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Dark Messiah of Might and Magic

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I'm not expert at rating, I just want to say this game is very underrated and deserves to be a long-series-ed one.
Combat and melee play can be frustrating at first the you start to have fun finding new ways to get rid of your enemies, absolutely great game and good job from the creators of Arx Fatalis.


Operation Flashpoint

Game review

Half-Life 2: Episode Two

Game review

Arx Fatalis

Game review - 1 agree

Fantastic game, challenging, every corner is well though of. Must play! Got it for $5.0 only from Steam so don't be fooled by the low price .. this game is gold.


Project Eden

Game review

The Pacific Mod

Mod review may contain spoilers - 2 agree

ALERT: This review contains spoilers and details from gameplay.

I thought it won't be as creative as 2Pz and the mod proved me wrong gladly :-)

The variety of Jap units is very interesting, here are some touches in the mod I found unique and creative:

- Jap voices,
- Snipers on trees was a very good idea,
- There is a snake in Campaign 2! Yes, a well detailed one .. has visible scales, and detailed mouth with teeth and tongue! It hisses on you when attacked. I though it is harmless until it bit one of my soldiers and he died instantly lol,
Update: I found a Crocodile in campaign 3, a pretty big one.
Update 2: Watch out from the big poisonous Tarantulas.. too!
- Airdropped reinforcements,
- Beautiful new maps,
- Stopping trucks convoys is not required most of the time but will give you supplies,
- Weapons accuracy is not precise to make battles more realistic.

Also Mod is challenging; missions would corner your team and give you some good beating, make sure that you don't send one soldier alone to complete a task, always maintain fire support.
Timed missions can be crazy, they are well thought of and time is not on your side.

One thing to do to improve Gameplay:
- Objectives texts need to be revised and edited to be more informative and clear.

10/10 and recommended.
Thanks Albus and other contributors for making this mod.


Soldiers: Heroes of World War II

Game review - 3 agree

my favorite WWII strategic game.


Heretic II

Game review

New gamers generation should play this, they will discover a different experience and fall in love with this great game.


Counter-Strike: Source

Game review

Blood 2: The Chosen

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