C&C mapper and player (obviously). Also a big fan of Battlefield series and Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon

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I got myself a brand new computer a week ago, with sick components inside. Not literally sick (hurr durr), but really powerful ones. Now I'm continuing my work on the second set of missions of my TE campaigns. Also, I'm not forgetting the first set of missions I released in May 2013 (way too long ago), as I'm giving each mission a little upgrade, and then update the download here. Little upgrades include renewed minimaps, GDI house color, and additional scripting for some of them. For additional missions in my campaigns I have written storylines, and they'll be released sometime in the future. Another goodie coming up, is a new skirmish map pack. I released the previous map pack in July 2013, consisting of some revisioned RA2 maps. The new map pack will include revisioned Golden Oasis from C&C Generals, Coastline Resort and Coastline Resort Aftermath, and couple of maps more. And as promised, a little sneak peak:

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The_Chemical_Brother Jul 4 2010 says:


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The_Chemical_Brother Jul 1 2010 says:

Hi,me again
Some time ago i asked for c&c Generals Zero Hour Worldbuilder:
The_Chemical_Brother Jun 28 2010, 9:15am says:
Hey guys
I need some help with the c&c Generals Zero Hour WorldBuilder.

How do you make a car or a person moving on the map(maybe in a city or something like that)?

1st:place waypoints(but they must be closed in a circle so the unit is moving at the same way)
2nd: i dont know xD Please tell me if you know it.

Sorry for my bad english.
CnC_Fin Jun 28 2010, 10:57am replied:

Go to:
1. Edit -> Scripts -> New window pops up
2. Press New Script from the right
3. A new window should pop up. On top you should see 4 texts (Script properties, script conditions, actions if true and actions if false)
4. Select "actions if true", again from the right press "New". Once again new window pops up.
5. You should see a long list of text. Scroll down until you see text "Unit". Click on the + symbol next to it.
6. Scroll down from the "unit" tab you just opened. Press the + symbol next to text "Move"
7. From there, select "Set a specific unit to follow a waypoint path".
8. In the little box below you should see text: Unit '???' follows waypoints beginning at Waypoint '???'
9. Simply, click the blue text Unit '???' and from the drop down menu select the unit's name who you want to move around. Do the same for Waypoints '???', where the ??? is the waypoint path you want the unit to follow.

Hopefully you understand what I just wrote there, it may be a bit confusing. Happy mapping :D

But still the unit is doing nothing.
For example:
unit name:Crusader1
Waypoint path name:Crusader1
Then i follow your istructions but still nothing.

Please give me more istructions or made a video and send me.

And sorry for my bad English.

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OrangeNero Jun 12 2010 says:

what a strange coincidence... Moddb.com . and now even more strange...

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flashknight33 Apr 29 2010 says:

this is the idea u can use C&C4 Juggernaut which is less accurate for more damage area with weaker power or C&C3 Juggernaut which is more accurate for small damage area and more power

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sting2death Apr 24 2010 says:

Thx for the Invite =D

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Harrier_Jumpjet Mar 21 2010 says:

How do you set the cam angle on C&C3 to FPS

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sla.ro Feb 10 2010 says:

what title you want to have on Sla Company and with what can you help us ?

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DonutArnold Feb 4 2010 says:


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KILLER89(FIN) Jan 21 2010 says:


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