We're an indie game company, CWS Software, who made Colony Capture. This account was made so we could all talk to people on this forum if they had questions about our project or just game development in general.

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Hello, my name is Chris. I run an indie game company. It's pretty tough, but a backer to our most recent Kickstarter pointed us here and told us to start talking and not stop.

And so I shall, I started game development in college, and I learned enough to make a rough tech demo of a space combat/trading game (Where the ships flew like bricks and the guns barely worked), but it was enough to get a job at EA. I was one of the first people to work on Origin (Back then we called it the Rupture Desktop Client), and we were all laid off pretty quickly.

That became quite a re-occurring cycle sadly. After four years in the mainstream industry, I had had enough. Even though I work in a less stressful job I still love games. I also am incredibly disappointed with the lack of resources indie devs have to learn to make games (Though this site is a nice step up). Which is why I started making Colony Capture to try and help fill in the gaps of learning material for teachers and students to learn games. I also think one of the biggest problems the game industry faces is a lack of open source materials to use and study. So if you feel like checking it out, here's a link:
And if you got any questions, I'll be checking this every couple hours for the next monthish for the Kickstarter, but really it's just nice to talk to other indie devs again (We can cloister for a while with Ramen and Anime until the next milestone is done).

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CWS Software

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We're CWS Software, we make indie games and have a soft spot for space, RPG's and JRPG's especially.


Colony Capture:

I played your game a bit more, and have some comments:

I would like a reminder of what bees do while playing. Although I went through the tutorial, which was good, I had problems remembering what they all did.

I think the system of points and buying special bees might be off. It costs 20 for the queen, but is it likely that her placement will yield 20+ points, or set you up for a win? I'm not sure. I'm commenting on this beause the AI would spend big points on her placement and then never catch up.

I need to sit down with a human opponent to see if the point costs for the special bees are justified.

Lastly, have you coded the win condition for a round yet? All hexes were filled, but the round wouldn't end.

Overall, I like the concept, and you did a great job of matching the theme to the rules. I will spread the word.

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