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How'd you like them apples?
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I like them a lot. :D

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Jackie "Apple" Smith was a proud ranch owner in the Midwest. However, allied research facilities took prime land she rightfully owned, and even thou compensation was paid, Jackie held a grudge against the allies ever since.

The the Revolution began. After a failed attempt to raid an bone yard, several confederate rebels tried to escape the chasing allied peacekeepers. The peace keepers chased the group into Jackie's farm, and ordered her to evacuate, as they trampled across the farm with armadillo enforcing vehicles.

For Jackie, that was the last straw. Knowing the acres of her farm as well as her own hand, she and her brother and little sister contacted the rebels hiding in the farm, gave them weapons, and planted traps in the farm.

The skirmish went on for hours, and eventually the Peacekeepers stumbled upon a barn in the middle of the apple farm. Crates with apples where stacked outside, and there was silhouette of someone inside. Breaking the door and rushing in, the peacekeepers saw a scarecrow with a writing sprayed on it.

The spraying had one short sentence:
"How D'ya like them apples?"

The peacekeepers turned around only to see the apple crated surrounding their Armored Armadillo van explode violently, sending chunks of burning metal and apple bits everywhere.

the last thing the peacekeepers heard was a rustling voice, a metalic clang of a shovel, and an angry, angry woman cussing at them.
"That's for mah farm!"

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