Video games in general are my passion and why not melt passion with extra income on the side. However, it's still one of the biggest passions I have in my life even though money is involved sometimes, so it has a feeling of a job. I consider myself a true indie game developer. I'm totally free to make whatever I want, I'm not bound by deadlines or budgets, my imagination and skills are my limits, and so far I didn't reach the limit yet.

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Next on my list is RPG

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After Tank Carnage I started working on two RPG games. One is Ballder and the other one is still nameless and I still didn't create an entry for the game here on IndieDB, but will most likely do it in a few weeks. While the Ballder is RPG with a ball and is mostly technology oriented without any people or narration, the nameless RPG will be something quite different, set in a fantasy world filled with people and creatures.

Now, I don't want to reveal any part of the story and ruin a bunch of surprises along the way, because it would take all the fun away and that's something that is not my intention, but I can say that you'll be able to pick either a boy or a girl that will become heroes of the story growing up early and saving the world. Once you've picked one character the other one will be controlled by the AI and the two will stay and complete quests together.

It's mostly an action RPG with lots of fighting, but the game has some puzzles here and there. The game is still not finished but I'm providing one early screenshot. Basically, at this point, I'm mostly interested to see if there are players interested in the game, so if you're a player, not a developer, please express your interest by contacting me. If enough gamers are interested I might speed up the development and even provide you with an early demo.

Like all my other game, it will be a downloadable game, but since the size of the game is already quite substantial, this time I might make 2 separate downloads, one will be just the short demo and the other will be a full game that needs a purchase, for people who decided to buy it. Game price will be around $39.

Thanks for reading!

My next RPG

Shmup God gameplay video

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Check it out, it's short and mostly shows the demo level, but there is some of few other levels as well. I want gamers to be surprised while playing and don't wish to show much.

IA2 "early access" released for purchase and download

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I might as well put the info here. All the game's gameplay features are finished and the demo is available for the download and purchase here:

Check out the page for details about the release. Even though it says 1-2 months before the schedule, it's more than that. Please support the game if you like it.

Happy Easter Sunday everyone!

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I want to wish everyone a Happy Ester! One of my ideal games for this occasion is Easter Mind Match, so I wish you fun times playing the game:

On a side note, development of IA2 is progressing well, I'll be finishing the second area and second boss very soon. The problem arose when I started having a bunch of new ideas on the fly, additional to the ideas I had when starting work on IA2. Still I'll do my best to finish the game by September 2014.

Finally, all of my games are added to IndieDB!

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I added the last one yesterday, Monkey Business. Since I began adding my games to IndieDB starting from the last one released Cuberix, it lasted quite a while. I was adding one per day and there were already 3-4 of my old games present.

I'm dedicated to finish Invader Attack 2 as soon as possible. The development is progressing well, but sadly there's still a lot of work to be done and many bugs to be fixed. Most of the bugs, at this point, are not serious, the game runs flawlessly, but it is possible that as I finish new features I also introduce new bugs. There are a few testers testing each new version, so the development is progressing a bit faster than it would without them.

I also didn't finish all the graphics and models nor all the music, but regardless of all that has not been done, I'm confident to be able to release v0.8 next weekend including the level with the first boss, the easiest one. The level itself might not be final with the design and features, but most of it will be there and all the coding base will most certainly be finished. The reason for the "slight" delay is because I wanted to make whole boss code base as reusable as possible to speed up the development of other bosses in other areas of the game.

Invader Attack 2 approved

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Invader Attack 2 was approved yesterday and is now in the IndieDB database:

The development is progressing as much as free time allows. I already have a huge todo list of fixes I need to do for features that are already implemented thanks to testers who applied when I posted a job here on IndieDB, and there's also quite a substantial list of things and features I still need to do. It freaks me out just by looking at it. Frankly, I didn't expect there will be so many issues with things I implemented so far and was hoping for testers not to have anything to report back, since they're working for free.

I haven't denied any application so far, but If you're one of the people applied for testing job and you're reading this, you need to contact me with your serial, the one displayed inside the game, so that I may activate your testing, otherwise any testing is pointless as it won't work for you, there will be only one level for you to test. It's a procedure I developed to easily track bugs and fix them. I mean, there is no easy way of fixing bugs, especially sneaky ones, but there is a way to make entire process smoother and a bit easier, more efficient, since I'm assuming that the testers are of various skills not computer related. Therefore we can avoid communicating on a technical level, all you need to do is play the game and describe what happened, when and where.


Several games added.

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I added several of my games to IndieDB during past few days:

- Fruity Match 3D:
- Neon Match 3D:
- Headix 3D:
- Mind Match Deluxe:

Mind Match Deluxe is not approved yet, so I'm not sure if you can see it right now, but the IndieDB staff is fast, so in a few hours it will be there.

You've probably noticed a lot of 3D in the titles. This is deliberate as I wanted to express the usage of Stage3D technology. When Adobe released a player with hardware accelerated 3D support, I went 3D as well, mostly using Away3D which makes things much easier. Unfortunately the lack of documentation and limited examples made the beginnings quite difficult. However, it made me realize how to improve and what to do to make development even easier, so I built a framework that uses Away3D, but is providing classes on top of Away3D native classes. It's about 15 classes that really make development simple, enabling me to focus on the actual game than to think about all those messy Away3D stuff.

Anyway, "only" a few dozen of my games are left to be added, so I can't really do it all at once.

Wow, long time no see!

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I haven't visited IndieDB for a very long time to update my blog here.

Phew, where to start, quite a lot have happened, I made several dozen quality games since my last entry here. Well, maybe I should start from the end and work toward the beginning. Unfortunately I don't have much time, I need to focus on the make of Invader Attack 2, which is progressing fast, so only one entry today.

I made Cipher Prime with their Intake debut pissed a while back, it's already old news, but it's the last 3D Flash game I made and placed on my website:


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There's a game on my site, I probably forgot to tell you about. It's called Headix, a free Flash game for web browsers. A puzzle action platformer for all ages with a top10 hiscore list. A cool and fun way to spend your spare-time :)

Play Headix now!


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Shoot, I forgot to tell you about the 3rd game I'm making. Its already 2/3 finished. You can take a look at the video below, but its already old since I implemented more features and fixed few bugs.

In short, its a puzzle action game that should be fun and for all ages and player types. Blocks are falling and your job is to make sure blocks won't fill the drop-area by matching 3 or more horizontally and/or vertically adjacent blocks of the same type/color. Then there are special blocks with special properties, some can, some cannot be removed, etc. You can also push blocks if there is enough space.

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