Hello, And Welcome to my profile on moddb,im a student who find interest in opensource games, and being crative moddeling, much restriced to mood ;D, im currently modding a game named GLEST. And my Mod is Ogrinally enough called: Glest IN SPACE!. In 80's Arcade style. Look it up, you might either hate or love it :D,i hope to make it really good later on, right now its in alpha.

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0 comments by Coldfusionstorm on Apr 6th, 2010

Very exciting, ive been textureing the barracks today, it looks fair so far, but ive also begun useing team colour on my models starting with the barracks, today 06-04.10, im doing the barrack,Command center textures, and getting them team colour, (hopefully), and mabey the scv later, but since that might require a whole new model, im not too sure yet.

teamColours comming soon*TM to a G.I.S near you :D

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0 comments by Coldfusionstorm on Apr 5th, 2010

uhh, another release of GlestINSpace, my faviorate game, or well, i enjoy modding it :D, cant wait for this damn upload to pick up and get it up :D, so exciting, and this release i really feel had a lot of good's, i think this is just the step before kick ass :D, the army options is a little limited at the moment, but i really feel the game mechanics can work!, and im very excited to see flying buildings, and all that stuff,and damn it.

also my wish list atm includes a stable connection that i can actually upload on :).

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