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©orporatefilth™ Dec 19 2013, 12:01am says:

Wicked animations, very smooth

+1 vote   media: SHREDDER
©orporatefilth™ Jan 27 2013, 11:16am says:

this made me giddy inside.

+1 vote   media: Piggy by maskedvertexeater
©orporatefilth™ May 2 2011, 8:37am says:


+1 vote   mod: Chernobyl
©orporatefilth™ Apr 27 2011, 11:51pm says:

looks a bit flat, but still looks nice, just thicken it up a bit.

+1 vote   media: Submachine Gun Work in Progress
©orporatefilth™ Mar 21 2011, 7:09pm says:

lets talk SDK, will this have a level editor?

+1 vote   game: Red Eclipse
©orporatefilth™ Sep 29 2009, 3:37pm replied:

If i knew how i would help...but all i can use is the unreal 2 engine. :(
If i ever learn to use 3ds max, hopefully i can help then :D

+1 vote   media: Cave>Road Blending
©orporatefilth™ May 9 2009, 7:17pm says:

I would be honored if you used the ambient song i made (in my profile) cuz it seems like it might fit this well. I have no use for it. :D

+1 vote   article: First news
©orporatefilth™ May 7 2009, 9:57pm replied:

Also, if you still need help, I'd love to help come up with modernized or futuristic versions of classic mafia guns IF that's what your going for. I wouldn't know, so I'm just throwing that out there. Ill draw something up as a quick sketch, see if you like it and hopefully get a chance to be part of something :D. (BTW) I can't do anything 3d unfortunately but i am VERY MUCH hoping to learn through 3dsMax, Maya, and/or Zbrush.

+1 vote   mod: Adrenaline
©orporatefilth™ May 7 2009, 9:28pm says:

I was once on top of the world. I controlled the minds and actions of thousands of people, but then laws got stricter, people were getting killed. I had to hide to save my own ***. People are still addicted, though. People threaten to kill me or give me up to die by the mighty hammer of "justice" if they don't get the substance that made what they were. I have to do something. I can't run. I can no longer hide. I have to fight the power to get back on top. People gotta die, and it ain't gunna be me. Im the ******* boss and I always will be. I'm done hiding. I'm coming back. You gotta make sacrifices to become as powerful as I was. You gotta step on people. Make them fear you. I did it once, I can do it again. All I need is more firepower.

Watcha think? Is this what yur goin for?

need a writer doncha?

+1 vote   mod: Adrenaline
©orporatefilth™ Apr 4 2011, 11:33am says:


+1 vote   media: Wildmore's Team Sonar Fence
©orporatefilth™ Mar 31 2011, 5:14pm says:


+3 votes   article: Project Resumes
©orporatefilth™ Mar 31 2011, 11:03am says:

Maybe shoulda let the first finish rendering? i dunno.

+1 vote   media: Character example
©orporatefilth™ Mar 25 2011, 11:13am says:


+3 votes   article: Clastle: Creating a Cut Scene
©orporatefilth™ Mar 21 2011, 7:06pm says:

Have you actually tried making anything instead of just porting copyrighted models and textures?

just a thought.

0 votes   mod: Grand Theft Auto Halo (GTA Halo)
©orporatefilth™ Mar 16 2011, 3:44am says:

Tracking, love the art style

+1 vote   game: Yokai
©orporatefilth™ Mar 16 2011, 3:30am says:

Add the chain to the texture and it would be perfect. Love the blood. :D

0 votes   media: The Lumberjack
©orporatefilth™ Mar 15 2011, 12:03pm says:

Good luck

+1 vote   game: ORION: Prelude
©orporatefilth™ Mar 9 2011, 10:39pm says:

wasnt this already listed?

+3 votes   game: Half-Life 2: Deathmatch
©orporatefilth™ Mar 8 2011, 5:07pm says:


+1 vote   game: Ravaged
©orporatefilth™ Mar 7 2011, 1:50pm says:

that is the intro to condemned

+2 votes   media: F.E.A.R. Resurrection
©orporatefilth™ Mar 7 2011, 1:49pm says:

looks like the intro to condemned

+2 votes   media: F.E.A.R. Resurrection
©orporatefilth™ Mar 6 2011, 4:00am says:


+1 vote   download: SoulHunter - Alpha 1 release
©orporatefilth™ Mar 5 2011, 9:44pm says:


+1 vote   media: A game of checkers
©orporatefilth™ Mar 5 2011, 3:28pm says:

oh god i want to play this so bad! This is very awesome man, do you have an estimated release date? it looks pretty close to being done, it looks great

+1 vote   media: SoulHunter screenshot
©orporatefilth™ Mar 5 2011, 3:22pm says:

This will support custom content right? like mods or maps for multiplayer (if there is multiplayer)?

+1 vote   media: OverDose ViDoc Four - Cross Processing
©orporatefilth™ Mar 4 2011, 11:56am says:

Awesome looking environment, textures are a bit muddy though

+2 votes   media: First screens of the AROS level
©orporatefilth™ Mar 4 2011, 11:56am says:

Is this an enemy, or player?

+2 votes   media: First screens of the AROS level
©orporatefilth™ Mar 4 2011, 11:45am says:

looks awesome, is there a video?

+2 votes   media: First screens of the AROS level
©orporatefilth™ Feb 25 2011, 11:26am says:

Wow...this is...
so old.

+1 vote   media: Bioshock: Infinite 10-min Uncut Gameplay
©orporatefilth™ Feb 23 2011, 9:53pm says:

Do you plan on creating your own models and animations?

+1 vote   mod: Emergence Day
©orporatefilth™ Feb 21 2011, 10:20am says:

I love it. i cant wait. Is this underwater?

+1 vote   media: Amnio-Gardens
©orporatefilth™ Feb 21 2011, 1:55am says:

the **** am i looking at?

+4 votes   media: Bioshock: Infinite
©orporatefilth™ Feb 21 2011, 1:50am says:

this looks so beast.
Tracking. Definitely tracking.

+2 votes   game: Copperhead
©orporatefilth™ Feb 17 2011, 8:10pm says:

Looks promising. Has a unique style and pretty beast modeling. tracking.

+3 votes   game: Knights: Spiral Islands
©orporatefilth™ Feb 15 2011, 8:45pm says:

that wing could be only 2 triangles, why did you do that?

+1 vote   media: Character Reveal - Corpsebat
©orporatefilth™ Feb 8 2011, 11:02pm says:

oh god, those animations.

+1 vote   media: FP3 Teaser
©orporatefilth™ Feb 6 2011, 6:21pm says:

DONT DOWNLOAD THIS. I recently discovered, downloading skins makes it impossible to play online. sorry about this, i had no idea before uploading.

+3 votes   download: The Executioner - Golden Desert Eagle
©orporatefilth™ Mar 7 2014, 3:24am says:

Yes yes, a million times yes!

+1 vote   game: Blubber Busters
©orporatefilth™ Jun 23 2013, 3:31am says:

I am so tracking this, this is such a cool idea

+3 votes   mod: Biohazardous
©orporatefilth™ May 24 2013, 7:58am says:

You guys have a wicked concept artist, looks great

+2 votes   article: Goblins!
©orporatefilth™ Sep 5 2011, 4:22pm says:

Impressive. This looks absolutely fantastic. Wonderful job on this level

+1 vote   media: DefendLiberty1
©orporatefilth™ Feb 3 2011, 12:23pm says:

What's the point of all the unused faces on the sinks?

+1 vote   game: Silhouity
©orporatefilth™ Dec 22 2010, 12:19am says:

office look? more like geeky stepchild's bedroom.

+2 votes   media: Observation rooms
©orporatefilth™ Dec 14 2010, 5:02am says:

not trying to be a douche or anytyhing, but it kinda reminds me of this.

just sayin.

+1 vote   media: Internal Malfunction Media
©orporatefilth™ Dec 2 2010, 7:13am says:

Don't ******* stop this. dont...stop.

+1 vote   media: New weapon demonstration
©orporatefilth™ Nov 27 2010, 4:49pm says:

when can we expect a beta or alpha? I really wunna play this!

+1 vote   article: Wall Walking Ability Added
©orporatefilth™ Aug 31 2010, 8:49pm says:

Please tell me thats not the finished texture.

+1 vote   media: Berreta M9 Model picture 3
©orporatefilth™ Jul 19 2010, 9:37pm says:

You made those textures? Thats beast man, Very professional.

+1 vote   media: melee weapons
©orporatefilth™ Jun 25 2010, 3:41pm replied:

wait what? i thought he was talking about juggalos, not posers.

+3 votes   download: KF-STALKER-Prometheus
©orporatefilth™ Nov 28 2009, 1:42am says:

lemme guess...zombies?

+1 vote   game: DoomsDay Apocalypse
©orporatefilth™ Oct 24 2009, 9:46pm says:

lol he eats hotdogs with his FACE. XD

+1 vote   media: Brand new pics of some finished stuff.
©orporatefilth™ May 26 2009, 10:36pm says:

you programming, texturing, and modeling these yourself???

+2 votes   media: The Mortewood Plaza - Paintball Gun (Marker)
©orporatefilth™ May 18 2009, 4:11am says:

i already know, if the map editor is anything like unreal 2004's, im making COD5 Nazi Zombie map :D.

+1 vote   article: Killing Floor Mapping Guide
©orporatefilth™ May 9 2009, 10:23am says:

Lol thot it was a crysis mod GOOD JOB.

+2 votes   media: Camo Visual Effect
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