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CommandoTotalGamer Mar 11 2010, 4:13pm says:

Since my gaming childhood i believe i have and had spent at least $1000 dollars just for pc games and sage console if you remember the good old days, ah those golden years i want back them :p

Of course the 90s were the best for games.

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CommandoTotalGamer Mar 11 2010, 3:53pm says:

Good luck you guys, i wish the best of luck for your indie game, just remember to update daily or once a month otherwise people will think your dead, case this is the sad reailty of some games and mods here on Moddb, models do mean progress but also in game work.

I know making a mod or game isnt easy, it takes years! its not so simple, well anyway best wish's PsychoKnights.

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CommandoTotalGamer Feb 21 2010, 9:35pm replied:

Sorry Trak888 but you are so wrong about Command & Conquer 4 been surprisingly good funny you even spelled surprisingly wrong, no offence, but EA is going down to the toilet after this game, 95% of the EALA staff is or are fired after the games ships, and your saying its good?

I played the beta, it sucks, boring, funny how my comments about the game seemed to have been rated down *rolls eyes* Stop been an EA Fan boy.

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CommandoTotalGamer Feb 17 2010, 5:45pm replied:

Sorry but to deal with it? says who you?

Alot of fans made there answer they wont be buying this command & conquer game, since its crap.

And also the whole command & conquer team is getting axed, as in fired by the release of this title, this why there wont be any world builder for this game, apoc confirmed this at the EA forums.

This a rushed up game, since the team is getting fired.
I say good riddance.

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CommandoTotalGamer Feb 6 2010, 5:01am says:

Just a question if someone wanted, your engine for there project, would be free? or is there a cost to your engine?

Lets if i wanted your game engine for a my own game project, would i have to pay it?

And keep the great work, looking forward to the games release.

+4 votes     game: 0 A.D.
CommandoTotalGamer Feb 2 2010, 3:18pm says:

good model, but why is it a bit small? 0_O

+1 vote     media: The A8 tiger
CommandoTotalGamer Jan 14 2010, 4:09pm says:

The Map looks very neat and btw how the hell did u add own dam to the map? you do know this is C&C 3 Map world builder right?

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CommandoTotalGamer Jan 14 2010, 3:59pm says:

Looks very interesting i am looking forward to your completed game :)

+2 votes     game: Aero Empire
CommandoTotalGamer Jan 14 2010, 3:36pm says:

Listen I could help with the maps however i wont be here all the time, just so you know i wasn't myself last year due to some problems i had.

So i will try to make some maps you wanted.

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CommandoTotalGamer Sep 30 2009, 8:30pm says:

Are you going to do any single player missions?

+1 vote     mod: MidEast Crisis 2
CommandoTotalGamer Sep 9 2009, 1:12am says:

Guys you are doing an awesome job and a full blown single player? 0_o
this is a must have mod for in my book..

+1 vote     mod: C&C Renovatio
CommandoTotalGamer Sep 9 2009, 1:05am says:

it doesn't matter if In-engine shots and videos are good or bad or even if you think people are going to start saying (oh this will be in final state)

Maybe you could release one ingame screenshot and with a logo titled
Pre-alpha Stage?

just release one screenshot already, and also people wont make any clans for your game i mean whats the point if your not showing any ingame progress.

unless people see a screenshot or a video then they will make clans for your game..

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CommandoTotalGamer Sep 8 2009, 2:31am says:

Are you guys planning the single player mission's still?
and how many new missions?

+1 vote     mod: Rise of the Reds
CommandoTotalGamer Sep 1 2009, 12:47am says:

note not all game designers have artistic skills some do.

to be a game designer you really don't need artistic skills, just some programming skills and other skills, if you got artistic skills that's fine, just so you know not all people are born with artistic skills

game designers usually work as in a team so to work an idea out you need to make them understand on what that idea will became and will it work.

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CommandoTotalGamer Aug 18 2009, 8:37pm says:

nice updates, btw how does this engine feel for an rts game?

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CommandoTotalGamer Jul 31 2009, 11:10pm says:

Is spring fo free?

+2 votes     engine: Spring
CommandoTotalGamer Jul 18 2009, 3:57am says:

Is it just me or did you just hardcoded that xD
Very nice job.

+1 vote     media: Battle On Alien PlanetXD
CommandoTotalGamer Jul 17 2009, 7:56am says:

Your indie RTS Game is the most interseting i am looking forward to it, good luck with it and also got some questions if you dont mind :)

Q:Is Your RTS Game Engine running on 3D or 2D Graphics?
Q:How long the single player do you expect it to be?
Q:Will there be an map editor,so that gamers can make there own maps?

Q:When are you going to release some ingame screenshots?

Cant Wait for it.

+1 vote     game: Call to Vietnam
CommandoTotalGamer May 22 2009, 12:59am says:

I hope you dont mind if i joined in the group :p
I love all things about C&C.

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CommandoTotalGamer May 21 2009, 11:37am says:

Very nice advice.

+2 votes     article: Starting a project, and 'not' letting the project die
CommandoTotalGamer May 21 2009, 1:32am says:

Very nice updates, keep it up cant wait to play it xD

+1 vote     mod: RA3 Ultimate
CommandoTotalGamer May 14 2009, 3:59am says:

Oh for the love of god >_<
LoL! well good luck to ya.

+1 vote     mod: Command And Conquer HEAT
CommandoTotalGamer May 14 2009, 3:20am says:

Looks very unique.

+1 vote     media: FutureTech: Satellite Centre
CommandoTotalGamer May 5 2009, 9:01am says:

This mod is looking great xD
cant wait for its realease.

Keep up the great work.

+1 vote     mod: CNC Fallout
CommandoTotalGamer May 1 2009, 10:44am says:

that's awesome stuff o_0
I still dont believe its red alert 2 engine, nice try u cant fool me :p

Please keep it up xD

+2 votes     mod: Tiberian Sun:Lost Relic
CommandoTotalGamer Apr 29 2009, 5:50am says:

Huh why did pick that russian tank from endwar?
you know thats not your work :/

+2 votes     mod: III Hour
CommandoTotalGamer Apr 22 2009, 12:03am says:

Hey guys any update yet? this far the best mod for CnC 3 i have come cross, not to mention its made by the guys who tried to mod HaloGen xD

Please dont let it die x_x :(

0 votes     mod: Signal
CommandoTotalGamer Apr 20 2009, 4:12am says:

I think this selfish, i think your only posting this has a spam mod, this really isnt the first time someone has done something like this.

I will never forget that silly spam mod what was the mod called? oh thats right Generals Chicken lol...

But trufully dont try something like this again.
One image of your skills using the editor doesnt count as a proof.

If you got the whole The Development Team then show me and us what you got, and maybe then (I will say good show) :)

+1 vote     mod: Nuclear Iran
CommandoTotalGamer Apr 13 2009, 10:13pm says:

Why did you just stwich this mod from CnC 3 To Ra3?

atleast in CnC 3 You guys could have finished up some things in your mod :/

I dont know why CnC 3 had a good feeling for this mod, just my point of view.

+1 vote     mod: Advanced Warfare
CommandoTotalGamer Nov 10 2008, 6:57pm says:

Canada is in Socialist Liberation Army? 0_o

+1 vote     media: World Zones
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