Well i live in parsons Ks USA i like strategy and fps games especially hl warzone 2100 and command and conquer.

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coolkid87 Dec 20 2010, 3:40am says:

Its looks like your are falling from outside the earths atmosphere

+2 votes   media: Task Force Black - HALO Jump Concept
coolkid87 Nov 13 2010, 3:36pm replied:

it is 100% free enjoy

+3 votes   article: Warzone 2100 2.3.5 and upcoming 3.0
coolkid87 Nov 11 2010, 5:23pm says:

This is just the original concept that the warzone forts is based on i believe.

+2 votes   media: Fortress (possible building)
coolkid87 Sep 5 2010, 5:56pm says:

"new realism aim mode meant for duels, this is the real deal!" now everyone should try the game again for that!

+3 votes   article: Beta 3.1 announced.
coolkid87 Aug 16 2010, 10:30pm says:

I need to find cc2 haven't played that awesome game in many years!

+1 vote   download: Op Just Cause v1.2
coolkid87 Jun 29 2010, 1:05am says:


+4 votes   article: New weapon handling features in v2.0
coolkid87 Jun 27 2010, 1:59am replied:

most definitely is!!! generals is the best (well cnc2 actually)

+1 vote   media: Day-Cycle System
coolkid87 Jun 9 2010, 2:42pm replied:

i was confused also i don't think his English is too good he means upgrade to source 2007 (ob engine)

+3 votes   article: New Engine !
coolkid87 Apr 22 2010, 8:38pm says:

not bad.

+2 votes   download: Christopher Reeves face and glasses
coolkid87 Apr 5 2010, 10:04pm says:

i hope this isnt a stupid question but what does project stand for.

+1 vote   download: P.R.O.J.E.C.T. V 1.0
coolkid87 Sep 7 2009, 2:05pm says:

neat but why would anyone want to use 2.1.x version anymore.

+1 vote   download: NTW Mod 1.8.6b for 2.1.x Versions (Old)
coolkid87 Jul 25 2009, 12:01am says:

lol doom meets hl

+2 votes   media: Gargantua.
coolkid87 Jun 11 2009, 9:34pm says:

Thank you so much I really like freelancer but quit playing when I switched to a wide screen monitor because the menus were messed up. Thanks again.

+1 vote   download: masternerdguy's widescreen wondermod
coolkid87 Dec 26 2008, 4:19am says:

woot it finally got posted

0 votes   article: Warzone 2100 2.1 final
coolkid87 Dec 26 2008, 3:52am says:

looks good

+1 vote   article: Jingle Bombs, Jingle Bombs; Christmas MEGA UPDATE!
coolkid87 Nov 16 2008, 10:53pm says:

i added a change log to this file

+1 vote   download: Warzone 2100 2.1 rc 1 - MacOSX
coolkid87 Nov 11 2008, 9:46pm says:

good job hope we can make this more popular

+1 vote   article: Warzone 2100 2.1 release candidate 1 released
coolkid87 Nov 11 2008, 6:30pm says:

hope the tournament goes well we need more things like this to keep the community going.

+1 vote   article: Burning Sands Tournament
coolkid87 Oct 26 2008, 12:20pm says:

im kinda wishing i had this game

+1 vote   article: Beta testing for 1.1 sure is fun!
coolkid87 Oct 20 2008, 7:19pm says:

keep up the hard work and good luck finding some high quality help

+1 vote   article: News #14 - End of holidays, coming back of activity !
coolkid87 Sep 29 2008, 6:44pm says:

great release great things are coming everyone dl on get online playing. Tell all your friends too

+1 vote   article: Warzone 2100 2.1 beta 5 released
coolkid87 Sep 29 2008, 6:00pm says:

everyone get online so we can play

+1 vote   download: Warzone 2100 2.1 beta 5 - Windows
coolkid87 Aug 22 2008, 10:46pm replied:

looks like it could be

+1 vote   media: Predator Tank Render
coolkid87 Aug 15 2008, 9:41pm says:

great screen showing the diff turrents

+1 vote   media: 1.7beta 2 pics (wz1.10)
coolkid87 Aug 3 2008, 11:02pm says:

note this file is in ogg format you will need to get ogg codecs off google or a mp3 converter but it has to be off to work in game as the other music file needs to be converted

+1 vote   download: Pouso-G - Warzone Desolation
coolkid87 Jul 26 2008, 11:12pm replied:

how so?? well if it is the image has been compressed to fit file size it may have been scaled down also so there is some image loss/artifacts

+1 vote   media: warzone unit design 2
coolkid87 Jul 26 2008, 11:10pm replied:

it was added in the the last couple of updates as wz2100 is now legally a free game. Wz2100.net (visit to dl latest version) note 2.1 beta 4 removed it for now due to it unbalancing the game but mods may still support it

+1 vote   media: multi-weapon systems battle
coolkid87 Apr 30 2009, 8:14pm replied:

the latest version is included with the official release now dl it to get it.

+2 votes   game: Warzone 2100 - Nexus Total War & 1.10 Balance
coolkid87 Apr 29 2009, 10:50pm says:

online has several problems but most have been fixed as far as i know at the moment. The problem is a lack of players but the community is slowy growing and we would like if you could help us get more players. Try playing a friend or on lan. I hope we can get a lobby server in the future as that would help a lot.

+1 vote   article: Warzone 2100 Version 2.1.3
coolkid87 Apr 29 2009, 10:47pm replied:

glad your happy. As for people asking about modding visit the warzone wiki modding guide on the main website or talk to someone on the forums and people will be willing to help you. As far as I know its old school c+ programming but is very modder friendly and the coders are cleaning the code and adding user friendly tools to make things even easier.

+1 vote   game: Warzone 2100
coolkid87 Apr 15 2009, 10:44pm says:

I just played it i think it is a good first map though the end is fubar.
Also this website was created so you can post your personal creations He has all rights to do so. Look at half life 1.

0 votes   download: Find Alyx - My First Half-Life 2 Map
coolkid87 Mar 24 2009, 6:23pm says:

everyone hit the report button

+1 vote   media: new stuff i made its really cool
coolkid87 Mar 24 2009, 6:22pm says:

lol he stealing her too

+1 vote   media: new zombie
coolkid87 Feb 18 2009, 5:08pm says:

give the guy a break

0 votes   article: Progress on the Mill
coolkid87 Feb 14 2009, 3:30pm says:

we are working on the modder friendly party and it is free but you could still buy the original on amazon or something.

+1 vote   game: Warzone 2100
coolkid87 Feb 8 2009, 6:07pm says:

doom 3 lol

+1 vote   article: Official development - First media release
coolkid87 Feb 8 2009, 1:23am says:

zango is a malicious program

+2 votes   article: ModDB Server Update
coolkid87 Jan 31 2009, 2:56am says:

it seems these mods are going for valve standards in professionalism. Its good i guess but for a mod it means very long dev and many delays

+1 vote   article: Eternal Silence: Misfire
coolkid87 Jan 6 2009, 10:56pm says:

Great update to bad you had to reduce the polies on the Tesla tank

+1 vote   article: Rise of the Reds: Military Real Estate; ROTR 1.2 Released!
coolkid87 Jan 4 2009, 1:11am says:

everone vote warzone 2100

+1 vote   game: Warzone 2100
coolkid87 Jan 2 2009, 2:14am says:

glad you included warzone 2100 to bad your guys are always confused about it lol

+2 votes   article: Modcast S02 E06
coolkid87 Dec 29 2008, 3:50pm replied:

its a full free game

+1 vote   article: Warzone 2100 2.1 final
coolkid87 Dec 28 2008, 3:23am replied:

it not a mod its a game there is lots of mods for it though only one is on moddb

+1 vote   game: Warzone 2100
coolkid87 Dec 27 2008, 1:52pm replied:

i hope they will update to l4d engine before release also.

+2 votes   article: Developer Banter: Black Mesa Source
coolkid87 Dec 26 2008, 10:09pm replied:

that would be cool

+1 vote   game: Half-Life 2
coolkid87 Dec 26 2008, 10:02pm says:

cool lots oh great high quality generals mods we just need more shockwave. Also generals has more mods in dev than cnc3 and redalert 3 and it much older

+1 vote   article: Generation X December Update
coolkid87 Dec 26 2008, 9:55pm replied:


+1 vote   media: Derelict
coolkid87 Dec 26 2008, 1:59pm says:

thanks everyone for downloading im seeing more and more people starting to play online. We need to keep building the online community back up.

+1 vote   game: Warzone 2100
coolkid87 Dec 26 2008, 1:53pm says:

the engine is limited atm as far as I know

+1 vote   media: new HQ?
coolkid87 Dec 24 2008, 3:33pm says:

dammit the news i sent never got posted about the new release

+1 vote   game: Warzone 2100
coolkid87 Dec 24 2008, 3:32pm says:

its only going to get better

+1 vote   media: rockies
coolkid87 Dec 24 2008, 3:20pm says:

cant wait to destroy all the Russian and Chinese communist pigs hehehe

0 votes   article: Red December Update #2, Seconds?
coolkid87 Dec 24 2008, 1:30am replied:

and it is only alpha!
ps cant wait for ob upgrade, or l4d whichever comes first

+1 vote   article: Alpha 3 Patch - MGs under the christmas tree
coolkid87 Dec 23 2008, 11:07pm says:

Xd lol

+1 vote   download: A Hammy-Bob Mod Christmas Nightmare
coolkid87 May 9 2011, 10:37pm says:

looks great!!

btw: someone here hates all the comments apparently

+1 vote   media: New Island WiPs
coolkid87 Dec 1 2010, 3:37pm says:


+1 vote   media: Just A Quick Drawing
coolkid87 Dec 14 2009, 5:00pm says:

better and better! (one thing I have been thinking was that "The Trenches" was a better name for the mod)

+2 votes   article: Just a teaser
coolkid87 Dec 23 2008, 1:47am says:

arnt you still going to try to get this on steam

+1 vote   article: The Winter Offensive Releases
coolkid87 Dec 19 2008, 10:01pm says:

well are they still going to release this on steam that would give them a huge player boost.

+1 vote   article: Merry Screenshotmas
coolkid87 Dec 13 2008, 3:30pm says:

yes steam this and we need l4d engine now hehehe

+2 votes   download: ARCHIVED: Empires V2.2 Client Install
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