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Free Sample Pack by Me

cork279 Blog

I made a free to download electronic music sample pack if anyone's interested. There are 32 loops in total at 74.1mb overall.

Here's a preview:

Download here: Db.tt

All Broken EP Released Now!

cork279 Blog

The All Broken EP has just been released I'll embed it here, or you can find it here:

Another work in progress [chill] track I've been working on:

All Broken EP Update

cork279 Blog

Just an update of the track previews for my upcoming EP, "All Broken". I removed a lot of WIP cause I didn't like them :P

Track 1, Beyond the Skies:

Track 2, All Broken:

Track 3, Revolver:

Track 4, Chaste:

Track 5, The Depths:

That's all. Enjoy :)

Edit: Release Delayed to August 7th.

ExoBassTix - "Don't Let Me Go" (ALBUM)

cork279 Blog

ExoBassTix has just released his album "Don't Let Me Go". I'm mentioning this because I made a remix of one of his tracks which is on the album. Be sure to check it out if you have the chance ;D

The album is here:
(and also at the label site here: Leafxceedmusicdivision.wordpress.com)

And ModDB should let me embed the album here:

It's free to download by the way!

(My track is "8. Your Fantasy (Ryse Remix)", since Ryse is me :P )

Remix Stems - Revolver

cork279 Blog

Here are some early remix stems for my (above) track, Revolver. Anyone is welcome to remix the track. I may update the remix stems as if I develop the song much further so check back here!


As long as I like it, pretty much any remix tracks will go onto the EP I'm making (as I'm assuming not many people will get involved anyway - or no one).

It's getting a bit chilly

cork279 Blog

I decided to make a blog on how recently the music genres I work on has sorta changed to drum & bass (predominantly liquid DnB) and chilled music. Initially I produced a lot of electro house and complextro, I still do, but I've started to enjoy other genres more than I used too.

I first got more interested in chilled music after 'following' someone on Soundcloud who goes by the username Dusk. You can listen to his music here: Soundcloud.com

My first full chilled track was this one, called Glacier, which I was fairly happy with.

It's a bit long and repetitive, but it's definitely more chilled than any song I'd made before it.
Eventually I made a liquid dnb track after this one, which is fairly chilled, called Spectra.

I keep practicing the chilled genres now, and am also learning to make ambient music (the kind to go in the background of games, kdd is helping me with this :) ). It's fairly difficult for me since I always go with hard beats and chopped up electronic sounds as that's what I'm used to, but they don't really suit chill or ambient music (unless it's some sort of glitchy chill house).
Here's my attempt at ambient music:

There are still sounds that interrupt the flow. Also, as kdd mentioned to me before, I focus too much on the beat rather than the feeling and mood of the track. My current attempt at ambient music goes like this:

I think it's an improved attempt but I dunno what anyone else thinks...

Thanks for reading this random uninteresting blog!!!

Another Blog

cork279 Blog

Next Blog - Previous Blog

First note: Yay! I kept up blogging.

Second note: Nothing.

Now to the blog. I uploaded a preview to my fourth and final track to my EP. Still, it won't be released for over a month. Erm. Here it is:

I'm also (possibly) starting a remix contest soon, not sure which track for yet. Maybe all of them. If you're interested in taking part, message here. Say which track you'd be interested in remixing too. I'll be announcing elsewhere too.

Other than that this blog may be short. I er. I made some album art for the EP. Here be thy art:

Also, er... I'm gonna be rewriting my novel from scratch. Orkmoth, I mean. I have changed my writing style a bit, and I kinda think Orkmoth is a bit cheesy. I'll also be recreating the entire map, renaming a load of places, characters and lore. First off, the novel will be called OakMoth. Second of all it starts out much later. I plan on writing a prequel depending on how this goes, but this part of the story is WAY more interesting. It starts off with Horro (the gnomish protagonist) fighting the reptilian necromancer lord of Cyesaul (yup, renamed the land of Seasalk to Cyesaul). This results in the destruction of the 'Orb of the Creationist', which thus leads to the instability of the entire planet (Abundantia) and imminent destruction. The protagonist must then venture down into the depths of the planet to restore order. The clockwork innards of the planet may I add, since the planet is entirely mechanical far below the surface (as you'd know if you read the lore I uploaded AGES ago).

I'll post each new chapter or half chapter in my blogs when I've done them.

Thanks for reading.

The Bloggy Blog of Blogging

cork279 Blog 4 comments

Next Blog - Previous Blog

So I decided to make a blog. Sorry that was a very unoriginal first line to my blog, apologies for that. Don't worry I'll start blogging now.

Skip to the bottom if you're not interested in my music stuff, though there's not much down there.

Not sure many will read this, but I thought I'd write about the various things I'm currently working on. The topic is mainly, though not entirely, my music. Currently I'm working on an EP. I released an EP not too long ago (actually it was a few months ago, but time passes so fast I never realized - but anyway), it was called X-Plectro. That EP, looking back at it wasn't entirely what I wanted. I failed at the main task - getting it noticed - though that's fairly out of my control. The main reason, in my opinion, is that the tracks, they weren't complete in a sense. They weren't properly mastered, they weren't properly mixed, and some felt repetitive and had stuff missing. The only track that I thought was perfect for the album was my collaboration with Zpectrum on Rainbow Trash (oh, also, unrelated, but arcones' album art was very nice).

I will, however, put I lot more work into my new EP - namely, "All Broken". I've been working on the first four tracks for a while now, and the EP won't be released for a month or two. I might even release the stems for a couple tracks and see if anyone wants to remix them, to get some remixes on the EP. Here are the previews for the first 3 tracks:

I usually over complicate my beats / melodies so if your reading, tell me if I do. I also usually shove in a load of bass, get carried away and it has no structure to it or melody whatsoever. Usually when I make dubstep or complextro.

This may even be too much:
I'm not sure though, this is because I personally enjoy random bass blurting out, but most people enjoy it in some sort of tune. I mean, I prefer it if it's in some sorta melody, but I for some reason just enjoy loud sounds even when they're random :P
(although I hate: rock, metal, screamo, etc - I also hate hiphop, rap, neofunk and more if you're interested... maybe? Hm. )

I also have always had a dislike for vocals. Unless they're vox. I only enjoy instrumental music (unless you count the voice as an instrument).



Anyway stuff unrelated to music. I'm probably gonna cancel Tetropolis. I'm not motivated enough to continue development. Also, I wanna get back into gaming. That may sound odd but I spend sooooooo much time randomly browsing the internet that it's a miracle there's still stuff I haven't seen; so much so that I haven't properly gamed in over a month - and that's unhealthy for me.

I'm also thinking of making YouTube "let's play" style videos and possibly some livestreams some point in the future if anyone would like to join me.

Anyways (cause I'm bad at picking a different word to start this paragraph), that's the end of my blog. I've never blogged before, and I rarely read them, so I really hope I'm doing it right (oh, unless you count my "Are YOU a ModDB-aholic?" post as a blog of some sort). Now comment. You must. Or Else.


P.S. Can someone teach me how to make a fancy blog?

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