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0 comments by BagaturKhan on Mar 24th, 2015

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Download Egyptian War mod for Rome TW Barbarian Invasion 1.6

World Rulers Total War
World Rulers Total War

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2 comments by BagaturKhan on Aug 6th, 2014

Dark Ghost
story by Alexander Bagatur (me)

41 Milenium, one of Imperial Segmentum Solar planets.
Today young Hector was going to sleep on the rare early. Outside the window, it was getting dark, but this was still a long twilight. And from the window as always could see the same picture. In most gave panorama towered giant city-hive with its majestic skyscrapers and factories. Its buildings were so high that they broke through the clouds. But Hector's family did not live in the city-hive, and most of its suburbs. His father, whose name was Nicodemus Gnedich worked in one of the offices of the Adeptus Arbites, is in town. Gnedich returned home very late, and it happened so that he does not come for days. Job arbitrators throughout the Imperium was considered no less important than to serve the Emperor Space Marines. Battle with the followers of Chaos occurred even in seemingly peacetime. Always appeared something of a secret cult of heretics, they tried everything to let their dirty claws on some of the Imperial planets. This small family lived on the outskirts of the city. Hive of skyscrapers ended, and then begins the territory of small houses, a height of not more than ten meters. Mother of Hector - Marfaana worked housewife. The term "work" has recently become almost real in the literal sense. The boy was already twelve years old, but persistent disease afflict his body. This whole planet is considered the most rainy and nasty due to its weather, around the great Imperium of Mankind. Perhaps, in the ancient album on a distant old Terre that was considered the most rainy and foggy area, the climate was quite easy compared to this planet. Hector often experienced symptoms of a rare disease "syndrome Black Nephilim" as it was called imperial healers. The boy's eyes were dark, his head was spinning, and body temperature rose to thirty-eight degrees. The doctors said that the boy must take away from the planet, but the family of Hector did not have the money. Even despite the fact that the father of the family worked in the Arbites, money for interstellar travel is not enough. Today Hector going to bed much earlier. Weakness covered all his mortal body. But Hector dreamed of becoming a Space Marine, fighting for the good of the Imperium with xenos, heretics and traitors to visit distant worlds. Unfortunately, health summed boy, and perhaps never allow realized all his dreams.
Hector's mother sat beside the bed a little boy on the seat, made of rare wood tallarn. Lighting in the room was poor. Bioluminescent lamp already outdated. Some of lampshades slightly trembling. But that did not stop as sick boy and his mother. Only here today, the boy's mother behaved somewhat strange. Hector noticed that her face was grim, especially after her trip to the market. She did not smile even once today. This meant either that something bad happened, or cause and was not at all clear.
And lately people in urban and rural areas were frightened by rumors of some demonic beings, as if imbued with the planet. All these rumors have been caused by the recent explosion at the spaceport Gorelov Prim, where the crashed spaceship lined Imperial Guard. Thereafter, the spaceport was cordoned off by the military and the arbitrators. And then noticed and agents of the Inquisition. About this and was informed the Governor-General. Why specifically crashed spaceship is unknown, because the authorities prefer to hide it. But rumors that the spaceship has brought with it something else on the planet spread with light speed.

  • - Dad will not come again today? - A weak voice faltered boy tightly wrapping a blanket.
    - No, Hector, not today - with some sadness said Marfaana - Tomorrow morning, perhaps. He talked to me today just forty seconds. And then the connection was lost. The enemies of the Emperor again awakened. At this time in the slums of Valeria. But fear not. Emperor always protects his servants. Your father, he cares for a decade.
    - Enemies of the Emperor? - Exclaimed Hector - Heretics? Or xenos?
    - In the words of your father, is a local gang slaanesh fans, those who worship the God of debauchery - explained her mother, - In addition, after the incident at the spaceport, all scared now. Today the market is talking about, as if something collapsed shuttle has brought the planet. It is unknown exactly what was then. Yes, and these cults crept heretics. All it has to do. Shuttle heretics rumors. Great Emperor, and where they all are just climb? After all, it was a time when this heresy Fel did not exist at all! The good old days ...
    - And Dad cope with all of them? - Asked the boy.
    - Yes, because it is guarded by the Emperor and the Primarchs as all the soldiers of the Imperium - said Marfaana - But as you, my friend, sleep. All medicines have already drunk. It's time hushaby. Fear not for the dad. He'll be back tomorrow morning. He himself said so. And you go to sleep. And let you dream of Terra Imperial Palace, the majestic and beautiful ...
    - You promised to tell me a story - Hector murmured in a low voice - remember, you said yesterday?
    - Oh .... - Clutching her mother's head - Yes, son, I'm worrying much , and even forgot about it. Bedtime! Well, of course ...
    - Yesterday you told me about the valiant Ultramarines and malicious Eaters - said Hector - How it there .... Tiranidosy ... voila! Remember, after yesterday's stories, I asked you to tell me about Captain Garro? And you said you'd tell me tomorrow. But tomorrow is already here! Please tell me ...
    - Oh, my son, - sighed Marfaana - Captain Garro? It's pretty ambiguous story. Very ancient. And besides, nobody exactly knows what happened. Perhaps this ancient legends only "Saga of the Ki-Brazil" or may be "Epic of King Arktoriuse and the Knights of the Round Table."
    - Oh, please ... - almost begged boy - Please .... I want to hear about Captain Garro and his "Einstein"!
    - "Eisenstein" - corrected mother - right to speak - "Eisenstein." With one of the ancient languages ​​of Terra, it seems, means "iron". Well, I'll tell you about Garro and his flight. Briefly.
    - Briefly? - Hector exclaimed in disbelief.
    - Yes, I know - corresponded Marfaana - This story ten thousand years. Much has been forgotten and distorted. But titles and names will never disappear. They will forever remain in our hearts. I'll tell you briefly, as more information and did not. History has long become a legend.
    - Please tell me - remarked Hector - Please ....
    - I said I'll tell you - with some rigor mother said, - You're as stubborn as vostroyansky firstborn. Okay, my son, listen to me carefully.
    The boy sat down on the bed, leaning against the pillow and began to listen to the story of the mother. Outside the window, the rain poured down, the new fierce lashed to this area. But Hector and his mother did not care.
    "It was terribly long. Terribly long. Too long .... Well ... so long ago that the word "long" is not suitable. Once upon a time, long ago, long ago! Well .... Once there was Nathaniel Garro. Oh .... No, the Emperor have mercy, what is it with me .... Better to start with this ....
    And it was a legendary time, the time of the Crusades, the heroes of the great wars of the Imperium and for the prosperity of all Humanity. But most importantly, if all the rules of our great Father himself Emperor. His powerful luminous figure inspired awe and reverence as mortal and immortal warriors of the Imperium ... "
    - And then there was chaos? - Hector said quietly, looking at his mother's face pensive.
    - Do not interrupt - said severely Marfaana - And then I thought again sobyus with .... Okay, let's continue on.
    "Once again. And it was a legendary time, the time of the Crusades, the heroes of the great wars of the Imperium and for the prosperity of all Humanity. But most importantly, if all the rules of our great Father himself Emperor. His powerful luminous figure inspired awe and reverence as mortal and immortal warriors of the Imperium. Era Primarchs powerful Emperor's sons, that his greatness was overshadowed by the star. This was the era of domination of the human race in the galaxy. Only here, it lasted long. There was an ancient enemy, carrying terror and death to all living creatures. Even filthy xenos, say, consider it the oldest, what can we say about us - humans. It was chaos.

    To begin to tell you, my son, of Horus Warmaster. Much has already become a legend, something twisted, something has gone into oblivion. But of Woe nobody forgets. Horus was one of the earliest and most beloved sons of the Emperor of Mankind. He was raised in chief of all the Crusades. All fleet and all his brothers primarchs obeyed his will. Horus, so called it a monster. Yes, that's it, that monster. What did Horus later, it will go down in history as the Great Heresy. Thanks to his tireless lust for power insatiable Gore sold his soul to the gods of Chaos. Chaos - the oldest force inhabiting the space warp. Warp first opened back in ancient times, old Terra. I think it was at the beginning of the third millennium. At first everyone thought warp inhabit some xenos race, or as they were called, aliens. But when researched it a little deeper, we realized that these creatures did not named differently, but to demons. But they had a guide. Four Gods of Chaos. Names will not pronounce them. And not because I fear the wrath of the Holy Inquisition, and in the sense that these entities may hear my words. They know ... They all hear .... Everyone knows ... ".
    Hector suddenly shuddered. He looked at his mother's eyes, and suddenly they saw something alien. The mother of his speech expounded with such hatred that the whites of her eyes began to redden.
    - Mom? - Asked the boy in a frightened voice. - What's the matter?
    - Huh? - And she shivered here Marfaana - What?
    - There's something wrong with his eyes - said Hector, still being in disarray.
    - I? - Exclaimed in amazement mother - Oh yeah, it's the fact that today I did not sleep at night.
    - But in the morning you said that on the contrary, your dream was wonderful - Hector said, looking into the eyes of the mother.
    Mysterious reddish glow in her eyes vanished instantly. All this seemed strange young boy.
    - I'm sorry - hesitated, said Marfaana - Yes, my dream was ... well ... that is, I just did not want to upset you, Hector. I did not sleep well.
    - This is because of the father? - Asked the boy - Because the dad?
    - No! - Suddenly growled mother, but then spoke again calm and steady voice - I mean ... yes, of course, son. Your father .... He and his work ... this takes me a lot of energy ... So help us gods ...
    - What are the Gods? - Hector snapped, jumping out of bed.
    Strange behavior seriously disturbed mother and frightened young boy. He might have seen something else in it. Something alien, as if to capture the body of his mother. And what if it was true?
    - The God-Emperor, I mean, of course, God-Emperor - nodded Marfaana - No Gods ...
    - But you said yes Gods help us, - said Hector, - It is said so.
    - Really? - Said in amazement Marfaana - Really? No, of course. Probably faltered. I'm just ... very ... very tired ...
    - Okay - a little boy calmed down, - So what about Nataniel Garro?
    - Garro? - Growled fiercely mother. - About this insufferable bastard that interfered with our plans?
    - What? - The fear of a new force seized Hector - What plans? Why do you call Garro bastard?
    - Because he has betrayed us - roared Marfaana sharply rising from the chair - He betrayed us! Miserable human animal!
    Suddenly, in the mother's body began to occur Hector horrific change. Her eyes lit up crimson magical flame. A decrepit skin began with such force that a few seconds later she looked like a hundred-year old woman. Graying hair and immediately fell.
    Changes occurred not only in the body Marfaany, but also in the room. Glass suddenly covered with ice, the walls began to crack, and bioluminescent light flashes struggled, ready to explode. Mental stress has reached its climax. Hector himself felt a terrible headache. But some mysterious force had not given him finally lose consciousness.
    - You're not my mother! - Cried Hector struggled - You're not my mother! Who are you?
    - You - my prisoner now! - Growled something that once was Marfaanoy - Thank Slaanesh! You are now in my hands!
    - Who are you? - Yelled the boy huddled in terror to the nearest wall - Who are you?
    - I - have a messenger of the Great Dark! - Voice blared otherworldly creature - Soon all your race miserable nonentities primitive monsters, spawn of camel feces will be owned by the Gods of Chaos! You - just naked apes! You will never break the power of the warp!
    - What do you want from me? - Hector shouted even louder.
    Monster finally took its true form. Now it was no longer just a hairless old woman with red eyes. From now on her skin had rotted completely, exposing the skeleton and internal organs. Eye color was more. And from terrible mouth popped long tongue eaten festering sores.
    - We need you, Hector, - growled monster - It's you. As you can see, for people like us, to get close to you - was easy. We had planned from the beginning. Ha ha ha! From the outset, the young fool!
    - Emperor protect me! - With a mixture of fear and despair shouted the boy, trying not to look into the eyes of the monster.
    Hector began quietly muttering prayers to protect from the forces of the warp, but in this case they did not work. This creature was much stronger than you could imagine.
    - Your wormy corpse on a golden jerk? You're his urges? - Monster roared furiously, - That pathetic little man of the Imperial Guard also prayed your purulent Emperor when we captured his ship! You already guess, right? Fall shuttle Spaceport your city! You've heard about it?
    - So, you blew it spaceport? - Hector cried with horror, - This is your doing?

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    You want continue of story?

    click there

    Report abuse Old Awakening of Evil mod is saved!

    0 comments by BagaturKhan on May 17th, 2014

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    Dawn of War Awakening of Evil mod for Soulstorm

    Global modification from Slavic Community. Old kind mod, which i worked with it in 2013. Now its dead for modding world, but not for fans. So i decided to save it. Its will not be completed. But fans of this mod can play it. Mod based on the famous modification called DoW Revised 1.58 (with author`s permission Megazogg). This project (Awakening of Evil) adds to the game Soulstorm many new units for all races (especially should pay attention to the special IG units such as Ratling snipers, many types of Vostroyan Cossacks, Krieg Folksgrenadiers, and etc.), new updated Imperial Guard (now its Valhallan Army, Slava Rusi!), a new amazing music and FIVE NEW RACES - Genestealers Cult, Space Wolves, White Scars, Emperors Children. Also should pay attention to the White Scars, bikers of the Khan and Emperor who have big moustaches, Harlequins, Space Wolves Ragnar Army with big evil eyes and Emperors Children with pink warriors.
    Yeah, it was good times, when i worked with this mod. Now all is over. But i sometimes recall my past, as alone old man. Maybe its not good, but i think, its normal for me. Eh...... it was good times.... Good times in my life. Old good 2013 year! he he he.....


    User Posted Image

    User Posted Image

    User Posted Image

    User Posted Image

    User Posted Image

    Thanks God, download links of mod were saved by mod fans. You can download mod and play it!
    serious version with Harlequins support
    comedy version

    Thanks all fans of this old mod!

    Always yours Alex ;)

    Report abuse Dawn of Vodka

    0 comments by BagaturKhan on May 16th, 2014

    Dawn of Vodka
    Official expansion DLC for Dawn of Immolation - Battle for Rodina

    User Posted Image
    Heavy Ogrins Cossacks

    User Posted Image
    More Cossacks in the battlefield

    User Posted Image
    Even more Cossacks in the battlefield with enemies of Rodina

    User Posted Image
    Vodka, Pivo and Gorilka for increasing battle morale of great motherland defenders

    And more.... and more.... and more...... ;) ;)

    and if you want to some relax - listen this :)

    Report abuse Old Perun Warhounds Mod is alive!

    2 comments by BagaturKhan on Feb 28th, 2014

    Perun Warhounds Legion
    peruns Warhounds homeworld: Slavion

    User Posted Image

    Planet full of woods, rivers and mountains, with barbarian tribes similar to old slavic people which lives on Earth. Simargl was a deamongod - big winged dog. People of Slavion got bloody sacrifices to Simargl because they were afraid of him. Then came Perun the Ethernal and he defeated and domesticated the Simargl. Perun become a leader and he unite all tribes of Slavion. His boduguards was known as Peruns Warhounds.


    User Posted Image
    Warhounds Line Spearmen

    User Posted Image

    User Posted Image
    Wolkodavi Phalanx

    User Posted Image
    Slavion Strazha

    User Posted Image

    Author of idea: Knezekj
    Author of idea to adding this race to Rome Total War: Count Bagatur

    WARNING! There was mod for DoW called Perun Warhounds. But it was fan art and not compatible with backstory of W40k universe. So now this race is adding to my Rome Total War fantasy mod.

    Old heroes and story! New game and gameplay! ;)

    Thanks all.

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    0 comments by BagaturKhan on Feb 19th, 2014

    User Posted Image

    Amazing Alexander ModAmazing Alexander Mod

    Visit please my new Amazing Alexander Mod page! Play it and make reviews!

    Report abuse Kings Battle Total War (GoT)

    0 comments by BagaturKhan on Nov 2nd, 2013

    Hello everyone. My name is Alexander Bagatur. I also joined the team this mod (I mean sub mod for Westeros TW) with the permission of Mr Zold. (Zold is now my boss). My program of DoW modding was finished for this year so i am now modder for Total War games.

    I am not only modder for DoW games, but for Total War too, especially M2TW Kingdoms modding.

    You know Westeros TW. And you know very much submods to Westeros 0.53.
    And now we are working with newest global submod for Westeros TW - Kings Battle.
    So, we decided to use Sich version as a mod base. In Sich version much has been done, in particular the new textures for units from me. Now it is the turn and other changes. We are working hard and carefully. Now mod have new textures, maps, music, graphics, sky, icons, models, campaign changes and other other other cool changes. But it needs more improvement. We must show Westeros world in Total War game. I am skinner, coder and graphics-editor in this cool project.

    WARNING! I am not author of Westeros TW 0.53, I'm just in sub mod developers team.

    Mod is about fantasy-universe of J.Martin. It needs Medieval 2 TW Kingdoms 1.03 version.

    Factions: Greyjoy, Tyrell, Stark, Talli, Lannister, Martell, Arryn, Stannis, Joffrey, Renly and first in Westeros TW history - House of Targarien! our section in Sich forum download link alpha (torrent)

    Screens of mod:

    User Posted Image

    User Posted Image

    User Posted Image

    User Posted Image

    User Posted Image

    We are working and we are working very hard. Mod is still in progress.

    Great thanks to Westeros TW mod team!

    Regards Alex

    Report abuse My cat Mithridatus

    3 comments by BagaturKhan on Jul 29th, 2013

    About cats:

    Hello all. I think you know me all so I will speak. I was in my village. I think i was there and had good time. Yes, bull attacked me there but i survived. And also in my village there was many good things. I lived there since the beginning of july. There is no computers so I use my iphone. And i even have there my own cat. My neighbours (one farmers familly ) have a lot of cats. Really many cats. But their cats are free and so their cats eat and live sometimes very far from their farm. One grey nice cat (male) came into my territory and lived there. My familly gave meal to this cat every day. And this cat likes me. He went everywhere in our territory and live with us. I like him. I also gave to this cat name Mithridatus. (I also wanted to name this cat Rogal Dorn but after some days i thought and understood, that Mithridatus is more cool name). My cat is really like space marine. He defended my farm and fought with other cats. I wanted to take this cat with me to my flat in city. But I can't do it. This cat is not mine. He is from my neighbours. And my relatives restrict me to have cat in our city flats. So i was need to leave cat in my territory and i returned to my city. Also my grandpa don't want to take this cat to flat. And I thought many time and now I think that this cat must live in countryside. But also I didn't want to leave this cat alone. This is sad. I am now in my flat and i am thinking about this cat. I will see him maybe after 6 months or later. Friends give me advices to have flat cat but i told above, i can`t do it. So i have good memoirs about this awesome cat. This cat was my best friend in the world, i think.
    Regards Alex

    Report abuse Bull who attacked me

    12 comments by BagaturKhan on Jul 27th, 2013

    User Posted Image

    I was in my village. (now i returned to my city). I went to the river for a walk. And i didn`t see the bull. I driving my bicycle. And unexpectedly i saw a big angry cow (bull). I think peasants forget about this creature. And this bull was angry. He attacked me and chased me. I fell from my bicycle and ran and ran. Thanks God, i found the way. Bull chased me. He was very fast. And i was very fast too. I was in terror and thought that i can be dead. Because there was nobody in the field. No people. Only me and that awful bull. WTF! Why peasants forget about their angry pets? I think that bull didn`t like my bicycle. I cried help but nobody answered. I found the way and ran out of the field. After that i saw my grandfather. He also went for a walk. My grandfather and i went out from this lands and came home. So i survived. And bull returned to his field. Next morning i told about it to peasants and say them "You must look after your creatures". Because i am young and can run fast. But what about other people? so you understand me. This is all my story.

    So Thanks God for defence and for his shield! Only God saved my life!