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commodore256 Sep 16 2013 says:

Do you think you can re-build for Linux?

+3 votes   game: Cognition Episode 1: The Hangman
commodore256 Apr 19 2013 says:

I tried playing it, but I get a black screen when I get past the menus...

+1 vote   game: Croixleur
commodore256 Feb 12 2013 says:

I'm tracking this, I'm saving up my pennies for a new CPU, so I'll either get it after I buy the CPU or if it's 50% off. Hey, if I do buy it pre-greenlight and get a key, how would you feel about be sending it to a friend after I already played the DRM free edition? As an aspiring developer (that will probably never get anything published) I would see that as double dipping, but it's not as bad as used games.

But, if I buy it pre-greenlight and you say that key is for me and me only, I'll respect your wishes.

+1 vote   game: Cognition Episode 1: The Hangman
commodore256 Feb 5 2013 says:

It's too short :/ (and I didn't buy the time is money DLC)

-1 votes   game: DLC Quest
commodore256 Nov 3 2012 says:

If it uses eduke32, why isn't there a linux version?

+2 votes   game: Slender's Woods
commodore256 Oct 29 2012 says:

It's just a Steam shortcut :/

+5 votes   game: Sam & Max: The Devil's Playhouse
commodore256 Sep 14 2012 says:

It's good that more Japanese Games are coming to the PC.

I try to look for JRPGs on PC, and it seems that most Japanese Publishers hate selling games for the same platform they developed them on.

+4 votes   game: Eryi's Action
commodore256 Sep 2 2012 says:

It's good, I just bought it, but not on desura. I checked my mail and saw a coupon code for 50% off and I was like "sweet, I'm getting paid on friday".

Hey, why spend $20 when you can spend $10?

+1 vote   game: Always Remember Me
commodore256 Aug 10 2012 replied:

Actually, disregard that last comment, I've actually compiled the linux version of AGS, but it's small and I can't scale the low rez graphics.

In windows, it just changes your resolusion.

+2 votes   game: Gemini Rue
commodore256 Aug 10 2012 says:

Please change the Engine in the Title to AGS, it's not custom built, it's a pre-existing engine with a name.

+3 votes   game: Gemini Rue
commodore256 Aug 10 2012 replied:

They would have a linux version, but the AGS Engin is Open Source, but Dependent on Windows APIs.

There was an older version of the AGS Client for Linux years ago, but They stopped development for some reason :/

But, I hear there will be a new Linux Client and they better because Windows 8 sucks and it's easy to port SDL/OpenGL stuff to Smartphones

+1 vote   game: Gemini Rue
commodore256 Aug 8 2012 says:

Desura won't let me download Trine from Linux 64-bit, it says it connect to the server, but it allows me to download from the desura website from firefox.

+1 vote   game: Trine
commodore256 Aug 6 2012 says:

Hey, I bought TJD, now when Episode #2 comes out, will I get in a free update (like Back to the Future)

If I'll have to buy it, no big deal.

Let's just hope once Episode 2 is made that you know how to count to three. :P

+3 votes   game: The Journey Down: Chapter One
commodore256 Aug 2 2012 says:

What's the difference in licensing between the "unepic" and "unepic royale"?

Do I get more or less things because I bought the bundle?

+2 votes   game: Unepic
commodore256 Jul 25 2012 replied:

Dude, I payed $5 for Dead Space and find it to be boring. I like these types of games better than most AAA Titles, I like more methodical games.

Anyway, the reason why it's $30 ($25 is the pre-order price, it's kinda like cheap advertising) is because the people that think it's worth $30 will pay $30.

If he sells 100 games at $25, that's $2,500, if he sells 400 games at $5, that's $2,000. That kinda looks like a half a grand loss in revenues :/

-3 votes   news: Loren The Amazon Princess Released on Desura
commodore256 Jul 25 2012 replied:

lol, spelling.

-4 votes   news: Loren The Amazon Princess Released on Desura
commodore256 Jun 10 2012 replied:

Yeah, Tesla resonates in the Open-Source World. I see Gary Kildall & Dennis Richie as a modern Tesla and Steve Jobs as an Edison. Bill Gates would be Rockefeller. I think if Tesla was alive today, he would be a Linux or BSD user.

I just bought this in a 1UP underdog bundle, If I see one game that's worth more than the bundle, it's an impulse buy for me. But I also see indie games that I want that cost $20 and they'll never go down to $5 that I would pay full price for when my living expenses go down. But I'm a low income gamer and bundles kinda kill piracy for me. I used to be an "I can't afford it now, I'll buy it later" Pirate. Now, I acquire games faster than I can beat them. during my days of piracy, I used to torrent 5 games and not get anymore until I beat them. Now, I have over a hundred games and beat less than 20 of them.

+1 vote   game: Tesla: The Weather Man
commodore256 Jun 1 2012 replied:

That's understandable. If people think that way of doing business is unethical, I would like to know what they're smoking and where I can get some. :)

It's basic economics, maximize profits. If I got on average 100 Customers per month buying at $20 and I drop the the price down to $5 and have 200 Customers, I would double my usual customers, but make only half my usual profits.

I know People here are spoiled by the plethora of the sub $10 bundles (where you can get $100 worth of Video Games for $7 and it's eve worse with happy hour) and steam holiday sales. (however, they do reduce the "I can't afford it" Pirates)

But, It's still worth paying $20 for a Visual Novel if you like the genera, there are worse things you could be buying for entertainment like on Elfen Lied Manga, a World of Warcrack Subscription or Weed or something. All of those cost more than this Game.

+2 votes   game: Always Remember Me
commodore256 May 31 2012 replied:

True, those bundles are a higher priorty for the low income gamer such as yourself and I.

In basic Economics, you need a "sweet spot" where you can get as much money as you can by having a balance between price and number of customers.

I think a good way to get more customers would be a reviewer (most likly an Anime Reviewer) with a lot of clout that can review and give a promo code or hell, get it translated to Japanese, go to Comiket and make a 4Chan. Those Japanese Otakus pay a lot for Visual Novels, but so do Westerners that want imports like Clannad, Air, School Dayz, Higurashi or Love+, I know I would pay Capcom $50 for a English RenPy Port of Phoenix Wright. (if I had the Money)

+2 votes   game: Always Remember Me
commodore256 May 31 2012 replied:

To play Devil's advocate, this game costs money to make. Developers need to eat.

Chelso Riva did the Concept, Story Board, Game Design and Programming, Zaphylla did the Character Art, Wen Juinn did did the Background Art, Duredhel did additional Art, Final Hikari did the Screenwriting, Riviera did the Proofreading, Mathew Myers (From the Leet Street Boys) wrote the Song, Christina Vee (an Anime Voice Over Actress) sang the Song and Lawrence Lee did the Drums and Bass. (there's also Publishers that take a piece of the pie)

Do you think that work is cheap? People's time is worth Money. If I was doing as much work as Chelso, it would of took me at least 200 hours to finish all that work and If I think my time was worth $15 (I'm using USD because I'm not European) an hour, the Time I spent on it was worth $3,000 and the Developer would have to pay other People too. Let's for the sake of argument It took $8,000 to pay for the development cost, the game would have to sell 400 Copies at $20 (or 800 at $10) just to break even and that's a lot of copies considering the Otome demographic and how aware that demographic is aware of this game.

But if I was Winterwolf, I would lower it to half price after it sells 1,337 copies, but that's just me. :)

0 votes   game: Always Remember Me
commodore256 May 28 2012 replied:

I tried LA Noire, you have to load the game everytime you mess up and that gets real annoying because it takes forever.

I guess Movie-like movie is the wrong way to describe it, it's more like an interactive Comic Book. Kinda like the Walking Dead Game.

+1 vote   game: Always Remember Me
commodore256 May 27 2012 replied:

For the people that really want it, they'll pay $20 for it.

But, I know where you're coming from, I usually spend $5 on AAA Titles like Mass Effect. ($15 at the most if I really want it)

But I'm thinking of buying this, however it's at a low priority because Indie Gala V is out now and the Indie Royale Graduation Bundle will be out in a week and I just bought the Bundle In A Box Adventure Bundle. (I'm a big Dave Gilbert Fan)

I'm short on cash, so everytime I see bundles I'm like "This is a limmited time offer, once this offer is gone, It's never coming back and Jack can wait for September to get my $30 and I can wait for September to get his Games" (in a few months, I'll spend less on rent and will have more cash to play around with)

But really like Visual Novels and Point & Click Adventures. If Black Cops II was on sale for $20, I think I would rather buy this Game. I see games like this as an interactive Movie and I think they're worth more than regular Holywood Movies, hell I think they're worth more than regular AAA Games. (except maybe Battlefield 3)

+4 votes   game: Always Remember Me
commodore256 May 21 2012 replied:

I'm a subscriber to Leetstreetboys on youtube and I listened to the song he made for you, but didn't check out the game. Once I started gaming on Desura, I check out what's new everyday and found Always Remember Me. I was like "I tried katawa shoujo and the bionic heart demo, I might as well try it"

I loved the demo so much, I re-discovered the youtube video and contacted Matt Myers and payed him a dollar directly and bought the song. Before, the song didn't mean anything to me without the story.

If it wasn't for Desura, I wouldn't have downloaded the Always Remember Me demo and I wanna see how the story turns out.

My only problem is I'm kinda embarrassed to buy an Otome game, but hey I liked Host Club and I'll get that on Blu-Ray.

+3 votes   company: Winter Wolves
commodore256 May 20 2012 says:

I agree

+2 votes   media: RE: Alistair++ Gallery
commodore256 May 17 2012 says:

What happened to Always Remember Me?

+2 votes   company: Winter Wolves
commodore256 May 14 2012 replied:

Wow! Thanks! I thought it would be kinda whiny, complaining about Prices, as someone that worked in a second hand Store, People practically want stuff for nothing! We were selling a Quilt Set worth $200 for $40 and it wouldn't sell!

Anyway, I'll buy it in a few months.

My gaming budget is very tight (right now, it's about $20-25 a month)

I have enough in my gaming budget to buy the indie bundles that come out and that's about it, but a month after I move, I can double my budget.

I wish I could put it on Lay-Away or something, lol

+2 votes   game: Bionic Heart
commodore256 May 3 2012 says:

No working, I have Mono JIT compiler version and OpenAL and running on 12.04 64-Bit

Can't give you the terminal output, there's a 50 character word limit

+2 votes   game: Wizorb
commodore256 May 3 2012 replied:

Well, you're in luck. Crytek is making a Linux Port of their Engine.

+1 vote   media: It Works (with excellent performance)
commodore256 May 3 2012 replied:

It runs on Unreal Engine III.

Too bad it was the first Unreal Engine version not to have a Linux Port. :\

+3 votes   game: Dungeon Defenders
commodore256 May 3 2012 replied:

just get it when it goes on sale.

0 votes   game: Crayon Physics Deluxe
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