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Alliance at War

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This mod is truly better then most mods, even the full conversion ones like Thraws Revenge. While some people complain that AI cant handle the huge ,and by huge i mean HUGE they are really what i dream they would be! Now I only play space skirmish its just what i prefer to do, i think that the new ship sizes are amazing, all factions recieve many new units and a few techs. This mod also hardly does very little to my connection only the largest battles with the executor clas star destroyed and ove 50 fighter squadron and 7 mon calamari ships do i lag hardly noticably. Now the down sides, the consortium seems to hve been forgotten because they still have only about 8 units including heroes, also the land battles even with all the new content still does no appeal to me, (course I never liked land battles so it ius probably just me) Very good mod just add lots of consortium units and content because that should be easy they are all mercenarys,thiefs, murderers, and crime lords so lots of easy ideas to make their.

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