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CoronaAurora Oct 17 2013 replied:

we should make a "reverse twitter" , all game ratings require a comment with a minimum of 140(or more ^^) characters. the ratings with a comment can be rated themselfe, and if enougth people disagree with a negative/positiv comment it should be ignored for the final score.

Now we as a comunity can manage the review system and a good game should always have enought fans to remove these 1/10 hate comments. It depends only on the implementation of the system.

This way we dont prevent people from rating a game who bought it on other stores like GOG, and force them to contact the devs for a desura activation, if it is not included in the release they have bought.

I hope something like this could work for the Desura admins.

+2 votes   game: My Ex-Boyfriend the Space Tyrant
CoronaAurora Sep 23 2012 says:

During my last demo play through i tried all possible monitor configurations, but it does not look like it is possible to play the game the way it is intended with less than the full 3200x800, which i could not accomplish .

After playing the demo today i am unsure if i should buy the game just to support your hard work and the interesting concept of the game. I really want to.

+2 votes   game: Super Chain Crusher Horizon
CoronaAurora Sep 23 2012 replied:

I realy have to thank you for the long, detailed answer. I did not expect to get such a deep insight into the production process of your game. Seeing how much hard work was put into this project ... looking from the outside it´s astonishing .

The buisness is hard and most of the work and time invested by the developers is not visible to the consumers... I realy appreciate what you (and all the other developers)
do and whish you good luck with your game and many sales.

+2 votes   game: Super Chain Crusher Horizon
CoronaAurora Sep 22 2012 replied:

Tried the demo as well, its nice, and the game could be a lot of fun, but 12,99€ is a litle bit too much for my taste (Euro/Yen is 1/101.5 and Euro/US-Dollar is 1/1,299 at the moment). Could be wrong but this looks like a problem most of the games suffer for europeans.

Or is it something Desura does on its own ?

and how much(if it exist...) is the game in british pound ?

Just curious to know how the pricing is decided...

I´m sorry, if this somehow sounded mean... wasn´t intended

+2 votes   game: Super Chain Crusher Horizon
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