very landscape. I still remember the beautiful crater, as if created by the hands of some powerful ancient race. In fact, it appeared because of the impact of a meteorite in ancient times. I remember a couple of small lakes, surrounded by reed forest. A pootdal little house located in the edge of the crater. And behind them already could be seen birch and elm trees surrounding the small river Shachu. All this is still in my head. It is enough to close your eyes, and you plunge into the wonderful and beautiful, mysterious world of the lunar landscape.

Unfortunately, time is relentless. it is impossible to act against this enemy. Against him no chance of winning. Time conquers all. Grandpa is already half a year in the heavens, and the house in the village will now move forward in my possession. Endless showdown with notaries and lawyers, trips to rural communities - it all appeared suddenly like Vikings.
In September, I went to my village, in addition to clashes with government agencies over the inheritance, and even look at my favorite lunar landscape. Grandpa probably also like to see again all this, posobirat mushrooms, cycling the hills, look at the amazing beauty of the crater. But alas ... time to pick it up. Now Lunar Landscape is no longer what it was before.
No, he survived. He still looks the same. But in my mind it is already present a different vision. When I saw the canyon, I was not happy that the beauty I beheld during the life of my grandfather. Yearning…. That terrible, heavy sadness that covers me .... During that as I looked at the landscape, I felt nothing except nostalgia for the past. And just remember my grandfather, that rode on the bike, then get down to it and ran for mushrooms. And then I stood and admired the beauty. But now there is no longer any grandparents nor the time. And the vision of beauty has not visited me. Looking at the lunar landscape, I see something bright and beautiful time, which left me. And, alas, it does not add joy to me, but only sorrow and sadness.
Still Lunar Landscape will always be for me the most native. Suffice it to just close your eyes, and you're back there again ... you stand and look at the beauty of nature, and grandfather looking mushrooms. You look around. See the back two bicycle lying on the ground. Then you hear rustling in the green plantings, located a few hundred meters from you. You dostaёsh from his pocket a bottle of mineral water and sipped a few mouthfuls. Then you tear off the ground several branches of different plants that you turn into a means for otmahivaniya from annoying insects. Gadfly and flies buzzing incessantly. But you not only hear their noise, but also the crackle of grasshoppers, which sit in the grass and sing merrily. Then you listen to others and hear the sounds of distant mooing cows. You turn around again towards the crater and look into it. Somewhere in the distance over the small lake sweeps sandpiper, which emits sounds similar to the kind of cackling hens. Then the bird disappears and you think again transferred to the landing. Do you see the grandfather with a bag in his hand, coming out of their green arms. Apparently, the mushrooms were not there.
- Well, that I found? - Scream you almost everything in the throat.
- No! - Meets the grandfather - Nothing. Tomorrow's go into the grove.
After this, you see, my grandfather sits on a bicycle, and then looks at you and starts down the mountain. He has always loved speed. Then you turn around again and look closely at the Lunar Landscape, examines every detail. And apparently, it also looks the same look on you.
After this, you sit on the bike again and to start up ahead of the grandfather.
And then you open your eyes ... ..
And you see the void."


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My new Medieval 2 Total War project.

You can see it there.

Rise of Legends II

Hello friends!

I must say, sorry that i am not often there.

I have a lot of work in real life with my book. Need to finish it completely.

Also had artwork program and went to theatres, there saw beautiful dramas.

Also i am making dialogues with Games Workshop about ideas. I told them about my book.

I don`t forget about you all there.

Maybe will visit you again in a week.

Yours Alexander ;)

Love you all :)

Part 7

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Part 7

(translated by AnyNa)

And what is our plan ? What was that about the Heidi named Creon that greeted us in Egypt ? Do you know who he is ?All i know is that he was one of the first servants of Nertal " Everyone in the chambers of the president winced when hearing the name Creon and the ones from Behemoth team grew even pale.Judging by their reaction this could only mean that the name Creon could only inspire scorn and fear. " Creon " remarked Fahri , with a sullen expression on his face." The amulet that i neutralised is most likely his handiwork.The Heidi are so old that is difficult to imagine Creon's age.I know of what you say because this demon was infamous thousands of years ago for attacking a colony of the Nibelungs from where they stolen many treasures.He also developed secret weapons in the form of amulets and charms.At the time the monster was known as Hagen by his more real name , one you can use because all other demons are afraid when their true names are spoken." " Now i understand it all " said in response the indian monk. " " He did feel to me not what he claimed to be and we will be pleased to end him when we meet again " President Fahri just approved nodding his head then picked the cursed amulet again. " Captain ! " Tarakatl spoke loud pointing at Ahuakatl that was standing in the farthest corner of the room while having remained silent all this time " Take this trinket to the lower deck in the secret archive , place it into the compartment meant to hold objects of particular risk.In the event that we will win we will conduct studies of the amulet and learn more about its properties.We need more information than we have now.Dismissed , you can return to the bridge " " Yes , sir " answered the captain dutifully taking the amulet from the president then bowing down in salute to all the retinue present as he left the room

Fahri was continuing the conversation with Muhambek and his commanders , Muhambek being very depressed with the situation.Sadness was on the face of the warrior monk as well when realising the hardship they been through akin to locusts on a wheat field." Now it is clear to you what you encountered , is it not ? " The Tarakatl leader asked " But not blame yourselves for trusting Nertal.You could not have known who he is" " From the beginning i did not trust these evildoers fully " said the warrior monk. " No one knew this detail but now is the time to tell.I'm the living diary since the start of Muhambek's campaign and when i noticed the violet eyes of Nertal , there was no good to be seen in them but only a fierce thirst for power.What passed is over now but now we are able to do everything right and save our world " " I advise you all to rest because soon a hard fight awaits " said firmly Fahri Masood. " We will not hide from Nertal.We already spent plenty of time on the bottom of the sea masking ourselves so the enemy cannot see us.But now the time has come to destroy Mephistopheles in his own lair but not his army" " And for this you will need a teleporter " continued liutenant Mirzo." A device invented by the space wanderers Sinnakerib.The teleporter allows anyone from Heidi to move directly to Nertal's base.Our goal is to capture one of these devices so we can move into Nertal's quarters and pierce his black heart with the Behemoth tooth.If we succeed the war will end and then the largest navy of my homeland can arrive to save this world.Heidi and Nertal's demons won't fight anymore once they find their master cast away.Why do i say only cast away is because to kill him completely is impossible , but we must act together.You gentlemen of the Ai-Tai empire , you have much to learn to confront Nertal's army because bows and arrows will not overcome them." You made the truth clear to me now " said Muhambek. " My warriors are with you , only if you will to explain to them all the entire situation because it would take a lot of time for me to tell each of my warriors in turn , for they are two thousand "

President Fahri only smiled slightly at this " Go now to your cabins and await further orders.My men will escort you " said Masood " You as the leader of the Ai-Tai army will be provided with cabin suites , for now you are like part of the team of Behemoth and i congratulate you.Do not worry for your men because my men will talk to your soldiers and inform them of the entire truth." Once these things were decided , the Ai-Tai captains and their prince went into the sleeping quarters of the ship where high rank members of the ship were living there.Muhambek understood poorly the hierarchy structure of Tarakatl but it did not matter for his goal was only one now , to destroy Nertal.All the Ai-Tai host were now like members of the ship.Some soldiers were angry when they found out that the prince was naive to trust Nertal but all concluded that it was a test from the gods.Then the Ai-Tai begun feasting with drinks and foods , terribly tired from all these events that almost took their lives.The warrior monk took a separated cabin where he found enough space to his liking and where he transcribed the happenings of their campaign in the egyptian lands.The prince remained talking with Fahri Masood in his chambers and during their conversation he told the president of his native Ai-Tai lands and the strange behaviour of his parents before he left.The president enlightened him that it was not a coincidence that Berdibek Khan sent his son with an army in Egypt.Fahri suspected that Burum the priest that fooled the Ai-Tai troops to reach Egypt was a spy of Nertal that seduced Berdibek Khan with his speeches.Muhambek vowed to end the priest once he returns to Buruma Zlatovat , the capital of his country.

" I will end this traitor " said Muhambek mighty " My mother was right.The priest used magic so my father could believe his words.I see now that Burum is indeed a servant of Nertal.Why would he send us to Egypt if not so " " Exactly " said Fahri " You speak well.He indeed convinced your father to go to Egypt for the Tarakatl stones.This is because the priest knew that the stones are in Nertal's posession." " The stones intially were held by the egyptian " said the prince " They surely did not find them in some egyptian underground but they found them when Nertal ravaged the country with his army , ruined the pyramids and defeated the egyptian army , then he took the stones." " The stones need to be taken and sanctified once we end Nertal " said the president. " They are already saturated with darkness.I feel it.It is necessary to perform the right ritual to deliver the stones away from the power of evil.For too long they been in Nertal's hands.
What is most important now is where he keeps them now and we will soon find out.It is not so easy to arrive to the teleporter because security there is not mild.I even heard that he has a dark witch , a queen of pain that guards the place.Her name is Rangoon.Most likely he assigned her to guard the teleporter." " There was no sight of witches in Nertal's camp " added the prince " But i understand that it will be difficult" " We will have to defeat the witch " said the president. " Among our enemies there are more other dangerous leaders of the Heidi Federation that are no less dangerous than this Queen of Pain like Rumosan Alois , the rat man.He is Nertal's best assasin.We should pray to the gods that they will not descend on us together because their fighting prowess is great.They are Nertal's most faithful servants." as soon as president Fahri spoke these words a crew member in a white uniform entered the room

His face was frightened , his eyes nearly out of their sockets with shock." Sir president ! You are called to the bridge , sir.We caught numerous objects on our radars that are approaching us.The captain believes they might not be trade galleys of Earth dwellers because they are moving too fast. " As soon as the soldier spoken , president Fahri with the speed of a lion left for the place he called bridge.This place seemed to have been managing all the mechanisms of Behemoth.Until they arrived , the president and Muhambek had to walk quite a distance , passing through numerous corridors of the ship.The bridge was a large room having numerous square objects emitting the mysterious blue glow.The team members were naming these devices as the ship's computers and control panels.None of the Ai-Tai understood their design and their purpose because these things were far ahead of their times.They were strange devices that were steering the ship in front of which many people were sitting.On the bridge the captain was sitting on his gilded chair along with Mirzo next to him.When the president entered the room , everyone stood up from their seats saluting the president with hands on their foreheads.This was obviously their form of expressed respect for their leader. " President sir " bowed the captain while pointing to the shining instruments." There is serious trouble ahead.It seems the Heidi have sent a flotilla with the support of their aicraft our way that our drones detected as being from their Glider class of ships armed with missle weapons and dozens of drones.I'm afraid this is only the beginning.Aside from this our cloaking generator is depleted.We are therefore vulnerable , sir.You will have to set the first level of alarm." " Captain ! " a crew member yelled " They are hailing us " " What for ? " asked Muhambek " No moment of peace in this egyptian campaign it seems " thought to himself

" Let us hear it and then we begin battle".Fear could be read on all faces of those present on the bridge.Even the captain showed a worried look.Muhambek remained impressed that out of all people only the president remained fearless , determination could be read from his eyes.The prince inadvertely gave a glance at one of the instruments that was shining like a bright fire.He was unable to recognise the images on this device because they were showing an image of a destination that the prince could not understand.It was obvious that all the images on the shining instruments were representing something important accompanying the ship's management.Suddenly the image vanished and on the shining objects there appeared a face that looked familiar.Truly terrifying with piercing violet eyes , an evil grin and a hooked aquilline nose.At the sight of this Muhambek shuddered involuntarily.Even president Fahri and liutenant Mirzo curled in disgust at the sight of the sinister face.It was the very essence that was found in the fortress of Egypt , the essence of none other than Nertal Asteron. " Greetings ! " uttered the dark lips " It is good to see you again , president Fahri Masood , the one who is called the great Messiah of Tarakatl.Ha ha ha ! I am glad to see your face , the mighty Ahuakatl captain of his invincible fortress that made a fame throughout the galaxy.Also happy to see you here as well , Muhambek son of Berdibek , prince of Ai-Tai.I see that you , my dear earthling have not fullfilled the task i have entrusted you" " What do you want Mephistopheles ? " the president asked angrily while approaching the shining instrument through which the sinister face was gazing

" It is strange that you decided to communicate with us.We are used to you sending your servants to administer crimes and not with you making contact with inferior races like we are.What do you want ? Speak quick and don't waste our time ! " " You lied to us ! " Muhambek growled menacingly " You lied to us Nertal.You convinced us that Masood is the villain that built the apocalypse on Earth.You tricked us to enter the ship of president Fahri in order to kill him and blow his ship up with the cursed amulet that the ratman gave us.You promised me that your guardian will bring us luck but you lied to me.You lied to us all , too all my warriors.We trusted you but you sent us to death and to kill innocent people.You are a liar ! " " Ha ha ha ! The little man calls me a liar " responded Nertal with a sinister smile " Even if this is so , then what do you want oh savage prince with your miserable planet ? You think i will stand up to this or you think my father will come running from the depths of the universe and punish me for my sins ? And send me to Hell for my crimes ? You have no idea who i am.Hell is me ! Ha ha ha ! Lying to you was a pleasure for me.You are a naked ape of a primitive undeveloped race.My father and the angels may think you are great but for me you are only a waste of space in the universe " " You have hailed us to intimidate us ? " president Fahri asked , standing fearless to Nertal's face. " I think it was a bad idea because i have an army that can put a quick end to your countless slaves." said president Fahri "Ha ha ha ! " Nertal grinned maliciously." Army you say ? You mean your miserable crew thinned from battle ? Or do you rely on that horde of savages that you have taken on board ? Or maybe you rely on the miserable support of the walking cat people ? You have no chance.Neither you Muhambek.You have signed a blood contract with me so your soul will come to me after you will die sooner or later.But i will not be bored at my monastery until this happens because soon i will get your father too which i will make my servant "

" Oh you snake ! " cried furiously prince Muhambek " You will pay for this !" " I promise that at our next meeting i will put a hole through you " Mirzo added furiously showing his sharp teeth " Aren't you tired of pouring your putrid speech on us ? " proudly remarked president Fahri. " I only called to say my goodbies " hissed Nertal who's face was distorted by his smile " For now you will feed the sharks and all your efforts of your once proud president of his once mighty nation will be in vain.You were doomed from the beginning on this world called Earth that soon i will turn them into my ancestral lands where i will rule for millions of years.And no gods or angels will stop me.Even my father that has never seen me as the ruler of the universe yet." " You are just a liar and a coward " Muhambek added angrily " You never had honor in you ! Do send your slaves for i will be pleased to send them to Hell.Do not forget to send Hagen too becasue i am going to cut down his nasty head." " You do not scare us , tempter " continued Fahri Masood. " We will give you a fight , defeat your armada then destroy you.Remember that the gods have never given to you power like this world has been given , the homeworld of humankind.You have destroyed Atlantis , my home but now you cannot win.I put all my faith into the gods of light that always help the righteous." " Your gods have left you , Masood " Nertal growled fiercely " They will never arrive here because i am superior to their power.You think your team along with your primates friends righteous ? You are a pathetic fool and i shall revel in your despair , of all your souls.Farewell ! Enjoy happily the end of the line " After these words ended the image vanished from all the shining instruments of the bridge.Muhambek understood clearly the words of the dark lord.Battle was inevitable now.

Hello friends.

I think many of yours know that i am not modder but writer too.

I published there one my book. I have another books and i will publish it in Europe soon. Want to do it in the end of this year, if publisher companies will accept it.

But now i want to introduce my story there. This story is special for internet and for fans. Sorry, if my translation was not very awesome, because i worked with help of Google.

This story is about ancient times before Age of Glacier. You can read it if you have time or... desire of course.

Anyway thank you all, friends.

Part 1 -

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Part 11 -

Sorry again for some bugs in translation. Parts 7,8,9,10,11 i posted to Yandex.disk uploader. You can read it from these links because i can`t post all other parts in blog section there.

Best regards Alexander

Part Six

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Part 6

(translated by AnYna again, and again 10000000000000000 thanks to her!!!)

The team members of Behemoth noticed Muhambek's commanders suspicious eyes.The monk seemed like a warrior without contempt like many sailors knew by now.The president's chambers were far away from the place where the Ai-Tai warriors landed.Muhambek and his retinue along with captain Ahuakatl finally reached a gold door adorned in unknown frescos and symbols.At the door there were standing guards holding in their hands spears with blades that gleamed strangely.The guards were humans too , their faces staring menacingly from under their helmets with high crests. " The president is waiting " said one of the soldiers and opened the doors for the procession.When everybody entered these doors , Muhambek suffered another surprise.He noticed that in this room the carpets were hung on the walls similar to some of Khorezm palaces and every piece of furniture here was made of gold even a picture hanging on the wall and what was more surprising for Muhambek was that the room was filled with representatives not only from the human race but from other unknown civilizations too.Around the golden table there were standing various important persons , one i a black robe and beside it was standing a person resembling a bipedal cat.In the rest of the hall other creatures looking different could be noticed.The one in the black robe noticed the incoming retinue and everyone in the room fell silent.The black robed person was a man with unnaturally green eyes of middle age. " Welcome !" spoke a lady from the room in the native language of the Prince while looking at Muhambek " You are here now " " And you merhaba ? " bowed the prince to the black robed person " You are the president Fahri yes ? "

" It is true " said the lady " I would better call him a former president because where my country was standing now there is only sand and stones " " Will you explain to us your presence here ? " a sharp voice inquired the prince " My father sent me to Egypt to find the Tarakatl stones.I led my army to this land but i have lost a big part of it having come across strange creatures.At first i encountered the empty city , the sand storm then a pyramid with lightning then the liar under the name of Nertal that sent me on a task to kill Masood that was a threat to my country.Now i ask of you ? What is going on in all gods name ? I am already tired of not understanding and my soldiers almost all rebelled against me " " It is a long story " said the president " But i will tell you " The indian monk noticed a strange object on the table near the president.It was black and was looking suspiciously like the tooth of a large animal.At first the monk thought it was a dagger but now he realized what this means.He also noticed that the other Ai-Tai commanders along with general Kazbek seen it too. " Pardon my interruption " the warrior monk said " Dear president , i must ask you , what is this black object on your desk ? " Muhambek was already looking at the object. " The black tooth of Behemoth ! " Kazbek suddenly exclaimed being heard by everyone in the hall. " Ah , you got nothing to fear " said president Fahri. " It is the black tooth of Behemoth.I think someone else already told you about it right ? " So...Nertal said that the black tooth of Behemoth , a weapon was taken by Masood " he muttered to himself " We are trapped ! " general Kazbek shouted while putting his hand on the hilt of his sword " This president is Masood " " Hey ! swords back in your sheats , you savages " growled the cat-man. " Otherwise we will shock you to the ground.You speak to the president. " The object is true but i am not the one this Nertal sent you for.If you think i'm a villain then you know nothing about what is evil and what is good "

" Then who are you ? " Muhambek furiously yelled " Who are you , tell me then , what in the name of the gods is going on here ? " I have lost thousands of soldiers to find this object " " My name is Fahri Masood " the leader of Tarakatl responded " Yes. He is Masood.The demon" yelled Muhambek's suite " You are the one that ruined Earth ? " " I did not kill these lands " responded Fahri with eyes filled with anger " What you said is a lie.You use us all in your games" the warrior monk yelled " If you will calm down i will get to my speech " Fahri responded " Do not forget that i'm still the president even if my country is only this ship "
When the Ai-Tai commanders slightly calmed president Fahri sat in a chair , memories returning to him " You were lied to " begun the speech of the Tarakatl leader " You were lied to from the beginning.To start with we are the same race as you." Muhambek and his generals approved along with the monk that somehow felt in his heart that before him was not standing an enemy. " Long ago , thousands of years ago we were fighting among eachother conquering many lands on the planet.Our continent was far away in the ocean of what is called now Atlantic.Our civilization has long flourished and at the time was the highest developed in the world.Our language is ancestral to the sanskrit language of today , as you call it.In the rest of the world only savages were living , people that still lived in caves.

Time came when we won every battle and our empire was spreading throughout the entire planet.Then came the time when we built a ship that doesn't only float but reach to the stars.Then we established colonies on other worlds like we done at our home.Many of our rulers gave in to self idolatry and many have built monuments and temples in honor of their victories , we begun to feel ourselves equal to gods but this destroyed our civilization.Our continent of Atlantis on Earth sank soon thereafter and many official people left beforehand.We left Earth behind and we founded a new colony in the star system of planet Gamma Unnavar.There we called ourselves different , the Tarakatl in honor of the one that brought us up from the earth , the greatest of priests.But we left something important on Earth that is called the great Tarakatl stone.Ancient sources of power are here.We did not find them neither they found us" " Wait " remarked the prince " You said your ship is in your possesion and what about the world you mentioned ? Why are you here if your world is far away in heaven ? " " I believe i have not mentioned the reason of the death of our continent.But like i told you , self idolatry has led us to ruin.We remember all the history that has happened then.I do know that some of the words i use you don't understand but try to focus on the core of my story regarding the people of Earth.On that day we received an alarm signal from all colonies we had on other planets.We lost contact with all of them and one of the ships that were traveling among the stars managed to reach Earth to prevent the attack of the enemy.As it turned out it was the Heidi " " The Heidi ? " the voices of the Ai-Tai could be heard " But the Heidi are the same ones that welcomed us back in Egypt ! This cannot be ! They are an endagered specie.It cannot be them" " Maybe " said Fahri " But it turned out that these creatures created a federation that includes not only themselves but other races too as allies.They are far from being a dying race.When the Heidi arrived back then they arrived with a fleet and when their leader came in front of us he called himself the first and the one god of all living.He wanted us to worship him but we refused and as a result this led to all out war.Out safety systems were disabled and the planet was vulnerable.The Heidi leader attacked us with his army , seeking to take the Tarakatl stones that we keep in a secret temple.He also used a weapon capable of creating disasters all around the planet.Our continent sunk having hundreds of cities that we built over thousands of years.We call this period the first fall.We have departed from Earth and founded a colony on planet Unnavar but he found us there too.Under a new name he came to our new home with another powerful army.Among his troops were not only heidi but also other creatures.He came to us with a new name , calling himself Nertal Asteron. " " But that is impossible " remarked the Ai-Tai warriors " Nertal is the master of the castle." " I met him " said the prince " You met Nertal ? Listen further " said Fahri " He has destroyed out new world and many that survived the terrible war pledged as his servants.We left Unnavar to return to Earth , landing in emergency.Our engines ran out and only in the sea we can swim now.He found us here again but he could not find the stones.He arrived with an entire army finding that civilization has flourished again.Who do you think killed the people of Egypt ? Why an empty city and nothing living there in those lands ? He has lied to you , sent you to kill me.For him you are just worthless servants that obey orders.You don't stand for Nertal.He fed and watered you so he could make you obey and to believe that i am the villain and not him.He also managed to take possession of one Tarakatl stone from Egypt having destroyed all life in these lands.Nertal desires to rule the planet since long.You only think they are a hundred ? They arrived here with a huge army.Part of the army has landed so they can conquer all the world's nations and the other part is standing up in space ready to use a very powerful weapon against the biggest cities of Earth.Nertal is opposed to life in the universe"

" The gods are merciful " said puzzled one of the commanders " So we foolishly trusted the villain ? " " I have heard of Atlantis " responded Muhambek " I read about it in the library of my father but it did not spoke about the catastrophe brought by Nertal.All of this is too much to understand.My mind barely manages to accomodate to all of this.So , i just trusted the scoundrel and sealed a blood contract with him ? " " He has your blood.If you gave him your blood he will be able to use it for their own purposes" said president Fahri. " This means that you are vulnerable and also a weapon he can control.He has seduced many this way.We had traitors in our ranks too.When Nertal captured Unnavar many of our soldiers betrayed their commanders and done terrible things.Their minds were controlled by the enemy bound by blood contracts with Nertal that lied to them.Your situation is not hopeless and to get rid of the curse you must kill Nertal.The Black Hippo's tooth is the only weapon that can kill the monster , piercing his heart on his mortal guise.If he takes another form even this won't be able to stop him.He knows this and is afraid of the black tooth.

This is a weapon that was made by an ancient race containing a powerful destructive energy that can destroy evil.As we know , the black tooth belong to the ancient race of Terret that left the galaxy a long time ago." The horror of the unknown pierced Muhambek as he was listening to the words of the president.He looked at his cut palm and noticed that the wound has expanded.The hand begun to hurt as if cut by blades " That's it , then the liar is truly Nertal " concluded the warrior monk " I knew it. I felt it but Muhambek did not listen to me.But why are Heidi servents of evil ? " " Once ago they were a race of peaceful peasants " responded the president " But he took their souls and made them serve him.He had other names before that he used like Nertal Mephistopheles and other.His origin is unknown but legends say he was among the great firstborn beings.They say his father was the One God that he betrayed because of his thirst for power and so darkness arrived in our universe.His only desires is to conquer the entire galaxy and subdue all races to his will. " Is it possible to kill such a man ? " " We must act now , his army is preparing to conquer your world and believe me that full scale invasion will begin soon.They already destroyed Egypt " responded Fahri " What happened to my soldiers that were in his lair ? " asked Muhambek " When we arrived near one of Nertal's pyramids some of my soldiers lost consciousness having stumbled on an invisible barrier but the Heidi told us they were still alive " " You will rather preffer they had died " answered the president sadly " A fate worse than death awaited them.They are not your soldiers anymore now" " Oh God ! " yelled Muhambek in horror " So , now they are demons.Please help them Father of all gods " " This is why we must act quickly " continued Fahri Masood " Procrastination only leads to death.Nertal knows i am in these waters and there is one problem that can be fatal.He knows that the hippopotamus is not a sea monster "

" Did he ever gave you ? " asked the man-cat with his eyes piercing all the Ai-Tai commanders " Did he ever gave you a token of friendship ? " " I do not remember but i took something from that scoundrel " responded the warrior monk " Amulet " Muhambek suddenly remembered and he touched the object hanging from his neck " His servant named Alois gave me this amulet " These words made many from the audience grow pale , not having the naive look of the prince." Take it out immediately " shouted the man-cat " Immediately and very careful.There is a possibility that it is a bomb " " A bomb ? " asked the monk " That is something like the secret weapon of the chinese " Muhambek quickly took off the cursed amulet and as soon as the man-cat took it the object suddenly bursted into blue light. " I thought so " said the president in his native language " A detonator disguised as an amulet. " " It is activated said the man-cat " If we don't do anything now it will explode in a moment and we'll all be turned to dust " Fear filled the hearts of all present in the room except Fahri " Give it to me " asked the president " I know how to turn these off " " We all die ? " in turmoil cried Kazbek " But it cannot be ! We cannot die now " " Quiet ! " shouted Muhambek " The president said he knows how to disable it " Fahri took the amulet from the man-cat uttering something and a few seconds later placed the object on the table
" Yes at last " shouted the man-cat " The president deactivated it.Cursed Nertal weapon neutralised " " But how ? " asked curiously the others present " How you did it , wise one ? " " I used the magic " responded Fahri "Magic built.No , do not be afraid of this.It is light magic that once a warrior taught me.His name was Kariel.Such weapons like the amulet can only be disabled if you know arcane magic otherwise they detonate into a gravitational collapse and we are all pulled into a dark tunnel of the unknown " " We do not understand " said Muhambek " You mean that the amulet is controlled from the distance ? " " Yes it is called remote control " answered the president " A secret weapon of Nertal.To explain it easier for you there is a force that can open a portal , we call black hole.You dear Muhambek and your people do not know much about space or rather nothing.The black hole is a phenomenon that has a force of attraction so great that it can curve light.With this secret weapon Nertal has destroyed many worlds "

" This weapon that i neutralised could not destroy the planet but our ship would have easily gone into oblivion if the countdown had reached zero.So , everyone , we narrowly escaped death" " It is not the first time , sir " man-cat said with a smile " I'm on the ship for a month by now and there have already been few cases " Everyone in the hall sighed reliefed and the warrior monk sighed so loud that it could be heard by everyone. " Ah yes !" remarked the Tarakatl leader nodding his head to the man-cat " I have not told you yet about the other way we can win the fight against Nertal.Muhambek , do you see this soldier next to me that looks to you like a cat man ? He is Faetonyanin and his name is Lieutenant Mirzo.His people agreed to help us in the fight against Nertal and have sent their best man.We were able to send an SOS to planet Phaeton and they answered.Faetonyanin should lead our space fleet to Earth during this month " " It is good that hope is still with us along with the black tooth.You say these cat people will help us ? " asked Muhambek " I am not sure " answered Mirzo with no smile on his face " We have no contact with Phaeton for two weeks by now.My people were introduced to the war with Nertal but when the fleet arrived i was not informed.I barely left my canoe here that was hit by the Heidi.Above Earth's skies there is a great armada.I don't know if we can survive.You have to beat the beast in his lair where he's most vulnerable and we must do it now , all together." " We still must not lose our hopes " said president Fahri " Against Nertal there are many races united like the Faetonyanin , the Custodians , the Nibelungs.There is a chance that even the gods will hear our prayers and help us but we need to act now , not wait here until Nertal possesses the Earth and destroys all its nations.We need to go to his lair and end him with the black tooth.If this is not done within the next three days , armies of demons will enslave Earth so i hope we are all together.Without exception , Muhambek and your people too now you know the truth" " The wisest truth indeed " answered prince Ai-Tai

Fifth Part

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again translated by AnYna ;)

" Muhambek ! , It is necessary to float away from here otherwise we will be food for the sharks.Nertal has betrayed us , he sent us to our destruction.We must stay alive and find another way to take the stones but now we have to go because it's hopeless " " Yeah all this is of Satan " the voices of the many soldiers and rowers shouted. " " It is too late to bring it down " " My brother is there " a man shouted " We cannot leave my brother here " " No , i am not going anywhere , Abdullah " a bearded warrior responded that was wearing a turban and shouting at the stern of the triereme. " He is my wife's brother and we have gone through a lot of fights together.I will not leave him behind" " " Shut your mouth " other warriors responded " I have three wifes in my homes and five daughters " " And i have a son " " No we cannot go back.We are all going to die.There is no way back now.Even if i risk death by treason i will not hear any more of the prince.He ruined our entire army" the shouts of the rebellion on Muhambek triereme could be heard.Some rowers wanted to remain while others wanted to stay alive.Many soldiers took swords and spears.Muhambek yelled at general Kazbek trying to convince him to retreat but he refused to obey the prince.In times of peace Kazbek would have lost his head but not in these moments.The madness went on and on until the warrior monk's yell broke it

" A ray !" screamed the indian frightened " The ray ! A green ray set one of our ships on fire" All rowers and warriors immediately turned their heads to the warrior monk.The frightened indian was shouting in rage pointing to the Ai-Tai ships that did not move away in time from the steel monster.Muhambek looked through the telescope again and found the ill fortuned triereme as the monk said.A gigantic steel beast was emitting green jet fire from an unknown type of weapon that pierced the ship's hull.It was a shocking sight but the ship was not set on fire from the ray and curiously did not deal any damage. " The ship is not on fire " exclaimed Muhambek " " Perhaps the steel machine checks our soldiers like the bird did at the sands " " By the mercy of the gods " cried Kazbek " The damn ray sets our soldiers on fire not our ship " " What ? " in a horror cry asked the monk " What are you saying ? " Muhambek looked farther through his telescope and he could see that the green ray was hitting all of the trieremes in turn.What he was seeing was clearly like the monk said.One triereme that was hit by the green ray lay completely deserted as if no crew was on it.There was no damage to anything on the ship but all its inhabitants lay in ashes burned by the green ray.Not a single soldier was left on its deck making Muhambek horrified , crying in his heart at the sight of this.While the prince was still looking another green ray set the soldiers of another triereme on fire. " Oh God , oh God ! " The warrior monk shouted in wild confusion " " Another of our ships with hundreds of soldiers now dead " " They just vanished ! " he shouted as loud he could.Kazbek while looking at the enemy steel machine shouted too " It is death ! " and all other soldiers on Muhambek's ship responded " This is death ! "

Several soldiers jumped overboard in the sea from the panic while others rushed in horror on the deck , bowing their heads and praying to the gods for salvation and forgiveness.The rowers stopped to move the ship further and dropped their oars.The prince was only praying for only the gods could save them at this point.Only in the gods hands were the fates of Muhambek and his soldiers now. " It comes to us ! The ray comes to us now ! " the warrior monk shouted desperate.Other loud cries could be heard too along with pleas for help and salvation.Muhambek did not stare at the green ray , he just kneeled and recited prayers with his head bowed , prayers usually recited before death , showing devotion to his faith and the warriors of Ai-Tai.None of Muhambek's soldiers paid attention to their commander forgetting the valiant man that led them through the sands and other victories.All of them were in horror and despair.Even the warrior monk forgot in those moments all that was before and he was only thinking of saving his own soul , his thoughts swirling in chaos , one after another in his mind.He did not know at all what to do anymore in those moments , in those moments of pain and suffering for all of them.The green ray was continuing to hit the triereme and the hit by it soldiers could only see a blinding flash of light engulfing them all around after which followed an omnious darkness and complete oblivion.The indian monk and the soldiers fell as if they were falling into an unknown world then after a while all could open their eyes witnessing something strange and mystical.It was nothing clear to be seen in front of them yet , just strange lights moving around and later on as if by the wave of a magic hand , the soldiers found themselves in a strange looking hall.They dropped on the floor with force yet none of them got hurt.

The Ai-Tai soldiers escaped all of this with bruises only except the warrior monk that hit his head on the floor of this room.Muhambek landed better , receiving no injuries at all as if the gods protected him in a veil.The prince lifted his head and begun looking around.The warrior monk was standing next to him trying to understand what happened to them this time.The many soldiers that were present were checking eachother out to see if they are not dead.Once again , everyone realised they were alive." We were again transported somewhere ? " asked the warrior monk " There is a lot of us here , so it seems the green ray did not kill anyone but moved us into unknown." " The floor is similar to the one the monastery of Nertal was having " said prince Muhambek while looking at his feet. " What ! " shouted Kazbek from somewhere after he recently dropped too. " Where are we ?.Is it not the palace of the gods ? " " We are not dead, we are alive " other voices could be heard.We don't understand yet what's happening.Three days ago we were ready to die , then the storm came , then we found the pyramids with the lightning wall , then the sea and the monster of steel and we still haven't perished.This is unknown magic at work here" " How about if we are long dead actually ? " asked other Ai-Tai warriors " " It is strange but maybe we lost our lives in the sandstorm and wandered through the realm of the dead all this time" " But how do you explain that we can still breathe , hear and see ? " argued other soldiers. " Maybe it is an illusion " yet other voices responded. " Maybe it only seems to us that we can breathe , see and hear but we could be dead laying our heads on the sand all this time.Something is clearly wrong because in our world where we live no such miracles ever happened" " Nevertheless we are still alive ! " shouted Muhambek " Look around and see that we are in someone's abode". " There is a strange light here " said general Kazbek " Take a look but the candles are not visible and only a blue light is emitted.Maybe it is a lamp ? " " I don't know " answered the warrior monk. " Maybe i am thinking foolishly but it feels as if the green ray has moved us inside the steel ship Behemoth" " We are in the jaws of Behemoth " " This is strange because in the belly of a monster you cannoy find dark steel floors " " We are inside this ship ! " shouted the prince " We are inside the steel ship , it is not a monster but a ship "

" I trusted Nertal and he deceived me.I thought he had a shred of honor" " And where is the damned black tooth ? How do we find it ? " said the warrior monk angrily " If this is not the monster but a ship it means Nertal lied to us" " Quiet ! " shouted the prince " We are here now like i could not expect and none of us perished.We are all alive and you are acting like a screaming peasant in the fields.I understand your concern but it is better now to act together.Do not rile new riots" " How long must we endure this ? " responded several soldiers furiously. " We could have died hundred times yet we all live but this magic is annoying " " Shut up ! " shouted Muhambek "We just arrived here in force but we did not search around " " What is there to see , prince ? but a floor lamp of magic and we cannot see any wall " responded the Ai-Tai warriors " The walls are truly not visible " concluded the warrior monk while looking around closely " A room without walls but a lot of space for so many people.This ship seems to been built by the gods" " But what gods ? " asked general Kazbek " I have already seen enough of these mechanisms " another general furiously added " Will there be an end to this hell ? " Meanwhile in this hall another strange light begun to blink.A moment later the prince and the soldiers noticed that walls were there as if they appeared out of thin air.The room was so large that it could hold an entire army.Soon a giant steel door appeared from thin air after which the strange light stopped blinking.The prince realised that if there are doors here , they will sooner or later have to open , unless the Ai-Tai are in a giant prison.Soon the door immediately begun to open at a fast pace.A group of strange creatures were approaching the soldiers of Ai-Tai , entering with hurry in their steps as if something unknown was driving them forward.The prince along with all soldiers readied their weapons in preparation of battle.Muhambek and the warrior monk stepped forward , the prince having unsheated his sword , keeping his palm on the hilt , just in case the mysterious creatures were going to attack them.

The creatures were in the number of eight and they were not posing any danger because they were holding no weapons.The monk noticed that two of them were holding strange devices pulsing with an unknown energy.After seeing this , the monk drew his sword quickly and said to Muhambek " Get ready , brother" He listened to the warrior monk while his eyes were still staring at the unknown group.The entrance of the hall was not revealing their faces but strange objects could be noticed on their heads.In a form of description , their faces were appearing as having masks like those of the theatres in distant Japan.The one in front of the group was wearing a strange blue uniform having numerous buttons and white trousers.On his head he was having an opened mask through which eyes green lights were shining.While still approaching the prince , the one in front of the group took off his mask.A big surprise was for the soldiers of Ai-Tai that this leader they were looking at was a human having an elderly noble face with beard and long moustache.He was having no yellow eyes and gray skin , nothing strange and alien.With his deep old eyes he glanced at Muhambek that was appearing as if struck by the sight of an angel. " Who are you ? " asked the prince puzzled " And where are we ? " " Welcome to the people of the planet called Earth " said the elder with a clear voice " I understand that not everyone endures teleportation easily but i assure you that you are safe on this frigate of war.Welcome aboard the Behemoth , warriors of empire Ai-Tai ! " " And who are you ? " asked Muhambek with a piercing glare " And why we are here ? " My name is Ahuakatl Rassil from Jaguar that is a place in the vast expanses of Andromeda , I am the captain of this ship " answered the old man in a respectful tone " I am happy to have here the Ai-Tai prince Muhambek , we all heard about " " I see that you know of us " remarked the warrior monk " So who are you still ? You fascinated us here " " Really " smiled the ship's captain " You are completely safe on my ship under our full patronage.You see , we have a common interest with you.We are faced with a threat that can put an end to our civilization's dominance forever." After saying these words captain Ahuakatl turned around to his group and spoke in a language somehow similar to hellenic and sumerian but being neither.When all the group took of their masks , all Ai-Tai soldiers remained astonished to see that these beings are of the same kind like them , all human of which both men and women of various ages were found among them.

All of them were wearing strange shaped coats with various stripes and gold buttons " Who are you ? You have not answered the question " said prince Muhambek " You the people ? " " We are representatives of the Tarakatl empire " answered the captain " The people that once lived on this world , that once gave it the name of Earth.Yes , we both belong to the same specie" This statement brought more confusion in the ranks of the Ai-Tai " We were sent here to kill Masood " said the prince " But now we realise we are deceived.We were not warned about anything of this.Let me ask you , captain Ahuakatl , how you got here if you are the commander ? " " No , " answered the old man , " I am only the captain of this ship but not the supreme commander but i will take you to him , to president Fahri.He is waiting for you" " Then lead us to him and i hope he will finally explain to us in the name of the gods what is happening " " Will your leader help us capture the demon ? " asked Muhambek " He will tell you all about it " answered Ahuakatl. " You will find that things are not as you think but the president will help you find all your answers" " What about my troops ? " asked Muhambek , " Your troops will remain on the lower deck , do not worry for them " answered the captain. " Your commanders should follow us to the president's room , you and all your commanders that survived ".With these words the captain bowed and then went toward the exit of the mysterious hall.Muhambek ordered his troops to remain and ordered his commanders to come forward.General Kazbek and other leaders came nearby respectfully.All of them seemed to have forgotten the feuds and quarrels that passed recently.The warrior monk came along too.

So far , the warrior monk was never wrong and now the prince had more faith in his words." come now , let us find out what happens here because we are still in the dark" " What about the soldiers ? " asked one of the commanders the prince " What will happen with them ? " " We will take care of them " answered a woman in a blue uniform that was part of the captain's group." They will remain on the lower decks.Our crew is much less in number than you , you are almost two thousand." The soldiers were left behind , their fates now in the hands of the captain of the ship Behemoth.Muhambek along with his commanders and the warrior monk proceeded to follow captain Ahuakatl to the quarters of the president Fahri.What was this president , nobody could guess.They did not know anything of these things.They passed through numerous corridors and Muhambek noticed all the walls were made of steel just like Nertal's monastery.The prince also noticed numerous pipes coming out from the walls and lamps that were glowing mysterious blue lights everywhere.The land of Heidi was strange and incomprehensible throughout all its odd shaped corridors these people were walking.

Fourth Part

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Rewriteen by AnYna (12000k thanks for her!!!!!)


" It is strange this thing " thought the prince to himself " We were at this heavenly lord not so long but the day is already over ? " No magic that i know of " the indian monk was thinking , neither realising what was happening.Seeing his commander , the soldiers having stopped to eat food and drink fresh wine he drew his weapon and loudly offered prayers. " Thanks Muhambek who saved us ! " then the host of Ai-Tai shouted " Thank the gods that relented and saved us from death in the desert !" Muhambek went back to his tent but he did not begun to eat the dishes prepared in it and he only stood at the table waiting , just taking a sip from a glass of water then he ordered the monk warrior to call all captains in his tent.When the captains of Ai-Tai came to their master the prince begun his speech that took long.He told them what the man in the fortress , Nertal Asteron said , that an unknown enemy threatens the peace and even they can not cope with it.He urged his army to go with him and suffered many losses but they could not turn back now and no one from the captains refused their lord's call for help.

" Every disaster threatens our homeland " said Kazbek one of the Ai-Tai commanders " And now we determine the fate of the world , so let's go and kill the monster.Cut off his head and bring it on the peaks " Yes ! " continued another general named Altay Pasha " Let us destroy the monster and get it over with evil for the gods themselves have sent us here telling us about the dangers of this " The one remained silent was the monk warrior.Disturbing thoughts swirled over him.Strange and sinister the palace of Nertal Asteron were for him.Something unnatural was going on in that fortress he thought like an aura of fear that emanated from its master.He did not understand how the power of these beings could not defeat the demon Masood and why suddenly they looked for hope on ordinary persons that compared to them were like goats , even if that ordinary person is a prince or a king." No.." said the warrior monk " I do not trust this Nertal and his servants " being worried by the strange hospitality of Asteron and Heidi.Many customs of castle owners gives travelers a night at the monastery and does not leave them outside to sleep in tents , so they don't like to keep the guests in their home.As the monk was thinking , Muhambek was feasting with his warriors and discussing the long march for the sea monster while inside the monk a rage was growing and the thoughts he had drove him crazy at the inner voice that was telling him that their death was only delayed and who knows what horror was yet to come.

The morning came quiet like usually happens in the desert lands.Many soldiers woke up before the horns blew.The sun was rising , preparing to ascend to heaven and captivate all the beauty under.The chill air begun to vanish.When the horns blew Muhambek was already dressed in battle armor along with his generals.In the camp of the Ai-Tai appeared several of Nertal's servants sent by Creon and in their hands there were holding an unknown weapon but similar to how their leader's weapon was.Muhambek noticed that around the servants of Nertal were circling little creatures resembling dragonflies of swamps.As they came closer he realised these flying creatures were made of steel. " Do not worry " said Creon's servants when he saw them staring at the creatures "These are our multipurpose drones.You cannot understand their technology so to speak , therefore you know little about them.This technology is far from you but maybe you'll understand.A drone is a creature made of steel by our engineers.There is no magic involved , just scientific knowledge.Do not be afraid of them.They will not harm you but they will be watching you to cover you at the time of the insertion" " They follow us ? " the indian monk asked surprised " But why ? " " If necessary they will create a force field over you " said Creon's servants " An invisible shield.Under it you shall not be harmed neither by projectile , neither by sword , dart or any other weapon.Just that these shields do not last forever and you won't be able to be under them all the time.Use the right moment when the drones will protect you to kill the monster" " Are they alive ? " asked Muhambek " Do they have a mind ? " " They are made by the Terret technology of an ancient race that lived on far away worlds from you " said Creon " The Terret were adept in building mechanisms , they first learned to make them reasonable but the Terret long left this galaxy leaving their technology behind.We took advantage of this but you do not understand what it means.I will not go into other details because your minds have not reached so far.Yes , these drones are reasonable and this is all you need to know.Back then these machines were used as well when we were at war with the Tarakatel civilization , armies that attacked us hundreds of years ago.This was before we became a dying race , so these drones saved our lives several times and now they help you "

" Please accept my thanks " said Muhambek bowing in the Ai-Tai custom " We will all do so and then get back behind the rocks , a method of killing monsters like your master told me.We will do everything in our power because our goal is to save the world and my goal is the most important thing for me , as my father taught me before me" " Exactly.Your goal is not only to rid this world of evil but also for our race." continued Creon "Good luck , i wish you , warriors of the human race.Go west from the fortress until you find a bay.The ships are waiting for you.Go to the open sea until the monsters themselves will find you.Remember , it is impossible to get defeated " He shook hands with prince Muhambek and then retired along with his servants back to Nertal's castle.The troops of Ai-Tai advanced to the sea without their horses because there was no need for them.Less than two thousand remained from the first huge Ai-Tai army but faith was with them , still keeping them firm on the ground.After long walk finally they arrived at the coast of the great sea that was washing the shores of Palestine and Anatolia on its other sides.The ships were empty." As generous as this Nertal is " the monk warrior said " He had to help us with their steel monsters but not give us the ships on which we sailed all our lives.I do not understand this foreign meaning" " I also find it a bit strange " Muhambek replied " But Nertal said they are only a hundred and they cannot fly away." Something that i don't believe is how come all their resources are over. " But the bird of steel that met us at the pyramids is theirs" " Perhaps only the bird and them have remained only " Muhambek said. " We have only seen one , no other "

" Great lord , what are the orders ? " asked one of the generals of Ai-Tai. " I come from Anatolia and i know seamanship.I can lead one of the ships." A lot of soldiers are bitterly afraid of the water " said another commander " Water for them , the dark force.I'm tired of superstitions " replied the prince angry. " We have no choice.I come from the steppes and there is nothing wrong with me and along the way pirates attacked and i fought them with my blade and survived.So let panic aside.We sail in the open sea and kill the monster then go home.You all are waiting for the wives , mothers , sisters and children.All of you fathers , sons and brothers.And soon , very soon you will see your family back in our lands.I promise you that ! " After they calmed down the Ai-Tai generals begun to execute the orders of Muhambek.The prince took one of the ships as the captain.The soldiers proceeded to the sails and although many soldiers were afraid of sea water because they were people of the steppes , their devotion did not let fear interrupt it.They took the anchor , the decks and embarked on their dangerous journey.The rowers were soldiers from the provinces and the others remained on the decks to prepare bows , crossbows for combat to come.The trieremes were featuring ballistae , devices that greeks once created that were supposed to help the Ai-Tai warriors in battle with the monster and Masood.The ones that knew how to work with siege weapons manned the ballistae , beginning to charge them.Then the trieremes raced into the open sea.

" Lean ! Hurry ! " commanded prince Muhambek " For our home , For the Empire and the great Khan " A vengeance leaned on the oars rowers , their groans could be heard everywhere and none of them yielded to weakness.No matter how tired during the campaign , no matter how exhausted , the devotion of their commander and to their country has won over their weakness.Over the powerful trieremes flew over the steel creatures that Nertal sent.Ahead of them the formidable sea stretched far and wide , its end not visible , the sky blue and wonderful and fresh air.The warrior monk admire the beauty of the sea , he was only standing on a side spitting in the water.He was suffering from sea sickness since his birth and could not get rid of and now here unknown anxiety overtook him as well.He turned his back looking at the shore they left behind but the egyptian beach could not be seen anymore.It disappeared as if it never was there.This meant only one thing , that the Ai-Tai soldiers already reached the open sea and the sea monster was gonna attack them overnight. " Beware not to be seen " said the warrior monk to Muhambek " The animals are about to find us " " I know but i do not see any sea monsters yet " answered the prince." We cannot slow down from our course for they will crash on us and sink the ship.Speed , not just warriors helped many cope with the monsters of the seas.In my father's library i read many things about the heroes of Hyperborea , of the kraken they defeated in northern oceans and speed was always on their side.As the monster appears , aim to his eyes and blind him.Load the ballista's charges , aim accurately and do not smear.If you run out of ammunition then use bows and crossbows.When the monsters falls i get in his mouth and rip his black tooth." Yes master said the Ai-Tai warriors then they shouted from the side of the ship so five trieremes can get closer and sail together.

" Remember " the prince said , " We are fighting not only for this country that may die at the hands of these demons but for the entire world in which we live.Let's make our defeat impossible.Only death is defeat , a death in shame but we have to win because the gods are with us" " With us are the gods ! " shouted all warriors loudly and even the monk raised his sword up while also lifting a prayer to a god of war that was worshipped in India.The neighbouring triereme blew its horns following next to the prince's ship.The drones that were flying over the ships begun to emit strange shrill sounds like alarms.All soldiers turned their back and looked to where they just sailed " Fog ! " were heard cries of frightened men from all ships " Fog ! " This fog was moving with a terrible speed that it would have overtaken even a steppe stallion.Muhambek realised that they could not run away fast enough from the fog that was about to overtake them anyway." Slow down " he shouted " Slow down ! " " Great gods what is it ? " cried out in terror the warrior monk " Why did not Asteron warn us ? " " Slow down at once " shouted all the other captains of the trieremes.The sinister mist was nearer and nearer." Save us great gods ! " was shouted from everywhere.Confusion came upon the Ai-Tai warriors " In the fog we cannot fight nor swim " said general Kazbek " I once came from Caspian Sea islands and i almost died once when the ship of my brother entered into a misty stream , we barely maneuvered on the reefs " " Do not panic " shouted Muhambek " What has to happen did not pass.Ready weapons.Everybody be on guard.You are the soldiers of Ai-Tai empire that have seen many battles.You cannot be afraid of a natural phenomenon." " It is magic " said the soldiers " This fog will kill us ".The fog was so thick that it was not possible for Muhambek to see who is the person nearest to him.The sun had vanished from the sky in the great haze.All this smoke was like witchcraft , making the trieremes all panic. " I cannot see anything.First the storm , now the fog.When will it end ?! " shouted horrified many of the soldiers." We must do something Muhambek " said the warrior monk that tried to stay close to him " This fog prevents us to fight the monsters." " Why hasn't the man in the castle warned us about this ? " asked general Kazbek " How are we going to fight with the monsters now.Or is it not a fog and it's dark magic ? " " Does not matter ! " shouted Muhambek " We must stop these riots.These monsters are waiting for our morale to drop completely and we cannot allow this otherwise we will go to the bottom of the sea.So shut up general and stop this mass hysteria ! "

" There ! " said Kazbek " I will do everything that is possible " But it was pointless to stop the hysteria because the other trieremes could not be seen in sight.Even half baked sailors that were not afraid of water since birth fell into madness.Thank all the gods that no one got killed in these terrible moments but fear filled them all including Muhambek himself.His generals along with the warrior monk tried to calm down the raging Ai-Tai warriors to no avail. " Damn ! Why did i sign up for this crap " shouted one of the soldiers that went wild on the deck " In the beginning the wasteland that killed so many of us , then the desert storm , then the alien pyramids and now the fog.The gods truly cursed us" " Calm down fools ! " shouted the warrior monk " The fog is not infinite.It will eventually dissipate and your cries do not help the situation " " Why haven't those bastards told us about it before ? and why they did not help us with their machines.They threw us to death " " They did gave us their drones " said general Kuzbek " Where is their damn drones ? " shouted a bearded warrior wearing a turban and a tunic " Where are they ?They just flew over the ships even when we sailed and now where are they.They disappeared like vanished into thin air.This Nertal has betrayed us "Kazbek looked up and found no creatures flying above them through the fog that was engulfing everything. " Indeed the drones vanished " Kazbek muttered then the warrior monk continued " And i said that we should not trust this Nertal " Do you trust this foreign bastard.Yes he fed us and gave us drink but he sent us to certain death too.This fog is clearly not easy to bare , it is cursed witchcraft and even your face is barely visible and he told us nothing about the damn fog.Nothing just to kill the monsters and take the stones.So believe it.Everything is clear to me and these stones for which we came for , do you not understand that he did not want to give them.He does not want to give us the stones of the king.He only gave us a stupid job that sent us to death.Maybe he gave us this fog too"

Muhambek was just silent , staring at his feet.He uttered a prayer in his mind yet the monk did not understand the facts then.He was just yelling ,screaming and accusing the prince of trusting Nertal but Muhambek was just praying , hearing nothing , seeing nothing around him anymore. " Quiet you fool ! " suddenly the voice of general Kazbek was heard " Shut all your mouths.The fog is vanishing " The shouts on all decks begun to subside and the monk with the prince quickly stepped on the starboard side of the triereme towards general Kazbek with his sword drawn along with other soldiers in turbans and coats of mail.Prince Muhambek looked and saw that it was true what Kazbek said , the fog begun to dissipate with fast speed.Barely a few minutes later the white haze vanished completely as if it never was.Everything happened so quick that many Ai-Tai soldiers could not recover , all of them still appearing pale.Muhambek looked up and saw a clear blue sky without a cloud on it.The sea was calm and quiet along with its waves.It would seem that like with a magic wave all the bad weather was banished and a great calm settled all around.The sun was still shining with its warm rays over Muhambek and his soldiers now.Soon the neighbouring ships were visible having disrupted their order on the sea during the fog.The rest of the trieremes were more distant one to the other but all warriors on them were alive. " Hooray ! " all of them shouted " The gods saved us again " Muhambek took a telescope given to him by the warrior monk and said quietly " Thank the gods " too.He continued looking through the telescope to see that the soldiers on the other ships were also recovering , rejoicing and praising the gods.Yet something suddenly again crept into the soul of the warrior monk.He understood immediately that he should not be so quick to thank the gods yet because they have not defeated the sea monster and have not fullfilled their task.As if Muhambek heard the monk's thought loudly he continued " Yes the fog disappeared , my warriors but we should not rejoice too early for we have still to face the evil which Nertal told us " The soldiers came around him , their smiles vanishing from their faces " Yes , my prince " agreed general Kazbek " Once again we have to connect all our trieremes lest the monster attacks us now , he will sink our ships " He didn't even finish saying this and soon gurgling sounds begun to be heard that chilled even the prince.The sound was clearly comming out from the water.The warrior monk ran to the sides of the triereme followed by the rest of the soldiers.The sounds were becomming scarier , louder and louderr and suddenly a strong wind appeared from nowhere.It begun like a whirlwind " It begun " murmured softly the voice of the doomed warrior monk.

The prince suddenly unsheated his sword and shouted as loud he could " My soldiers ! Man all your spots! Be ready ! The monster comes to us !.On the starboard side of the ship , from the sea depths something could be seen emerging , something definitely not small and a greay gray hulk at a breakneck pace rose out of the water with a loud splash.The soldiers ran to all sides of the ship , fear re posessing their souls that was stronger than before.The carcass of this gray body was of huge , gigantic size and it was rising higher and higher then a strange hum was accompanying this monster , much stronger than that of the steel bird " Fall back ! " commanded loudly Muhambek " Fall back to the ship " " My lord " said general Kazbek " This is a monster we cannot win the fight with " " Shut up and obey orders general ! " he shouted in anger " I said fall back , all rowers get to your posts " Kazbek had to obey and he begun to yell at the rowers to work , they accepted with supressed panic in their hearts but fear was having a big hold on their souls.Now all they could think is how to get away and escape from the giant gray monster that was still rising from the water.The rowers begun to execute the orders of their commander and soon the trieremes were sailing in the opposite direction from the terrible monster.All the other trieremes forgot about the sailing order they had to keep between themselves , on many of them there was a panic worse than the one on the prince's triereme. " We must move away to a safe distance from this monster else we get sunk " shouted Muhambek " Which is so great , look " with fear and astonishment mixed the warrior monk continued while pointing to the huge body of the beast still comming up from the depths of the sea. " But there is something that Nertal mention that i do not notice " said Kazbek " We might have all mistaken " When the ships departed at somewhat distance from the emerging monster now everyone could see the beast.The height of it was so great that it was covering the sun but the monster was not looking similar to those which Muhambek read in his childhood stories.The young prince heard about giant lizards that inhabited distant seas , of the giant Kraken of Hyperborea , of mighty leviathans , about ocean dragons and giant megalodon sharks but this creature before them was nothing that anyone ever seen.This monster was not looking like a living creature but rather like a whole city , mysteriously floating on water and now the question was : how did it came up from the depths if it was a city and not a beast ? What kind of magic was at work there was not clear at the time and indeed the monster was not alive , not a real beast for it was a bizarre miracle its presence here and a better term to describe it was a mechanism , a product.Muhambek then noticed that the so called skin of this beast was made of steel , there was no head nor tail but only strange jumbles of buildings that were held still in some way on the water having hundreds of round windows appearing to have noticed Muhambek's warriors.

The feeling of both horror and admiration filled the hearts of all the people in these moments.On the steel skin of this gigantic product from which seawater was flowing abundantly the monk warrior recongnised inscriptions made in a language similar to that used by the inhabitants of a lost continent , a strange land.The monk even learned this language because all priests and worshippers of India were very knowledgeable people.Sometimes even the Maharaja was envying their literacy.The monk read the inscription on the giant steel mechanism's surface and the word meant " Behemoth ".Only one thing came into the mind of the Ai-Tai soldiers caught in the sight of this miracle. " Hippo " shouted the warrior monk " It is not a beast.This is a ship made of steel by the same science that Nertal uses.If they invented a machine to fly through the air , they also invented a machine to swim in the waves.We were lied to. We have been deceived by these jackals from the beginning and we trusted them ! " " And where is this beast black tooth ?" asked Kazbek enraged " Where is the monster then ? This here is not a monster from the depths , this is a damn battleship.Only it is made of steel and far superior to us in size.I read in some books from scholars of the west world that this is possible , warships made of steel.This damned Nertal lied to us and sent us to death " " Oh my God ! " said Muhambek , i cannot see no ballista nor catapult on it " But this thing can clearly devour us " " Perhaps we have not noticed catapults but it is likely they have there something more powerful " some soldiers behind him said " Indeed , it is possible they have different weapons " said Muhambek " We are not on the right path , we are betrayed therefore i order everyone to leave the battlefield." " Leave the field of battle ? " shouted general Kazbek still in shock and dismay " But how ? Four of our trieremes are right under the noses of the steel beast.This machine will spread them to smithereens." " There is no choice " said the warrior monk for we do not know what kind of weapons they have

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