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CoachShogun20 Mar 20 2010, 11:51am says:

It actually does look much better without them...

+2 votes   media: SpookyMountain Wlprp
CoachShogun20 Mar 10 2010, 8:17pm says:

Awesome! It's great to see some in-game images.

0 votes   news: Leviathans
CoachShogun20 Mar 8 2010, 5:33pm says:

You guys are really starting to get things done recently. I hope this continues!

+1 vote   media: AR-MP
CoachShogun20 Mar 4 2010, 5:53pm says:

W.I.P. - Weapon In Produce

+1 vote   media: Orange
CoachShogun20 Mar 4 2010, 5:50pm says:

There is no light source for the light in the middle it seems.

Other than that, this is great!

+4 votes   media: Nuclear Dawn Concept and In-Game shots
CoachShogun20 Feb 11 2010, 12:58am says:

I've been a follower of CC for awhile, so I'll do my best to answer these questions.

1. I think that it has great potential, and once the gameplay is tweaked to a unique game-style it'll be wonderful.

2. I expect the same that everyone else has, but just like them I'm willing to see it through for a better eventual release.

3. Since so much keeps changing, I'd like to have a good explanation of exactly what the planned game modes are going to be.

4. I really like how you guys keep going, and you're involvement in the community.

5. I'm not too sure. If you post similar questions later in development, I'll definitely have an answer to this one I'm sure!

+1 vote   news: Opinions and updates
CoachShogun20 Feb 10 2010, 12:41pm says:

It's boomstick time...

No zombie game would be complete without these. Great job!

+1 vote   media: The Mortewood Plaza - Dual Sawn-off Shotguns!
CoachShogun20 Feb 2 2010, 11:48pm says:

lol. Nice, but I see your error. The question says "relationships"...

You only showed one. XD just kidding.

+1 vote   media: Relationships
CoachShogun20 Feb 2 2010, 9:07pm replied:

lol, it was just a little joke.

I've heard of an used firefox, but for some reason I just like chrome better. Plus, chrome now has add-on support too. I suppose now it's mainly just personal preference.

+1 vote   blog: Google Conspiracy?
CoachShogun20 Feb 2 2010, 6:30pm replied:

lol, I wasn't thinking too much when I made this.. I've gotten a little better, but not too much. I could post a pic of the area I'm working on right now, if you want.

+1 vote   media: First Room in Hammer
CoachShogun20 Jan 23 2010, 6:20pm says:


I like this chat HUD much better.

+2 votes   media: Another match
CoachShogun20 Jan 14 2010, 11:17pm says:

I didn't know you guys had a page here. Tracking.

+2 votes   game: Canalyst: Passing Lights
CoachShogun20 Jan 14 2010, 8:37pm says:

Extremely dark. You can't see the render at all.

+1 vote   media: FN SLP Mark1
CoachShogun20 Jan 1 2010, 2:07am says:

786432 faces is why your pc is lagging. You'll never get that into Fallout 3. Those small ridges on the top can be made using normal maps on the model.

+2 votes   media: Space Ship Model
CoachShogun20 Dec 27 2009, 6:30pm replied:

The patch he's speaking about has already came. It's a shame cause those servers were fun.

+1 vote   group: Call of Duty Fans
CoachShogun20 Dec 27 2009, 5:06pm says:

I chose content, but not because maps are included in new content. I chose content because it keeps the game, and eventually the whole gaming industry, fresh with new ideas. Mod members often go off to work on AAA games, and they use the creativity from their experience to make great games (which in turn get modded themselves ;) ). New maps can be fun, but the gameplay can only go so long before it gets old.

I suppose it really depends, but most often I'd like new content.

+3 votes   poll: When it comes to mods, would you prefer new content or new maps?
CoachShogun20 Dec 25 2009, 4:53pm says:

Now that I have a PSP I can really look forward to this! :D

+1 vote   game: Gateway
CoachShogun20 Dec 23 2009, 11:24am says:

voted for you guys ;)

+1 vote   game: Critical Point: Incursion
CoachShogun20 Dec 23 2009, 9:15am says:

Nice, is that in Torque or pre-rendered? It still needs a few changes, to me that face plate just seems too plain.

You guys are getting there.

+1 vote   media: Wip Skin colors
CoachShogun20 Dec 22 2009, 9:21pm says:


+2 votes   game: Overgrowth
CoachShogun20 Dec 22 2009, 1:54pm says:


+1 vote   game: Crimson Crow
CoachShogun20 Dec 15 2009, 5:29pm says:

My guess is that its either an extreme coincidence, or IW liked Roebuck and wanted to make a tribute to him.

+1 vote   media: Comparing Roebuck to MacTavish
CoachShogun20 Dec 9 2009, 9:03pm says:

I used to be against you guys, mainly because I misunderstood your boycott, and that several of your members sounded like ****-heads. Reading through the comments here, I can see a majority of the boycotters (at least here, on ModDB) are civil and reasonable. I also realized how big of idiots anti-boycotters can be. (I'm sure I made a post with stupid logic like some of these, and I'm sorry about that)

I owned L4D1, and didn't like it too much. I've yet to download the demo for L4D2, but even if I do, I doubt I'll buy that.

Good luck standing up for yourselves.

+4 votes   group: L4D2 Boycott (NO-L4D2)
CoachShogun20 Dec 9 2009, 8:57pm replied:

The group was much more organized when it was only a few members...

The main reason I joined the group was because I misunderstood the boycott. I'm not sure where I stand on the issue now, but it seems to have died down for the most part.

+2 votes   group: Anti Fan Idiocy Assosciation
CoachShogun20 Dec 8 2009, 5:47pm replied:

lol, thanks.

I realized shortly after this that if someone wants to use it, they'll have to make it have square dimensions anyways so making it seamless was a bit pointless. Oh well.

+1 vote   media: Old Greenish Cement with no foot - Seamless
CoachShogun20 Dec 5 2009, 7:12pm says:

This is a great way to kill time.

+1 vote   game: Bloons Tower Defence 4
CoachShogun20 Dec 5 2009, 12:07am says:

The grass is a bit too green and solid. I would make it a bit more yellowish green, also not every part of the hill and plains need grass. Naturally there will be some clearing that have so little/short of grass that it's pointless to render them with anything other that a testure, for an RTS game at least. It's looking good so far. Good luck, I have high hopes for this game.

+1 vote   media: Dak Po- Hill 119
CoachShogun20 Dec 3 2009, 6:49pm says:

I'm leaving this group simply because I feel that it's disorganized and not doing much anyways. I like the idea of it, but unfortunately it's fallen to pieces.

+1 vote   group: Anti Fan Idiocy Assosciation
CoachShogun20 Nov 30 2009, 8:36pm says:

I'm tracking, and I'll join if I ever get anything good to share, lol.

+2 votes   group: Share and Mod
CoachShogun20 Nov 29 2009, 6:22pm replied:

According to the website, that's what it's called:

+1 vote   media: Vector SMG (with stock)
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